uh... a little plot bunny that started obssessively devouring my brain while i was out shopping today. totally inspired by my currently cosplay ideas, and OC as a bitch. anyways, enjoy~ or something, I guess. xD



Sexy vampire, I'm falling in love.
So just bite me baby, and drink all my blood.
Sexy vampire, I'm falling in love with you.
So do what you want to do.

Hand made, store bought and almost invisible costumes decorated the massive building used to house the annual convention. Groups of friends flocked together, giggling over this and that.

At one end of the long main corridor, shouting could be heard between people that had just met one another, conversing in the way that only suited the loud atmosphere. On the other end, people lined single file along the wall as they nervously waited to pay for and receive their three day passes. These people were obviously new to this sort of thing, Mello concluded as he stared at them, eyes flickering from each anticipating person.

He, however, wasn't new to the excitement that surged through the convention center on the first day. Mello was a pro, and this year he had planned to make this convention count. Over the last couple years, the blonde had gone through his three days of parental freedom the same way any other anime fan did--

buying figurines and plush toys for various series that would only collect dust atop his dresser; visiting artist alley in attempt to find a decent artist; watching anime that had been fan subbed or fan made videos; envying the skills of everyone huddled in one of three gaming rooms; or Mello could be found walking around the convention aimlessly with a bored look plastered on his face.

Mello slid down the wall facing the second gaming room, hands placed on the floor and his legs crossed. He quietly hummed along with the music on his ipod, one ear piece shoved in and the other dangling over his chest in a weak attempt to pay attention to the friends he had come with.

"No, no! She totally doesn't deserve him," one girl whined, glaring at two cosplayers as they made their way around the corner.

The female looked exactly like the character she was portraying, however, the male following her could have used a little work. Mello perked a brow, an annoying techno beat booming in his ear as he looked over at his ticked off friend with little interest. The only thing he knew in regards to the series she was blabbering on about was that the character being imitated was the rival of one Princess Tutu and the white haired boy behind her was the love interest of said ballerina in question. He had tried to watch that series with her, but found it's lack of true romance to be bland. If Mello was even into romance to start with, no one knew.

"Mello, who would win in a fight? Goku or the Hulk?" A different person asked.

Mello blinked, snapping his head in the direction of the invading voice. He hadn't really put much thought into what would happen if the two were to go against each other, but it made him grin while imagining it.

"Depends, what level super saiyan is Goku?" Mello inquired.

"Uh, dude… I don't know, just who would win!" The lack of knowledge made the blonde laugh inwardly, his eyes rolling as he opened his mouth.

"I don't think it really matters, actually. Both are strong fighters, so there's a good possibility that either could win, but if I had to give an answer… Man, I'd put my money on Goku."

Mello nodded slowly, smirking as those around him groaned in displeasure. He loved how he could pull their strings and get away with it, but even more so when he said something that was unexpected.

"But," Mello pushed the pause button on his ipod, "I could kick both their stupid asses any day."

"Fuck you, Mello!" The boy that had initiated the topic of Goku and the Hulk proclaimed, his voice full of laughter. Mello joined in, chuckling to himself as the other two in his group began with their own little giggle fest.

Both boys looked at one another, brows arched and wondering what the two girls sitting beside them found so funny. It was obvious that they had no idea what was being discussed, given that they were watching a terrible Ouran High cosplay doing the dance to the ever irritating song that is CaramellDansen.

Yawning and quite bored, Mello pushed himself upwards from the floor as he brought his hands up into the air, stretching and causing his shirt to ride up slightly. Sitting in the same spot for hours only granted a few things for him to see-- the same five series being cosplayed, the same annoying fan girls that lived to chase the pretty cosplaying boys and the same geeky kids emerge from the game room.

"Man, I'm going to find something else to do," Mello explained.

"Okay, dude."

"Aw! Mello is going off on his own, how kawaii!" Both girls clapped gleefully, faces lit up and eyes bright.

Mello only sighed at their sporadically thrown in Japanese word. One thing was for sure, the blonde wouldn't be mentioning to those two that he had been learning the language from a young age. Gritting his teeth at their lack of intelligence regarding his second language and their lack of knowledge when it came to his first, Mello put the other ear piece in place, resumed the previous techno beats and walked off towards artist alley.

Sora and Roxas ran by him, followed by a group of Death Note cosplayers. The leader, whom Mello figured was supposed to be Light, pulled a distraught looking L behind him via a very short chain. It made him laugh, the sheer humiliation these people went through to make a spot for themselves at the convention.

Stopping one time only before reaching his destination, Mello stood face to face with the best bubblehead nurse he had seen thus far. He watched her move slowly, creeping along as if her head truly was on backwards, twitching when she stepped and a small mock weapon tightly held by a gloved hand. She was perfect, faded blood splatter and all.

However, Mello regained composure as he turned around to watch the nurse walk off towards a pair of awkwardly horrified youngsters. They had never played the games, he figured before walking over to the first artist table azure orbs saw.

The art was poor and unoriginal, the big eyes compensated for the small waist and out of proportion head. Each drawing was of a cat person, tails too long, ears too pointy and the same odd misplaced smile on their faces.

