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Sakura: what the hell! I don't want to be the-

(deidara slams hand to her mouth)

Deidara: don't let her know you got your hands on the script, un….she will kill us all, un!

I was saying, now on to the disclaimer, would you like to, deidara? -evil glare-

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Sakura Haruno, a 17 year old girl. Currently living at an abandoned constriction site. She had pink hair, natural, it was long, mid-thigh. Her face was, beautiful. She had a long thin nose, that would make any super model jealous. Along with full, pail ruby red lips, and high cheek bones. Her skin was soft and pail. And her arms were long thin and deadly, the same goes with her legs, but even longer. Her torso was long and flat, and her chest was a good size, B or at the most a small C cup. An tall, 5'9.

But the thing that was strange was her eyes, silver/dark green that would constantly mix and move together. It was like water and oil, mixing together but holding there own. That somewhat scared her, it became like this after she used 'that' for the first time. But that's not all she got when she used 'that'. Also she had marks on her face, It started at her mid-hair line, and curved out to her eyes and stopped mid cheek bone, then went strait down till it was at her jaw, and ended in a black point. It was at least and inch wide, with a black out-line, an then thin, black lines going threw it sideways. Then the rest colored dark green. It could have been mistaken for a tattoo easily, but it was much more then that…

'That', was a forbidden Jutsu, and the marks on her face were to store chakra, and as time passed it grew, longer and darker.

It all started when she first battled Sasori, she was fascinated how he would first, make people into puppets, then use there chakra, and power, agents people. Of course she never told anyone, but somehow sparked something inside of her. She was ashamed of how she barely made it out alive, with help! She started training harder, an soon passed the Hokage. Then started to train under the head of interrogation, and torture. Morino Ibiki.

After a year, she passed him too. She liked his job, it was easy if you knew how to work people.

She was going home after the day of hard work, the prisoner just wasn't bugging out like he should. So she have to kill him.

She was passing a so called 'storage' room, Ibiki told her never go in there. Having nothing better to do, and her curiosity getting to better of her. She tried the lock, locked of course. But with a little chakra, and BAM, the door un-locked -She learned this trick when she was studying under the Hokage. When she had to get a scroll she wanted in a locked room, and then a lot of scroll un-locking jutsu's as well.- She walked into a large, dark room, only lit by a few candles. She would of just left, but a scroll caught her eye, it was on a large table in the middle of the room. Again she would of just left but the name caught her off guard. stealing death's knowledge.

She read the scroll that night, it was similar to Sasori, but better. She could steal all of the knowledge, Jutus, and personal skills out of, dead or alive people, and become immortal. All she had to go was put her forehead to theirs and, bong bam boom! She knew everything. But, over time a mark would grow on her face, to hold everything. But she could change different parts of her body to hold different parts of the things she learned. As the mark on her face was chakra, her eyes, the different jutsu's. An then, she used 40% of her brain, for there knowledge. People could only use 5% of here brain an then 50% for other things like how to blink. That left 45% left. The extra 5%, she trained. So now she could use it just like the other 5% she used. So in all, she was smart, alittle to smart for her own good. It was forbidden…

She didn't start to learn it for awhile till she learned Sasori was alive, and it would be a test of her skills.

It was hard to learn. It look up most of her energy, and time. But after 6 moths she learned it.

For another 6 moths, she would only go on S-ranked missions, and assassinations . So she could steal whatever she could find. She learned a lot. And had seen things she had never, ever wanted to see. But she did. After that 6 moths, she came back from one mission. Horrified. But the next day, she came back for the AMBU test. She was completely emotionless. The passed the test with flying colors. And then again started going on more complicated missions, alone.

Her mark was growing. She was every careful not to take off her mask around people, that or she had to have a lot of concealer and contacts.

A moth after that, she was coming back from a mission and learned that there was an up-coming attack on Konoha from mist. It was small but still an attack, and it could take out a good number of nin.

