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Close your eyes and give me your hand, darling.
Do you feel my heart beating?
Do you understand?
Do you feel the same?
Am I only dreaming, or...
is this burning and eternal flame?

The mall held no real entertainment. Every ten minutes the same people could be seen, if not that exact person then a person very similar to the last. The only different thing in the mall had been the new addition.

An arcade had been added onto the wing that barely got any use, and it took up almost a whole department store. Those in charge of the mall assumed that it would bring more young people to the shopping center. It was brightly lit, filled with excited children and noises that were only supposed to be heard at a convention.

Speaking of which, a month had passed. At first it seemed to go by slower than a turtle crossing the road, but by the middle of the month, it had picked up speed and was almost over. Mello couldn't have been happier. Well he could, but the only thing that could bring a smile to his face was probably no where to be found. He was gone, Mello knew.

It was over, there was nothing to tell.

The blonde pulled his ipod from his pocket and unfurled the headphones from around the device. The chattering of his friends was enough to make his ears bleed, so he decided to listen to the endlessly repeating beats instead. Perhaps music would distract him, after all, it was one of the reasons he'd gotten lost and happened upon the mysterious gaming red head in the first place. It only felt right to use the same means of escape to get over him. The song filled Mello's head, coaxing his mind as the numb minding beats echoed loudly in his head. He followed his friends listlessly, hands slid into the pockets of his pants and feet shuffling along.

All in all, Mello was a bored teenager. He truly did need excitement.

Only, he had gotten his far share of excitement a month ago and his life had returned back to normal. He hadn't come out to his parents either, however, a boy he went to school happened to also have attended that convention. Ultimately, this ended up with Mello being forced to date the kid for the sake of keeping his secret safe. The school mate threatened to tell his parental units of his homosexually, and the blonde just couldn't have that. On any good day he would have just pounded the kid into the floor, but it wasn't a good day and he wanted to hold onto his secret for as long as he could.

Having no idea of where they were going, the chocoholic sighed, turning the corner with them. Through his music he could hear the obnoxiously loud beeping, shooting sounds and screaming coming from the arcade. A part of him wished that they had never put the damn thing into the mall, but another part of him reveled in this simply because it gave him something to do when he was bored. Although, he really wasn't into gaming.

That had been Matt.

Once again, Mello found himself thinking of his red headed counterpart. His heart beat quickly with just the mention of his name, and the taste of the gamer surfaced on his lips. Mello had savored everything he had to offer and had remembered even more. Recently everything set his mind into overdrive, thoughts swirling through his head at tornado speed, collecting at the bottom and working their way up the funnel.

The arcade for example, made his thought process run a thousand times quicker than it normally would. That was because Matt was a gamer and the blonde would periodically wonder what game he was playing at that point in time.

Another example had been the song that was currently resonating from his ipod. For reasons unbeknownst to him, Mello had tracked down the song that had been playing during the rave. The very song that initiated their vigorous make-out session and heated bathroom act. His face flushed every time it came on and he secretly wondered if his friends knew what had gone down in that bathroom. He hoped not.

Without paying attention, Mello ran directly into one of the girls with a quiet startled squeak. She turned around to look at him, grinning like a mad man before turning back around to continue her conversation. Rolling his eyes, Mello backed away from her and lost himself in his music once again. They didn't move, but rather stood at the entrance of the arcade.

Tapping his foot in an annoyed manner, Mello's eyes strayed, fluttering from person to person in hopes of finding someone that could hold his attention for a longer duration than several short seconds. This was just about the dumbest idea he had ever had, knowing full well that no one else could compare to the boy that had stolen his heart a month prior.

Why did he feel this way? And over a boy he barely knew, no less. The teenager vowed to make a name for himself at the convention, not lose his sanity. He had gotten his point across, had done things that normally didn't happen in his life. He was known on you tube as the pretty boy in the infamous 'yaoi skit' of that convention. What more could he want?

Well, a number of things--

He could want to relive that weekend. He could want to move and no longer stand in front of the arcade to get bombarded by little kids running back and forth. He could want to go home and sulk in the dark. He could want to not be such an emotional person. He could he want to forget Matt. Or, better yet.

He could want to be with Matt.

That's it. Mello wanted to be with Matt, but he didn't know where at in the world he was. They had swapped numbers, but hadn't really stayed in touch with one another. This was mainly because Mello didn't want to fall harder than he already had. He couldn't afford to.

It was then, as his friends began to walk forward and as his eyes latched onto one game in particular within the darkened arcade, that he saw the most astounding sight. Mello stopped at the entrance, mouth open and body softly trembling. His legs felt like jelly, but he was frozen. He couldn't move despite his obvious attempts to follow the group that was starting to leave him.

