It wasn't that he was lazy or unmotivated. It really wasn't even that he wanted to piss off his dad although that was most likely a very large reason of why he started to act like the giant goofball he knew he was. He was better with his dad now and yet he still acted like he was five or sometimes to throw a wrench into the works he pretended he acted like he was six. If he was willing to do so, once in a blue moon his maturity could reach as high as seven or eight. But that was rare.

Truth was, Shawn loved being the carefree, silly person in the group. It got him attention, sometimes a job or two and if he was lucky sometimes he got a girl (and offers from guys came a long every once in awhile if he was in the right place but he tended to turn those down. Not that he had anything against them, he just wasn't sure he really swung that way.)

Yet, as he looked up from his place on the floor at his assailant he wondered why he just couldn't keep his damn mouth shut sometimes. It had basically become second nature to talk his way into and out of messes, but as he continued with his little 'Psychic' endeavors he found ever increasingly on the wrong side of a gun. While he knew that it was a good thing in some ways, it was mostly becoming something that he didn't bat an eye at. And that was possibly what scared him the most.

"You gonna talk? Tell me what I did?" The gunman jeered. "I seen you on the tee-vee," he said, pronouncing every word slowly and carefully. "You like to tell people what they did. Prove your smarts. Well, show me that smart pretty-boy."

Shawn was talking before he even caught up with himself. He was beginning to regret his incessant need to hear his own voice. Seriously, that might just get him killed some day. But, unfortunately stalling was the only thing he was good at. "First of all, smart isn't a verb, or maybe it is, but it's not meant to be used that way," he heard himself say. He saw the gunman sneer and quickly changed gears as he heard Gus whimper behind him. He had almost forgot his best friend was there while doing all this soul searching. Shawn scooted himself over, trying to sort of shield Gus while making it look like an 'episode' of 'divination' while he pieced the rest of it together in his mind. "Th…" he said while fluttering his eyelashes and making sure his body was in front of Gus'. "The dog…that was a diversion," he said in a breathy voice and then stared straight at the assailant. "In fact, the dead dog wasn't even your idea. That dog was never killed, or at least, not intentionally. Most likely it was hit by a car."

Outside Shawn saw the moving of shadows and released his breath he didn't realize he had sucked in. Now he really did need to keep the guy's attention. "The police found the dog outside of the hiding place in the car garage and assumed it was a guard dog. The 'owner' as it were, was long gone, probably shot by that very lovely weapon you have there," Shawn said while glancing at the weapon.

The gunman grinned and leveled it between Shawn's eyes. Shawn gulped and wondered where the hell Juliet and Lassie were. "So, it looked like the guy had taken the loot he was to guard and left. The dog creating the perfect cover story for him and so everyone assumed he killed his 'own' dog and ran. But it didn't add up," Shawn saw the doorknob turning and thought 'finally.' "First of all, there was blood on the walls but it wasn't the dog's and secondly the dog its self was malnourished and had been dead at least three hours after this all happened. At least according to the stopped watch under the car."

"What watch?" the gunman roared. "I cleaned that guy off, he din't have no watch!"

"No, but you just confessed," Shawn said and pointed behind the gunman. The man whirled around to see Juliet holding a tape recorder and Lassiter holding his gun inches from the man's head. "Gig's up," he growled.

"Gig's up? Seriously Lassie. I'm sure in your repertoire of awesome police sayings, 'gig's up' is not exactly up there. I mean, maybe a 'you feelin' lucky punk' or 'by the way, one more thing' if you wanna go old school. But 'gig's up?'" Shawn asked the next day while picking up his paycheck for another job well done. Pat on the back and all that.

"Shut. Up. Spencer," Lassiter said as neatly as he could. Shawn smirked as he could tell that the comment stung Lassie's ego. He really had thought 'gig's up' was a good closing line.

"Shawn, let's go," Gus said with a sigh while pulling at his friend's elbow. "You owe me cheesecake, remember?"

Shawn watched Lassiter visibly relax at the idea of him leaving. It was so much fun to needle him, if only for these moments. "Right, coming," Shawn said and allowed himself to be pulled out of the police office.

"Seriously, we are getting into too many problems lately," Gus said with a growl. "Getting held up with a gun is not my idea of fun Shawn. We are civilians. We're not even allowed to have guns. Plus you dad has a conniption every time he learns about these things."

Shawn rolled his eyes as they got into Gus' blueberry of a car. "Well maybe if someone didn't tell him."

"I don't tell him, Shawn," Gus shot back. "The newspapers tell him."

Shawn tilted his head to the side and thought about it. "Well… okay maybe that's true. But it's fun, and… adventurous. We're catching bad guys, Gus? And it's not always murderer's. We've caught thieves and frauders and…."

"Is frauders even a word?" Gus asked.

"Probably not," Shawn admitted. "Look, all I'm saying is, we make a pretty good team and yeah it's dangerous but we make quite a bit. And I do split the money with you."

"Money's not the issue and you know it Shawn. You were scared like a little girl this time. I know you were thinking 'why am I doing this?' and 'how did I get here' while he held us up," Gus told Shawn.

"Dude, get out of my head," Shawn squealed in a fake 'teen girl' voice. Gus smirked and looked rather proud of himself for knowing the truth. "Seriously, I know I was a little…scared maybe. …aaaand yes I was thinking 'wow this is a bad idea' and doing a flashback of my life but…well I like it. Besides my talking saved us."

"Your talking got us into the mess. Who the hell goes up to the guy and says 'the dog wasn't his' behind his back," Gus yelled.

