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Tucker stiffened as he heard a noise from up ahead. Inside, he knew it would be for the best for him to die, but he lifted his arms to fight anyway.

His shades were gone, is pure white eyes practically shone in the hall's darkness. His golden hair was ruffled and his jacket zipped up. Also, he was covered in dust and small bruises, which was probably from running into walls. His breathing was heavy, as if he had run for along time.

As he waited in cold silence, he knew there was no chance of running. He wasn't stupid! He knew that predators loved the thrill of the chase, and he didn't want to give them that pleasure. Slowly, he took a step forward, the sudden movement causing the floor to creak. The thing up ahead stopped, and turned toward him.

The blind teen scowled, pulling something out of his jacket pocket. It was Cody's small video camera, now turned off. He took another step, hearing a sudden rampage of footsteps coming toward him. Tucker lifted the camera to swing at the creature, but his limb was grabbed, followed directly by a sudden tackle.

Falling to the ground, with whomever on top of him, Tucker closed his un-seeing eyes, knowing it was for the best that he dies. He just hoped his death wouldn't be painful.

But the creature spoke, causing Tuck's heart to plummet.

"Tucker! Thank God, I found you!" Doe's voice screamed. It was her hand gripping his arm, and she had bowled into him, in a giant glomp.

"D-doe?" He stammered, trying to get up. 'This is not good!' The thought ran through his head multiple times as Doerenda pulled him into a sitting up position, giving him a bear hug.

"I am so glad! I thought…where's Cody?"

"Uh…" Tucker shook his head, rubbing it with his free hand. "Look, what the hell are you doing here? It's not safe!"

Doe smiled at his concern, but he didn't see it. "I needed to find you and bring you to the library." At this, Tucker stiffened. She helped him to his feet and walked back the way she had come.

But Tucker hesitated, earning him an odd look from Doerenda. "C'mon on, Tucky! The Library's this way!"

That's what Tucker liked most about Doerenda. She was the only person –besides Kyle- that didn't care about his blindness. She only led him whenever there was an emergency, and never doubted his own ability to navigate. Too bad he would never know what she looked like.

Tucker remained where he was as Doe back tracked. "It isn't a good idea that I come."

Doe tensed up beside him. "Why not? The others are waiting for us so they can barricade the door." She saw he wasn't budging and smirked. "Oh, I see." She snuck quietly behind him, so he wouldn't notice.

"What?" the white-eyed boy tilted his head. "Why did you say tha—!" without warning, Doerenda picked him up over her shoulder with ease.

The girl still smirked as she took off with her reluctant boyfriend in tow. "You know, this would be a lot harder if you weren't so skinny!" She laughed. Tucker hung there, aggravated.

"Doerenda! Let me go, now! I can't go with you to the library, so put me down." He knew from past experiences on TDA that Doe was one strong girl. Some sort of mix between Izzy and Courtney (Who was ironically her sister).

But she wasn't listening to him. She thought this was all a game. No one would seriously want to stay out in the open with three werewolves loose?

Soon, after more rambling, Doe set Tucker down triumphantly. With a laugh she sat down. "We're here!"

"WHAT?" Tucker face-palmed in despair.

Then other voices made him realize that everyone else was there. He heard them pushing large furniture together, and the arguing that ensued.

"No!" that was Tyler's voice. "You need to put that desk over here!"

"Gosh" Harold. "It doesn't matter where it goes! As long as it works."

Duncan and Gwen spoke at the same time. "Harold, no!"

A loud crash sounded, telling Tucker tat Harold just screwed up.

"Hey Tucker?" Beth's timid voice asked. He looked up slightly. "Uh…what's that in your hand?"

"What this? Cody's camera."

"Do you know where Sadie and Katie are?"

"No." Tucker sighed.

"What about—"

"Look, just watch the dang tape alright!" Tucker tossed the camera in the air, the other survivors scrambling to catch it.

