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Ugh, Sakura opened her eyes to a soft light, there was a throbbing in her head that just wouldn t go away. She sat up on one elbow, and clutched her head with the other. Suddenly she felt something tumble from her chest to her lap. It gave a soft mew when it hit. She looked down to it and saw it was a kitten, but she didn't know who it was, she only knew what Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Hidan, and Kisame looked like. Oh and then there leader

She sat up, her head still throbbing, but it was bearable. She razed her eyebrow "Hello there." she said, her voce soft but still strong and confident. Flowing like water.

The kitten stood itself up, and faced her. Sitting on her thighs, it gave a soft mew , looking absolutely adorable, then climbed up to her face and started to nuzzle her neck, purring madly.

She didn't move, it didn't feel bad, but yet, having a kitten, -that you knew was a grown man-, nuzzle your neck was not the first thing that she would find comfortable with.

She moved to remove it from her neck when she herd the sound of a running, yelling person. She froze in place, her muscles, waiting to spring into action, waiting, waiting, for the worst and trying to stay silent as possible with her thoughts that seamed to yell in her mind to get away, not safe. The kitten stopped too, he crawled down from her neck, his ears flat down. And slowly made it underneath her blankets, and started shaking. She looked down to the pathetic shaking lump on her lap, and scoffed. Maybe this wasn t a real man, but a real kitten? But why would they have another, unneeded, and (possibly) unwanted kitten. But her thoughts was interrupted by loud yelling.

"Tobi BAKA! GET YOUR ASS OVER HER, un!!" she herd the approaching voce scream. She had a pretty good idea of who it was, that speech impalement would make him a dead give away.

The transvestite, Deidara

She looked back down to the lump in her blankets, that seamed to flinch, then continue shivering even harder.

She glanced back to her door, seeing that it was cracked open, and she could see black and red with some blond. Only confirming her earlier thoughts. It was reassuring that she knew who was out there, yet unsettling at the same time. The Akatsuki, being nice (Well, from what she thought was nice for a ninja) and then kittens, on top of that. Hmm, maybe there own cuteness was rubbing off on each other? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe she could use that. Getting out of a dangerous place was always top priority. Ninja or not, it s always comforting to be in a safe place. Konoha was her safe place. Not anymore though.

Her heart turned cold when she started to remember her friends, her teachers. Always to forgiving, never wise enough to see traitors in there villages. They would always turn blind when it came to there Sakura . 'Oh Sakura, why are you always hiding your face? I want to see that beautiful face of yours' , or 'Sakura-san! Lets go out for dinner tonight!....Oh, you have a mission, maybe next time.' And even, 'Sakura! Another mission!? Are you crazy!? You will collapse in the middle of the forest! Your not strong enough!' those where the ones that drove her crazy, they didn't see how she was cutting her ties slowly, but surely. Though, why she did that at all was still a question she still hadn t answered her self? To be less painful? No, she could deal with the pain. Was it for her love ones?....She didn't know, though, she missed being loved. A lot more then she realized.

And for the most part, she missed being safe. Having a home. And, even though she denied it, she missed her team, (not Sasuke though, she always thought he was a basterd, somewhere in her brain, though leaving her alone on a bench sure did help realize it.) She missed how Kakashi would be the father, and sometimes the older brother. Then Yamato would be the uncle, sometimes even a father. But could never replace Kakashi. Then her bothers, Sai, her brother, as much as a bastard he was, he was still family. Then Naruto, her little bother, sometimes older brother, too. Oh, how she missed Naruto, his bright energy, his happy smiles. She stopped before she would think about him anymore, he was dead, (well dead to her, she didn't know if he was really dead, though, she thought that) and that was that. Nothing more. No more smiling, no more laughter, no more weak Sakura.

And that exactly what she wanted, right? She wasn't to sure now

Anyway back to idiots outside her head, they where currently fighting over her, the black and orange kitten was fighting for his life, and Deidara cursing his head off, trying to grab the poor kitten while he was hissing and spitting, and trying to hide behind Sakura. Deidara didn't seem to notice she was sitting here. And that was pissing her off, being ignored was up there with being weak.

And we all now how much she hates being weak.

No naturally, she had to scare them shitless.