The people sitting behind the table were different though, one dressed in a fancy Lolita outfit and the other looked like she had just returned from raving all night. Mello suddenly wished he had a pair of cyber goggles to complete his outfit for tonight's mock rave. Both girls giggled, whispering loudly to each other about how 'pretty' Mello was. He heard them, and though his ego was flattered, he wanted no parts of either female. Cringing, the blonde made his way towards the other tables awaiting his criticism.

Ready to give up after only an hour of venturing off on his own, Mello plopped down into a rather comfortable looking chair facing the dealer room. He watched people with bags search through the large objects for money before abandoning them to slip inside to bleed themselves dry. Mello watched as the person sitting beside the door flipped his badge around, silently telling those wanting to entering the massive anime store to turn their badges over for acceptance.

In just one day, Mello had already run himself into the ground. He had managed to spend most of the money he saved for the convention, having spent it on boxes of chocolate pocky, ramune, and other things he really didn't need.

It was then, as he stared blankly into space, that out of the corner of his eyes he caught a swift movement. It lasted only seconds, but that had been long for him to take in that it was a person and that this person was wearing a black and white striped shirt. Why though, would he be avoiding human contact and making a run for it? The mass intrigued Mello, and he stood up to follow.

"What the fuck? Where'd it go?" Mello asked the air, many wary eyes glancing at him as he made spun several times in the middle of the floor whilst trying to find said black and white shirt. How hard could it possibly be to locate the person? In the back ground he could several people shouting "OBJECTION!", which was then countered by more shouting of "OVERRULED!"

Groaning and aggravated, he stalking over to a chair that was identical to the one he had been previously sitting in minutes before. Minutes before he received odd stares, minutes before he let his mind wander and wish to find the person that had made his opening convention day all the more entertaining.

In attempt to stay occupied by scrolling through the music on his ipod, his eyes latched onto someone standing off to the side, hidden in a hole in the wall not far from his current location.

Black and white shirt, check. Human, check.

The unidentified person had his eyes trained on a small hand held device, black rimmed yellow lens goggles pulled over his face. The reflection from the DS on his goggles was bright, and Mello titled his head. He stared at the offending gamer awkwardly, thinking about why the boy was making no attempt to join in the festivities that plagued any normal anime convention. Figuring that the teenager in question was socially inept, Mello decided to pull him from the shadows in which he found comfort.

Just, how was he supposed to do this?

He could just walk up to him, introduce himself and ask the boy if he wanted to hang out; but that was boring and Mello, well, he wasn't a boring kind of guy. He had to spice things up, had to make things more interesting for both himself and those around him. But, the blonde had no idea how to befriend the other. He assumed that he would rather play his video games than spend time having fun, running amuck and being just down right ignorant. Mello could always tell the boy to the join the dark side of the convention, because… at least there, he would get cookies.

Without putting much thought into his actions, Mello stood up, situated his pants and removed the ear buds from his ears, wrapping the black cord around his ipod and storing it into his back pocket.

"H-hey," the blonde stuttered, he was never good at confronting people.

"Hey," the gamer mocked blankly, not looking up from his game. Given by the music, Mello knew he was lost in one of the many Final Fantasy games, though he wasn't exactly sure which one it was. It had to be new, considering it was being played on a DS and not a console, because that would just be awfully annoying to drag around a convention.

"What's up?"

"Not much."

"… Sounds like fun, I guess." Mello hesitated, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Not really, but let's just say it is and go with that. Game?"

"Uh,… sure," he wished he had never decided to talk to the boy.


Mello blinked, rocking back and forth on his feet as he stared at the other in a bored like manner. Despite wanting to turn and run in the opposite direction, he couldn't bring himself to do so. It was like something was compelling him to stay put, waiting out the inevitable.

"So, uh… Why are you still here?" He asked, annoyed.

"You looked lonely," Mello gave him the truth.

"Well, I'm not."

"I fucking noticed."

The blonde huffed, he was growing tired of the sarcastic attitude coming from the gamer. He had only wanted to make friends with him, even if for a few short days. The black and white striped boy looked less boring than his own friends, Mello decided while he stared at him.

It didn't take look for his gaze to be noticed, and the gamer looked up from his current pained posture of his head hanging, goggle clad eyes scanning pools of blue as he moved a finger softly over the pause button on his DS.

"Dude, seriously. What do you want?"

"I want you to do something with me." Mello stated, knowing that his request would probably go unanswered. He had told himself at the beginning that he would do something worth it this convention, and this boy had given him the perfect idea. He would be remembered at this convention, brought up at other ones and videos of him would surface all over you tube.

"If I do it, will you leave me alone?"

"Only if you want me to," Mello confessed.

"Oh, I'll want you to. Trust me on that one," the other retorted, the rolling of his eyes visible behind his goggles. They were ugly things, not like the one's that artist girl had on. Hers were lime green, silver rimmed and amazing. Mello wanted a pair of those, not a pair of the cheap plastic looking ones adorning the boy's face in front of him.


"Well, what is it?" Enough with the attitude, seriously!