Trent was still power-reading the fat book of werewolves. "Some of us can watch it and the others can work on the barricade."

Sounded fair enough. As the others got the camera to work, Tucker got to his feet again, feeling his way toward the barricade. Kyle and Doe weren't paying attention though.


The camera flicked on, the night-vision option lighting up a small perimeter around it.

"Cody? Is it really necessary to do that?" Tucker's voice asked.

Cody's voice murmured something. "I don't care if it helps you see. You're not the one carrying me piggyback style, are you?"

"D-d-do y-you k-know where you're going?" Cody whimpered, shining the camera around.

"No, but you aren't exactly in a good condition right now."

"J-just put me d-down, Tuck." Shuffling about, the camera lowered down, Tucker coming into view. He still has his black shades and his jacket is still unzipped.

"The sooner we get to the Library, the better!" Tucker groaned, happy that Cody was no longer on his back. "There are three of our ex-friends out there, trying to eat us!"

Some of Cody's sense seemed to come back. "But I don't understand! Why would Izzy leave Noah and Eva alive? It makes more sense to have eaten them. Instead she only scratched them…what if—"

Tucker had had enough. "Dude, I don't care about how they became freaking man-eaters. I want to know where the library is!"

A large crashing sound alerted the boys, and the camera whipped almost 180 degrees to see none other than Eva staring at them. Tucker started to back away, but Cody grabbed his jacket sleeve with his free hand. "Don't run," He whispered. "It will only encourage her."

"Uh…wait, is there a werewolf in front of us?"


"Well how the hell would I know? I only heard a thump."

"Shut up!" Cody hissed, the camera fumbling from hand to hand.

Eva crept toward the boys, dry blood clashing with her gray fur. It covered her muzzle, and chest, as well as her forepaws. Snarling, she revealed dark red liquid still on her fangs.

Five feet away, she lurched onto all fours, her front dropping and her hind legs tensing to take out both at once. At this point, the camera starting to slip downward, about to be dropped.

From no where, Noah dropped onto Eva's back, digging his claws in as she toppled over from the jolt. In retaliation, the larger gave a thrust upwards, launching Noah off of her. He landed on his paws, a crazed look in his wide eyes. All over him –not just his front- was doused in Sadie's blood, and his fur bristled with rage. Even his tail, also coated in the dark substance, was waving wildly in all directions.

Quickly, Noah came at Eva again, grabbing her shoulder and smashing her into the wall. The gray Lycan reached down and clutched his scruff with her own fangs and lifted him up easily, and slammed him down, placing her paw at his throat. He glared up at her with bloodshot eyes, attempting to bite at her. Eva effectively leaned down, knocking the breath out of Noah. As he struggled, glistening blood dripped from his throat, where Eva's claws began to dig in.

This seemed to interest Eva, as she barked something that could possibly equal a victorious laugh. Taking the opportunity, Noah kicked his hind legs up, into her gut. She gasped, loosening her choke-hold on her fellow werewolf. He kicked again, making her leap backwards in pain and surprise. Her surprise only increased as Noah stood on all fours and let out a thirsty yowl.

While the she-Lycan tried to get her wits back, Noah slashed her in the face, the resulting blood spatter blinding her eyes. With a yelp of shock, she staggered to her paws, only to be struck once again by Noah's stained claws. In a desperate move, she swiped blindly out, cutting Noah's ear. He bared his teeth and stood on his haunches, standing barely taller than the weaker wolf on all of her four paws. Swiftly, he walked around her, until he stopped behind her, and where he could glare right into the camera.

Hearing this, Eva growled and twisted around flipping Noah over again. The two rolled toward the camera, clawing and biting each other. Finally, they slammed directly into Cody and Tucker, causing the camera to go into complete static.

