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Two young children dream of leaving the orphanage that they live in and want to find a place to call home.

'Thought' sign langue speaking/talking

Lioness of fire

Translation mẹ = mother

bố /father

chị / em gái sister

anh / em trai brother

không/ no

giúp đỡ/ help

Remote village of Vietnam

Many children were playing in the wet grass fields as the rain kept pouring down on them they didn't care tough they had only the care takers to watch them and even then they didn't care much they were left over children born in to families that gave them up because they couldn't feed them, un wed mothers, spouses who tried to cover up there past.

In any case they grew up here learn very little and left the village as soon as they stand on their own two feet.

in particularly there was a set of twins, a little girl and boy they where a very sad case indeed their mother was a window from a civil war that had broken out in their village and gave up her children for money to pay for her own freedom to a neighboring place for her own safety .She did not even name them and the children then found themselves put to work for their new owner. Lady Manchu was her name and she was not a very tolerant person she would not remember to fed them and left them with little to wear in the cold winters they had to scurryor beg for food. Till one day she didn't wake up from her sleep.

That's how they became to stay here in the orphanage.

"Chi chi were are you chi chi" a small quivering voice spoke out the rain could be heard all around him

His name was Bao a name he had given himself since his mother did not leave him one. He was currently looking for his little sisterhe knew she would get lost when she was away from him and in her state he didn't want to be away from her.

"ANHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GIUP DO" a loud scream ran though the air.

And he ran to it.

Lioness of the fire

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