"Mello?" One girl asked, looking back at him over her shoulder. She perked a brow.

"Dude, you alright?" The other girl asked, poking him on the arm. A low disgruntled noise came from him as he nodded, slowly turning his head to look at the people surrounding him. He didn't want to look away, afraid that his mind was playing a trick on him. Could it be…?

"Earth to Mello," the first girl waved her hand in front his face. It had taken him all of two seconds to lose himself in his thoughts.

"Hey, dude. Isn't that your lover from the convention?" The only other male of their posse questioned, looking at the blonde teen and then to the boy playing the arcade version of soul caliber. Mello shrugged nonchalantly, pretending that he had no idea what he was talking about.

No, that wasn't Matt. No, that wasn't the trademark black and white stripped shirt. No, those weren't the same tacky goggles Mello originally found disgusting. No, that wasn't the boy he boned in the bathroom during the rave or the boy he woke up next to the following morning. No, he wasn't the person that had unknowingly stolen Mello's heart with the refusal to return it.

Hah! Yeah, his friend was right. Or maybe it was someone that looked eerily identical to Matt. Regardless, the chocoholic wanted to know.

"We're going on, Mello." The boy told him, waving to the blonde as he stood captivated by the person in the arcade. The only thing he did was nod in response, letting them know he was aware of their departure.

Slowly but surely, Mello made his way into the dimly lit gaming area. Music, shouting, laughter, annoyed grunts at losing and the sound effects from each game being played attacked him from every direction. No wonder he always stayed away from them, arcades were dangerous.

It wasn't until the blonde quietly stalked up to the black and white shirt, that he got a good look at the person first hand.

The shirt was obviously much baggier, but the jeans fit snugly onto his lower half, hanging off his hips slightly. A small tease of skin shone between the shirt riding up in the back and the hem of the denim. Smirking, Mello inched closer, but still didn't make his move. Was it feat that kept him from tackling the other to the floor? Was it the possibility that the person before him wasn't Matt and in fact someone else?

"Damn it!" The person groaned, adjusting the goggles atop his head with one hand while the other fidgeted with two quarters and the slot in which they were inserted. Fiery locks laid flat against the side of his face, tempting Mello to touch.

Without giving it a second though, and not caring about the game in which he'd make Matt lose, Mello wrapped his arms around his torso. He felt Matt instantly freeze against him, and his heart beat erratically in his chest. Mello placed his forehead against his back, holding the other still against him. How odd it must look to those around them. Two boys pressed together, one startled and the other lost in a sea of contentment.

"Wh-- What the?" Matt asked, panic rising in his voice as he tried to push the body off of him with his back arched and arms firmly on the game in front of him. He didn't like this one bit, didn't like the fact that he couldn't see the person behind him. He had just moved to this place, he hadn't enough time to make friends with anyone that could possibly merit such action. Matt only wanted one person to hold him in such a way, but the idea of it being Mello was just unfathomable, though the gamer wished it were.

Wishes only come true to those that believe. Matt believes, that much is apparent.

Matt continued to push back against Mello, gritting his teeth as the grip around him only appeared to have gotten tighter. He wasn't going to give up if the person holding onto him wasn't going to, it was a losing situation.

"Matt," the blonde leaned in and whispered into his ear. The moment Mello's voice hit him he melted, forgot his struggle and leaned into the stronger arms around his body. It wasn't just anyone embracing him from behind-- it was Mello.

Turning awkwardly in his arms, Matt's eyes darted towards the set that had previously been piercing a hole into his back, lips twitching with excitement.

To the trained eye, this would have appeared to be nothing short of a rape scene, but it was more than that. It was the secretly unexpected reuniting of torn lovers. It was only something that could have been created in the movies, perfectly flawed and well needed.

"M-Mello…?" Matt stuttered, lightly shaking against the blonde.

"Matt," he repeated. The smile fighting to be seen could be heard in his words. Mello had only dreamt of this, had only considered their meeting again something akin to a fairytale. It was much better than he anticipated, and he softly skimmed his lips across the other's mouth.

The gamer gasped, eagerly lapping at Mello's lips with his tongue, silently begging him to open his mouth. Mello was all too happy to comply, his lips gently parted as their tongues hit the other in a dance of victory and a fit of passion. They fought the other, hungrily pushing back as their hands traveled the other's body in search for something to hold onto.

This wasn't happening. Matt wasn't there and Mello didn't have his mouth all over his. They weren't connected at the lips, no, never.

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