She rushed into the Hokage's office, forgetting about her face and eyes. In her mission she got careless and got her mask broke.

But before she could tell her anything, she started yelling at her. About how that jutsu was forbidden. She kicked her out of the village, with a chakra seal, to prevent any chakra movement. She sent her to Ibiki to kill her, but she got away on Taijutsu alone. It was hard but she made it. She may not be able to use chakra, but her knowledge was still there.

She ran till she came up to a small town in grass country. She tried to get work, but on the second day, some nin passed threw. And instantly recognized her. She had to run again.

This time she went to rain country, more careful this time. She ended up in a bigger town, easer to hide in, and more opportunity of work till she could take the seal off.

She had gotten a job at a club. A cosplay club. Of course she hated it. But it put food on her plate. But still not enough to buy an apartment. In that kind of job, you only needed a pretty body. And the face. Really didn't madder. They all had darkness to cover there faces, an then you had a pile of make-up on. But she hated make-up. She washed it off as soon as she was out of there. But the thing she hated the most was her uniform.

She had to cosplay as a cat. You know the hole get-up, pinned on cat ears. A fake tale. But the thing that really pissed her off was the girdle. She had a white shirt that cut off, strait across the shoulders at her under arms. Then the sleeves ended at the elbow, cut so it looked ripped. Then the girdle, it started in the middle of the chest to push-up her lady bums, and ended at her waist. Black, and tied up with gold ribbons. All and all, corny. But it didn't end there, oh no, It got worse. The shirt peeked out from under it. Then a white puffy min-skirt. Then black and white stripped, thigh-socks. And black school shoes, to add to innocent appeal.

But it was the only place that would take her. So she lived off there pay check. She would get off at 2 am in the morning. Then sleep till 3 pm, go buy food. Come back and think of how she could get her chakra back. Till 8 PM then leave for work. Her live was peace full, for the most part, until today….


Sakura was sitting on a support beam, on what was supposed to be the second story. It was raining, as always, not that she minded, she loved the rain.

The only thing she didn't like about it was that you could get sick, and she hated getting sick, feeling weak was not her thing.

The sun was setting, having nothing better to do she watched it carefully.

She used to use this time to think about getting her chakra back, but she already knew what had to be done. She had to find someone with enough chakra, and power. To willingly let her use her jutsu on him/her, while pushing there chakra into her.

Psh, like she would find anyone like that, she only had a few ideas such as, first Naruto, he had enough chakra, but he probably hated her now so willingly was out of the question. Then there was or Orochimaru, but he was dead. And then there was the Akatsuki, she learned that they killed one of there members just a few days ago. An why they killed he/she, she had no idea, and were probably still pissed. So she was stuck in deep-

"Mew" she herd, she snapped out of her thoughts, and was on guard. She moved eyes head to the suspicious noise, keeping her face hidden with her hair. It just happened to be next to her.

It was a cat, no, a kitten. It was a dark gray color, with dark pink eyes. She looked down to it pleading face. "mew" but, this time it wasn't him…

Cowering behind him, was a black cat, with an orange face, an red eyes. He looked absolutely terrified.

She just blinked, staring at them emotionlessly, slowly she put her guard down. She smirked, "Yes?" she asked with her heavenly voce, she didn't speak often, only when she had to.

Slowly, the cat behind the gray one moved closer to her lap. She watched with careful eyes, to see what it would to next.

He put one paw on her thigh, and looked up to her face he could now see. He froze for a second, before he slowly moved back to the gray one. He meowed a few times to his friend, he just looked at him, with what she guessed was fear. But she couldn't see well, so she moved her head up to face them. Her face fully exposed to the rain, and anyone who happened to walk by.

They slowly turned to look at her, the gray one froze, while the black, orange one started to shiver.

