Rosalie's Prov

"Rosalie baby, can I at least come with you? I'll miss you too much, don't you love me? "

This was the story of my life. I love my husband Emmett with all of my heart,
but sometimes he is too pitiful for his own good. The rest of the family isn't much better. My family is... well, we're not even human. We're vampires, but were more realistic than the ones you see in movies. For instance, we don't have fangs. We drink animal blood instead of human
blood so we can co-exist with humans, but it only for a short time because we don't age. I am forever 19. I really hate my life.

Right now Esme, Alice, and I are in Emmett's Jeep going to Goat Rocks Ridge to hunt. Esme is married to Carlisle (my creator). Alice is married to,Jasper, my brother. At least, that's what the humans know us as.

We rode by a park and a cute little blond girl and her mom were on a swing. I sighed sadly. I always wanted to be a mom ever since I was human but I was raped by my fiancé and his friends that left me almost dead. Carlisle gave me a second chance, but even with that second chance I'll never grow old with Emmet and have kids or grandchildren.

I can't change anything now. That's what sucks about being immortal. Anyway, we're at the ridge now. We girls went our separate ways. I ran through the forest at top speed, however, it still wasn't faster than my brother, Edward. Edward is such a prude! He is 104 years old and still hasn't found
his mate. Girls practically throw themselves at him and he ignores them. He even turned me down. ME! And I'm the prettiest vampire or otherwise person in the world. I know it's a little vain but I can't help thinking that way.

I found my prey, a deer. When I pounced on it, it gave little fight. I snapped it's neck and bit my teeth into that oh so juicy artery. After I drank it dry I buried it under a tree. Then I smelled something decaying. It was a horrible pungent smell I had to take a step back. I inhaled again. This time I could
tell it was something human. I couldn't help but think a human-eating vampire was nearso I called my mother, Esme, for all intensive purposes and my sister in a ratherrushed tone.

"Rosalie, sweetheart, what's wrong?" Esme asked worriedly.

"I smell something human and dead, do you think a vampire is near?" I questioned.

"No, I can't see anyone." Alice said.

"Just because you don't see it in your vision doesn't mean it's not there." I snapped.

"Well let's find out!" She exclaimed.

"Girls I'm not sure that's the best idea. Maybe we should call the men."Esme said in an overly concerned tone.

"Esme," Alice said in a rather annoyed tone. "Do you think that we have tocall the men for everything? We are just as strong as they are." Alice huffed.

"I think we will be fine Esme. C'mon, Alice, lets go see what it is!" I said hurriedly.

We walked for a little while as the smell grew stronger. Then we saw a woman.
She was human and dead. Her face expression was a mixture of happy and also terrified.

"What does this mean?" Alice said, slightly shocked at the sight that lay before us.

"I'm not sure but there's a trail of blood. Let's follow it." I nervously stated.

We walked 'till the blood trail ended. At the end of the trail was a littlegirl that couldn't be more than 5 days old. She had brown eyes and hair,but there was something off about her that I just couldn't put my finger on.

Then it hit me.

She was beautiful, just like my family.

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