"Tobi-Baka, shut-up and come with me, un! Ugh! You little fucker! You scratched my neck, un! That s going to itch like hell!" Deidara yelled, damn Tobi had to run into the most important person s room, that is currently injured, and extremely influential to they're life! What would happen if she suddenly deiced that since a kitten fell asleep on her boob, that she wouldn t help!?

Oh, but Deidara wished that wasn t the case.

They had a meeting about this! And what, it was only, what, yesterday, two days ago? Come on, even he remembered it.

The leader stood tall, looking every pissed. When Deidara entered the room, he shivered at the sight. The last time the leader was like this, he, and several different Akatsuki where sent on the most dangerous and unnecessary missions. And all came back injured and hella pissed.

Everyone was hovering around the door frame, trying to have an easy exiting route. God knows they will need it.

Pein growled, and glared at everyone, what a bunch of baby's, he thought. "Get your lazy asses over here, and sit down. I need to talk to you all."

Slowly, everyone moved to the middle of the room, whispering to each other. But the leader yelled at them to, shut the fuck up and let him talk. So everyone stood, and waited quietly for him to compose him self and he did, slowly but surely.

"Okay, I know you're sick and tired of being kittens, and so am I. And we finally found someone who can, and will, get this curse lifted from us. But, she is not in the condition to do so at the moment. So that s why I need one of you too willingly, um..." Pein wasn t to sure how to say this, it was weird to say, who you want to, or if you want to , Being leader made you the one to give commands, not, suggestions. And he was the leader of Akatsuki, not some prissy leader either. But this was something he had to do. "Pick, someone from are group to willingly to let her suck your energy out, leaving you helpless, and then let her copy all of your skills, Jutus, and memory-"

"Wait, wait, wait, un. You mean like, let her copy our mind, letting her know, every thought, every battle skill, every weakness?! Are you crazy?! Hell no, un!" Deidara screamed. The others nodded in agreement. Showing weakness, and being weak, was not the first thing on there list.

Though, if they wanted to live long enough to see the next day, they better pick someone.

Pein rubbed his temples, "Yes, yes. I know, it's stupid, but we need this. If we ever are going to stop being, kittens. We have to do this," he stopped and looked up to Itachi. Itachi gave him a look that said, if you fucken pick me I will kill you in your sleep . But sadly, Pein, Sakura, and sometimes Kisame, are not afraid of his death glares. "Itachi, I think-."

"No." he said simply.

Pein's eyebrows scrunched together. He was getting mad again.

"Itachi, this is a command-."


"Itachi I am only-."

"Fuck. No."

"ITACHI *POPCORN UCHIHA! I AM THE LEADER OF AKATSUKI! I CAN KILL YOU ON A WHIM! YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!" He said loudly, his voice furious. He breathed heavily, his nostrils flared.

Kisame started to laugh under his breath, along with Hidan and Deidara, yes, Itachi's middle name is popcorn*

Pein started again, "All I was saying was you should do it, because all of your skills are based on the Sharingan, she wont be able to do anything with it! And she already knows about you, and your history! Come on Itachi! Who else would be better?" he asked, not expecting an answer.

But Itachi gave him one, "Zetsu."

Pein was started to look really pissed, but he grumbled threw clenched teeth,(This line has spoilers, so Don't read it if you don t want to be spoiled.) "He is the Akatsuki data base; he has every secret, every base, and every action plan in his mind. So no, it can t be done." He hissed.

"Hidan." Gee, Itachi sure didn t want to give up on this.

But having every secret, every thought, good or bad, horny or sugar-filled, sad or angry, all would suddenly be exposed to a person 8 years younger then him!? Barley older then his little brother, (And yes, Sakura is one of the older ninjas, did you know her birthday is in March? The only older Nin around her age is Gaara and Shino. Not counting Tenten, Neji, and Lee.) He did not feel that it was wise, at all. What if she was in contact with his brother, and she told him, everything

No, that could be the end of Konaha

Pein took a deep breath, this was going to take awhile, "Hidan is only god knows how old, and knows things, seen things, that would probably make her sick. And that wont make her help us in the long run, I'm sure." He said, this time much calmer.

Hidan grumbled.


Pein razed his eyebrow, "Same."

Itachi felt something wet run down his neck, but he kept his face impassive, "Kisame."

Pein was starting to get tired of his pathetic attempts of trying to save his butt. "Kisame has important skills she could easily copy, and become extremely powerful. Along with all his chakra reserves, she would be impossible to stop." He said

God damn it, Pein wasn t going to make this easy for him, is he?