She scowled, "I'm really that scary, uh." it wasn't a question. She sighed. Then slowly stood up, and jumped to the muddy ground. She landed on the ground with out a sound, and slowly started to walk to the large piping, 8 feet away.

It was at lest 4 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 6 feet long, razed about 3 feet by smaller pipes. Just enough room to sleep in.

She entered, kicking off her muddy shoes, with the rest of her things. That was an pair of old torn jeans, and a white tee-shirt, and her AMBU things and head band. Right now she was in an old skirt that was ripped at the ends so it ended mid-thigh, and a black and white stripped, 'V neck, long sleeve shirt. Wet to the bone.

She wanted to get some sleep till she had to work, so she used her jeans as a pillow, and stayed on her stomach, slipping into deep sleep. Till she herd something strange, and smelled it too. She cracked open an eye, to come eye to eyes with small orange eyes, looking at her like she was a death god, that, or a astonishment.

She sat her self up, with one hand and grabbed the kitten by the scruff in the other. It didn't make any noise, nor try to get out of her grip. This was a strange cat. She brought it closer to her face, and narrowed her eyes.

Where the hell do these keep coming from?

It was all orange, orange hair, orange eyes, and oran-wait, it has sliver whiskers.

"…if you want me to feed you, then to bad. I don't have anything…" she sighed, she still needed her food for today. But only some places let her eat there, it was hard living like this.

"mew" there was that sound again, she turned her head to only see about a billion kittens- not really, just 8- but at the time it was more kittens she has ever seen in her life.

When they saw her face, all the un-known cats all froze, and the other two she saw earlier just looked at her face, studying her eyes.

Are cats suppose to act like this?

She looked back to the kitten in her hand, and slowly put him down with the rest of his family. She re-adjusted her self so she sat facing them, in a ball on the other side of the tube. She rested her head on her knees, and studded the kittens with cold eyes.

The first one that caught her eye was a small blue one in the corner.

…what the hell? Okay even, I

know cats are not


She slowly reached out her hand to grab it, all of the other kittens moved out of her way. The blue one was still frozen. She snatched it up with a flick of her hand, and moved it closer to her face to look for anything suspicious. "did someone dye you?" she asked.

He curled his lips up into a sheepish grin, how odd.

She moved her face off her knees and moved him closer, she narrowed her eyes, it looked…natural.

How the hell did a kitten end up with-

Her thought was interrupted with a wet, ruff, feeling on the tip of her nose. She scowled, she put him back down with his friends. But he seamed content by staying with her so he laid down in-between her ankle and thigh. She could care less.

The next one that caught her eye was a blood red one, with light brown eyes, -his paws were brown to, probably from the mud-, in the back of the others. Trying to hide behind a back one with red eyes.

He was crouched down, with his teeth bared -his face in sheer terror.-

What the hell? Do I have some kind of cat-reflector, thing plated on my face?

She looked at the one in-fount of the red one, plane black and red eyes. He was the only one that didn't look terrified, calm cool, and collected -the kind she despised.

She moved on to another one more in the front then the others, he looked more like he had seen a great peace of art rather then what the others were seeing. Don't get me wrong, he was scared out of his mind. But looked like he wanted to see things more positively then the rest.

It was a blond color, hair slightly longer then the others, with sky blue eyes, very, very cute.

More in the middle, there was one that had bight green eyes, with a white face, but with a black body. And the tip of the tale was dipped with a creamy white.

And the last one, next to it, was in the least…weird looking, the top of it was white while it's stomach was black, and his eyes was a creepy off yellow color.

An then the other three kittens from earlier.

She just stared at them, wondering what they wanted. But time was passing quickly, and it was probably time for her to go to work.

She sighed, and removed the blue one from under her and put him down next to the yellow one. He meowed, probably not wanting to move from the warmth. She just happened to notice that all of them were soaked to the bone.

She crawled out from the warmth of her home into the dark rain, putting on her shoes. And left for work, not noticing the little troopers fallowing her…



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