"Make out with me," Mello demanded, moving closer to the other boy.

"W-what?" He stammered, eyes widened in shock.

Had a complete stranger just asked him to make out? Like, push their mouths together, run their tongues along the other and waste energy? The gamer shook his head, red hair falling to block his eyes from the vicious glare of blue optics.

"You heard me," he chuckled, "Make out with me."


"Why not?"

"I don't even fucking know you, that's why!"

"It works out well that way doesn't it? I don't know you and you don't know me," The chocolate addicted exclaimed.

"So, what do you say?"

"Why me?"

"Because, I think you're hot."

Blood crept Matt's cheeks, he blushed as he pushed his goggles back to rest atop his head, fiery locks sticking up behind the tight straps. He did hear him correctly? First he wants to make out, now he thinks he's hot? What else?

"Hah. Funny."

"No, seriously. How about it?"

The red head stalled for a moment, shockingly bright green eyes locking on Mello's briefly. The blonde couldn't move, lost in the beauty that had been kept under his goggles. The blonde figured that they were a trademark of his, and decided to cross out his negative thought of them being ugly. If they kept his eyes hidden then they were worth it, because damn, he had the prettiest eyes Mello had ever seen.

"S-sure, I guess."

Mello's lips curved upwards, revealing a wry grin as he inched toward the other, one knee pushing between his legs and forcing them to spread apart. He brought a hand up to his face, stroking the heated skin tenderly before leaning in, lips ever-so lightly brushing against the other's mouth.

Somewhere in the back ground, both teenage boys could hear the distinct squeals of fan girls as they flocked around them. Out the corner of his eyes, Mello saw several people whip out their cameras, obviously putting them on video mode to tape what was about to happen. Other people just snapped pictures of the intimate way their bodies were pressed together.

"Yaoi!" One girl screamed happily.

"Kiss already!" Another shouted.

"Squeeeeeee!" Came a random guy's voice.

People chanted in unison words of kissing, yaoi, and how 'super kawaii!' they looked together. Lights flashed, voices got louder and then it happened--

Green searched blue, warm breath ghosting over Mello's lips as he pressed his mouth against the other. Shocked, Matt's eyes fluttered closed and he pushed into the kiss, a hand gripping Mello's side desperately as the other hand tangled somewhere in the mess of golden tresses. Urgently, Mello bit down on his bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan to dance over Matt's lips and into Mello's mouth. The blonde hungrily swallowed it, purring against Matt as he slipped his tongue into the warm confines of the gamers' mouth. Their tongues swirled against the other, exploring the uncharted territory hurriedly.


Excited whines came from the crowd as many taped the sight before them, jumping up and down, squealing and egging them on. Both participants were sure that when they got home, they would find many videos of themselves online, ultimately meaning that they would have to hide the incriminating evidence about their sexualities from their parents. Thank you, yaoi fan girls for forcing closest homosexuals out of the closet.

Matt gasped as he tore his face away from Mello, but the blonde teen didn't stop there. Instead, his mouth ran down his jaw to his chin, were he kissed several times before his swollen lips trailed an invisible line down his throat, nibbling lightly on the naked flesh.

The red head cried out, lolling his head back against the concrete wall to give Mello more skin to work with. Screw it, they both figured, they had already treaded over thin ice. Why not continue with what they had begun for the sake of pleasing those watching? Okay, so it was partially to please the burning desire building up in the pit of both their stomachs too.

A hand ran under Matt's shirt, pulling the fabric upwards with the movement as Mello dipped his head against the base of his neck, suckling and biting down softly. He was sure that would bruise in a couple hours, leaving Matt marked and belonging to a kid he'd never before met in his life. At least, for the remainder of the convention he would belong to Mello.

As quickly as it had started, it ended. This was because of two reasons--

They were both enjoying themselves more than they should have been, and they were being filmed by amateurs.

If they even wanted to continue, they would have to find somewhere they could be alone. And for the love of God, Mello and Matt wanted to do things to each other. Things that they had never imagined they'd do.

The group of rabid fan girls and boys dissipated, leaving both panting and distraught.

"By the way, I'm Mello." The blonde smirked, capturing Matt's lips once again. A soft squeak came from the gamer before he pulled back.

"Matt." Nice, plain and simple.


"What?" He asked, arching a brow, pulling his DS from his vest pocket and turning the device on.

"Come to the dark side," Mello told him, softly laughing.

"The fuck? Why?"

"Because, I'm there."

Matt laughed, wrapping his arms around the boy he had just met. Mello looked at Matt, and this time, the gamer kissed him passionately. Their bruised mouths moved together in harmony, soft moans seeping through their conjoined lips as they pressed their bodies closer, Matt's back arched off the wall.

"Sounds tempting, Mello."

for those that don't know what a bubblehead nurse is, it is the nurse in silent hill 2. her head is on backwards, her weapon of coice is a melee weapon and she's in a skimpy nurses outfit. this isn't my favourite piece, but now that it has been executed onto fanfiction, i can rest easily. anywayyyys - holds out a grab bag of reese whips - R&R plx, or not. whatever.

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