"I didn't know he had a gun!" Shawn yelled back. "Seriously, did you?"

"….no," Gus admitted. "Just, Shawn we have to start being more careful. There are a lot more crazies out there now," he cautioned.

"Yeah, I know," Shawn replied and sighed. "You know dad doesn't…"

"You have to talk to your dad Shawn," Gust said before Shawn could weasel out of going to his dad's house. "He can't keep on finding out things from the newspaper and television."

Shawn shrugged. "All right, fair enough," he sighed and quickly began plotting his escape route. Gus locked the doors and glared at Shawn.

"As if I'd run while it was still moving," Shawn said with distain.

"I see the red light," Gus told him as he slowed down the car to a stop. He grinned while Shawn cursed under his breath.

A man went through several more newspaper clippings and began to highlight certain parts. "Another one," he muttered under his breath. "Every time he figures everything out, yet…no one else realizes how"

"I knew the dog didn't mean anything after they found out how malnourished it was. Guard dogs deserve better," the SBPD head psychic said.

"Here we go," the man whispered as he taped the story up and looked around his room. This room was covered in newspaper clippings and stories. The stories on the left were of 'unsolved' and 'hopelessly tangled' cases. The stories on the right were about how the fabulous 'psychic' had solved these previously thought 'hopeless' cases. It was amazing, what he could do. Most people could train a lifetime and not achieve the level of awareness that this insanely cheerful man possessed. He could tell, he knew that Shawn Spencer was no psychic. Just a ridiculously aware person with among other abilities, the ability of instantaneous memorization, photographic memory, knowledge of facial features and the ability to spot a lie. Although this alone was something to be impressed with. Still, it made his blood boil with excitement. Perhaps this person was actually a worthy opponent. Someone to match his ability, possibly even surpass him.

Perhaps it was now time to challenge the 'psychic' and see how intelligent he really was. He was tired of simply watching. He wanted to pit himself against the most intelligent being he had ever had the pleasure of coming across. See how brilliant he really was, how brilliant he himself really was. That potential would never be reached until they locked horns.

He poured himself a glass of bourbon and watched the TV screen as Shawn enthusiastically gave the pretty anchor an interview. Shamelessly flirting with her while his eyes flicked around, taking everything in and filing it away for later use. Simply amazing. Truly, an impressive foe.

The man raised his glass to the TV in a mock toast. "May the best man win," he said with a flash of teeth and downed the remainder of his drink.

"That's the third time you've been held up this month!" Henry yelled.

Shawn threw a very dark glare at his best friend who shrugged and picked up the newspaper on the coffee table while he leaned back into the recliner. This might be a long lecture.

"Dad, seriously, I'm fine. Gus is fine. We're fine," Shawn emphasized.

"One day you will meet someone you can't outsmart," Henry said in a low voice. "You won't be able to out talk this person and you sure as hell won't charm your way out. What then?"

"Dad, you were the one who trained me and now you're saying I'll find someone who outdo me? Come on, it's like insulting yourself," Shawn said with a grin.

"Shawn, listen to me. You're good. Probably one of the best. But there are psychos out there, smart, very aware psychos. You might be smarter but they are more ruthless and have the advantage of being completely out of their minds," Henry growled.

"Have you met me?" Shawn asked.

"I'm not joking," Henry hissed. "Shawn, please. I didn't like this from the beginning and now it's only getting worse. Just consider…"

"I'm done," Shawn said quickly and stood up.

"Shawn…" Henry began.

"Dad, I finally found something I like. I didn't quit and I don't want to. And now you say 'give up' even though I'm doing everything you wanted me to," Shawn replied simply.

"No, you are going into dangerous situations as a civilian. Unarmed, against armed and dangerous people, Shawn. On a regular basis. Do you understand that?" Henry asked.

"You sound like Gus," Shawn sighed and sat back down.

Gus and Henry exchanged looks. Henry rubbed his eyes and sighed. "Compromise?" he asked in a voice that made both Shawn and Gus pay attention.

"Yes?" Shawn asked after an uncomfortable silence.

"Apply for a weapon license, get a gun, keep it with you, and let me take you to the shooting range once a week. You might need different skills now that things are getting more dangerous," Henry said.

Shawn groaned and leaned back into the chair. "Please," Henry asked. Shawn hated it when his dad got like this. It made him feel like he was ten again and what's worse it made him feel guilty. Like he was a bad son, by making his dad beg him to protect himself. Even in his head he came off as the jerk. He hated it when he rebelled against himself.

"Fine," Shawn muttered. "But you have to pay for it. I'm behind on rent because we were slow for a few months before this one."

"Fair enough," Henry said gruffly but the relief was evident in his face.

As Shawn was being driven back to his apartment Gus couldn't help but grin. "You totally just got your chain jerked by your dad."

"I knooow," Shawn whined and covered his face with his hands. "I live in eternal shame," he said dramatically and thrust himself against the seat of the car then grunted as the seatbelt restrained him from doing a full on 'Shawnism'.

"Nice," Gus said with a grin.

"Shut up," Shawn replied elegantly in an English accent. Then stuck his tongue out for good measure.

Gus shrugged and continued down the road.

Sooo...this WAS gonna be a one shot...and now it's not. My first psych fanfic, tell me if you like. Gen and most likely will stay gen. Probably going to end up a 'let's explore Shawn and his dad and their incredible amount of issues' fic. Because those are my favorite plotlines in the show. And Gus. This will have lots of Gus. Dule Hill is my hero X3

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