"Same as Hidan and Kakuzu."


"He s my second choice."

"HEY! Un!"


"Itachi" Pein said in a warning voice.

"Fine, but I still don't want to do it."


Then the rest was about how strong Tobi really was.

But little did Deidara know, just moments ago, he was grumbling outside her door about Itachi s chakra, and how they needed to build it up to the max, but it kept depleting mysteriously.

Sakura, being the awesome ninja she was, conclude that the only reason why Deidara would care about Itachi, by the tone of his voce, that he was the one that she would have to just her Jutsu on, though she didn't mind, and thought it would be awesome to see the reasoning for his actions, but, she didn t know if she really did want to know what goes on in his brain, 24/7.

That might be a hole a lot of drama she did, not want to get involved with.

Anyway, Sakura thought about how she could scare this man, and if she could scare Tobi as well.

Then it donned to her, didn t they freeze in fear the first time they saw her? Now why wouldn't they still be scared of her? Though, thinking about how they do not seem concerned as much as she would of liked being around her.

Though, working with Ibiki did not leave you with out some good mental manipulation.

And she fully indented to use it to her power.

Deidara was not having a good day, and when Sakura grabbed his face, it became a whole lot worse.

Sakura slowly worked her hands free from the tangles of her bed sheets, letting her hands slowly work there way up to Deidara's face. Her cold finger tips touched his face and he stopped what he was saying and slowly turned to face her, eyes large with confusion. Once he turned his face all the way to look at her, she put the rest of her hands on his cheeks, but very lightly, and a shiver went down his back, he was about to say something when Sakura pulled his face to hers so there forehead was touching ever so slightly.

If it was possible, Deidara's eyes grew even larger. Though it took a second, it clicked in his head that this was the way her powerful Jutsu worked. And pulled away from her hands in a harsh tug, but that's when her genital hands became like stone, and her natural strength held him there to her face.

It was time to fake him out, and Sakura did this part well.

Her eyes grew large and there was a devilish smirk on her face. Her eyes lit with trickery and stunning power that would be extremely intense, and made Deidara freeze in awe.

Sakura took this chance, and slowly started to let her stone like grip go into her feather light touch again, and slowly started to slide her palms down his neck and under his shirt onto his back. Her hands where cold but his back was burning hot, thus made him get goose bumps.

Still frozen in awe, Sakura pulled is body close to hers letting them touch in placed only Deidara could dream about. Her breast smashed into his chest, making him blush like a tomato.

Though, threw that touch he regained his right mind but found it to late to do anything. She had a strong hold on him, he was half way on the bed in her grasp, and was currently doing things with her fingers that felt so good, that the pleasure part of his brain over powered the part of his brain that was smart enough to realize that this was dangerous.

Sakura let out a soft moan, and let her facial expression melt into a content expression, she closed her eyes, and slowly started to bring his face closer to hers, Sakura slowly let her lips touch his own, but it was so soft and light that he could barely feel it, and as soon as it was there is was gone and she slowly started to let her lips kiss on the corner of his mouth and down his neck, giving him even more goose bumps, and he shivered and gasped.

At this point Deidara had no idea what was going on. Though, to distracted in the way that she was touching him to care, he was lost in his own little world, and had no intention of coming out of it any time soon.

Though, when her kisses ended at the base of his neck, she put her head on his shoulder and sighed in content.

Then she finished it off that would really scare the shit out of him, and doing it right now would hit him when his defaces where down and would most likely do the most damage.

Sakura smirked in her brain, but then said in a whisper, "Your mind is so beautiful..."

At that exact moment, she let go of him and let his mind do the rest. His eyes widened and he scrambled to get up and away from her as fast as he could. He got across the room in a flash, he looked extremely distressed, and he was out of that door faster then she would blink.

Sakura snickered to her self, that had to be the most fun she had in weeks.

Sakura, still smirking, looked down at the kitten who was in her lap, though frozen, his eyes clearly showed humor.

She picked it up and brought it closer to her side, and started petting in a long smooth fashion.

Sakura looked down at him again, "So you thought it was funny too, huh?"

Now this time the kitten really did freeze in shock, but Sakura really didn t think much of it.

Sakura laid down and slowly drifted back to sleep