After a minute or two of the sounds of the Lycan-death fight, the static cleared to show it on the ground, sideways. It showed Noah overcoming the blind and weak Eva, finally striking her down with an uppercut to the throat. She collapsed to the ground, her breathing heavy. She lifted her head barely, only to be slammed down by Noah, biting into her throat. Her eyes opened, despite the blood, and stared at the camera, her pupils so small, they were almost impossible to make out.

Noah's fangs tightened around her bloody throat, the liquid pouring out of her wounds. A large ripping sound filled the air, as the smaller Lycan clamped down his jaws, tearing through her throat.

Eva's body gave one spasm and then lay still. Her eyes, still facing the tipped over camera, began to glaze over, and her mouth ajar. The victor pulled away from her corpse, panting. Blood gushed from his mouth, all the way down to his lower stomach. His eyes showing the frenzy he had just gone through and his ear perked. The other ripped into a V shaped style, the blood slowing slightly.

After what seemed like hours, Cody picked up the camera, which shook in his hands after what he had just witnessed.


Noah stiffened, whirling around to look right at them, his lips drawn back. The camera turned off as the Lycan stiffly to his feet, ignoring the many slashes and cut he had received from the now deceased Eva.


"Oh, my God." Beth gasped as the tape ended, wording what the others couldn't. "That didn't seem like Noah. Why would he attack Eva? They were both werewolves!"

Heather shivered. "Who knows? We just saw the guy who wouldn't play dodge-ball massacre the toughest person I know!"

"Wait," DJ yipped, "I thought the only way to kill a werewolf was with silver."

Duncan sighed, depressed by the scene. "No. There are three ways. 1. Silver comes into direct contact with their blood."

"2." Gwen continued, "They are pierced through the heart."

Trent, flipping through the giant werewolf book, nodded. "And the final way to kill a Lycan is to decapitate the head, which Noah pretty much did." He tossed the book to the ground, losing all feelings in his arms.

Tyler was trying to keep Lindsay from going into a panic attack. "We only have a few more hours until dawn, then we can get out of here. Right?" He looked to the others for reassurance.

"I'm not gonna lie. The chances that we'll ALL live are…basically slim to none."

"Way to be optimistic!"

"Yah, well I'm being honest!"

"You're scaring Lindsay!"

"She's not the only one…"

"Duncan won't let me die!"

"I don't thing he could stand up to Noah, gosh!"

"Shut it, Harold!"


Everyone turned to see Tucker, next to the door barricade, on his face. He had tripped over a stray piece of wood –who knows what it originally went to- and face-planted. He grumbled something inaudible and picked himself up.

Beth, teary eyed, whimpered, "Tucker? Is Cody…?" She couldn't finish her sentence. He wasn't with Tucker when he was found, but they were together when the tape ended.

Tuck froze and hesitantly nodded. "Yes, he's dead. Noah killed him, end of story." He answered flatly.


"Cody distracted him while I ran. That's all I know."


"STOP FRICKING INTIRIGATING ME!" He shouted, his white eyes clear with no shades to cover them. Beth cowered, shocked by Tucker's sudden burst of rage. "But you know what? I wish Noah had killed me too!" He yelled. "I shouldn't be here right now, I'm not safe!" Immediately, he turned and began to remove part of the barricade.

Trent and Duncan got to their feet. "Tuck!" Duncan shouted. "I don't know what screwed up your head, but you have to stay here!"

Doe and Kyle shared a look and took a step toward their boyfriend and brother, respectively. "Why, Tucker?" Doe asked, not using his nickname.

"Why?" He repeated. He stopped working and slowly faced them again. "Why did you think I refused to come here, Doe?" he grabbed his zipped up jacket and began to unzip it. "Noah should have killed me too, but he got sloppy after he killed Eva!" When the jacket was unzipped, he showed his chest to them all.

Three red scars ran down his chest, like the ones Izzy was given by the original werewolf.

Not a very good chapter, but I rather enjoyed the Noah VS Eva fight to the death. ^^ Shows what Noah does if he gets motivated.

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