Unexpected Arrivals

By Female Heero Yuy

I know I should be updating Kigeki, but after watching Kirepapa episode 2, I kinda ended up with a thought in my head that I just couldn't get rid of. And even though I like yaoi this isn't going to be yaoi. Sorry.

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Light breeze, lush green plants, and slow flowing cool water around the property. The Phantomhive estate was which nominally was in chaos due to a certain set of servants was actually in a state of peace. At least for Ciel it was.


"Yes young master?" Sebastian asked as he turned from dusting the books on the shelves in Ciel's study.

"I want something sweet." Ciel stated with a bored expression on his face.

"I have a lovely almond berry cake that I have prepared, shall I bring you a slice my lord?"

"Hmm I think i'd prefer some linzer tarts."

"Yes my lord, i'll go and prepare some right away." he replied before walking out of Ciel's study, bowing before closing the door. Once he turned he noticed the other servants crawling around on the floor.

"What are you three doing?" Sebastian questioned with a raise of a brow. "On second thought, don't tell me, I don't think I want to know." He stated as he decided that if they told him it would be a bad idea, and somehow resulting with him gaining a new chore of some sort, that will probably be something he'll end up with in the end anyway by the end of the day.

"Sebastian!" Finnian uttered in surprised with a hint of his typical whiny voice that he uses when he's done something he's not supposed to. "You gotta help us!"

"Yes Sebastian help us!" Maylene screeched with her hands clasped.

"Ho ho ho"

"Ummm, ha ha" Bard sheepishly rubed the back of his head.

Sighing, Sebastian decides he might as well get it over with and find out whats going on since the others have already started asking for his help. "What is it?"

All of a sudden Finnian, Bard and Maylene are huddled in front of him with teary eyes. "We're so sorry Sebastian!", all three state in unison. "We didn't mean to!" exclaimed Maylene.

"Didn't mean to what?"

"We'll never do it again Sebastian!" Finnian cried.

"Do what again?" Sebastian asked. Clearly starting to get irritated that no one has officially said what was going on.

"Well you...we sorta...kinda...*cough* 'thurtus!" Finnian unexpectedly stated so fast that it actually confused Sebastian.

"Excuse me?" he looked perplexed, as he wondered if Finni had even spoken english.

"We let a dog in the house and then we lost it so now we're looking for it, don't hurt us." Finnian said in a normal but sheepish tone, while waiting for the pain to come.

"It's not that bad Sebastian, I mean ever since Pluto disappeared we kinda felt like the house was empty. So we got a puppy. But I think you'll like the little guy!" Bard exclaimed with a smile.

"You brought a dog...in the house..." Sebastian looking shocked.

"Yeah, and he's really cute." Maylene gleefully states with her hands to her face.

"What's going on here?" Ciel's voice interrupts, holding the door to his office open with his right hand. All the servants turn to the door a bit surprised, noticing their master standing there with a blank expression on his face.

"Nothing to trouble yourself with my lord, it seems the others have brought a dog in the house and have lost track of it is all. I will take care of the matter immediately."

"Oh..." Ciel looked intriqued suddenly, giving his butler a sly look as if he were plotting. "When you find the dog, bring it to my office Sebastian."

"But young master..."

"That's an order." Ciel closes the door to his office with a slight grin on his face. "This has become interesting." Ciel walked back to his desk to continue the paperwork he'd was working on. Anticipating some interesting scenarios he could do with the use of a dog to torment his butler. Now he wanted to get as much paperwork done as possible so he'd have more time to enjoy his plans. He could already see his butlers face of digust. This brought a huge grin to his face at the mere thought.

Back at the hall with the others. Sebastian stood in the same spot he was before, with a look of disdain on his face. Turning to the other four servants with a glare in his eye. "Find...dog...now."

The others stood at salute as if they are in the military, "Sir yes sir!" and scamper off to go find the dog.

"This is already a bad day." Sebastian stated as his eye started to twitch in irritation.


"Father." a shadow near a flame states.

"Yes, Adrian?" another shadow answering the first shadow.

"Where is my little brother?" Adrian questions.

"Hmm I do not know. We haven't seen him in a long while. How long as it been since his last visit?"

"I believe it's been a few years father." another shadow states.

"Really? That long?" he states, but soon it seems to dawn on him what was stated. "Oh my god, i'ma terrible father!" the father responds in a panic. The shadow is visibly upset though it is hard to tell what he looks like.

"Now father please, just because we've lost track of him doesn't mean that your a bad father." the third shadow says in a calm voice.

"Yes father, i'm sure he's fine, give him some credit, he's the most responsible one of us anyway." Adrian states as he grins, this being the only thing visible about him.

"No no this is wrong, there probably people doing bad things to him! Like adult things! Oh my god! I have to find my baby!" The father exclaims dashing out of the room they were in, with a slam to the door.

"Why did you do that?" the third asks irritated.

"I didn't know he was gonna go crazy over it!" Adrian shouts.

Suddenly the door opens and the father that had previously dashed stood within the open door. The father standing there looking like he was prepared to travel the world. "I forgot something."

The two sons looking at each other then back at their father with a hint of fear in their eyes, ask in unison, "what?"

"You two." He abruptly grabbed them and pulled them out of the room, shutting the door with a slam. Not even giving the two the chance to disapprove of the event occuring then and there.


Back at Phantomhive manor, all the servants are still looking for the puppy that is currently missing in action. Though it's apparent that the only one who will even have luck finding it, is Sebastian.

"If I had to guess, i'd say it's in the front yard, possibly destroying the roses." Sebastian stated miffed. Making his way to the front of the manor to retrieve the dog to get it over with, when there's a sudden knock from the door just as he was reaching for the knob. "Oh my we seem to have guests." He stated as he opens the door, "Welcome to Phanto..." he started to say, but was tackled to the ground with a surprising force.

"My Baby!"

With a shocked expression on his face, "Father?"

"I was so worried about you!" Sebastian's father stated as he hugged him tighter as if he was a doll. "Why didn't you come to visit! Are you eating right? You look so thin! Oh i've missed you so much!" he rubbed his face against his childs.

"Uhh...can't...breathe." Sebastian choked as he tried to pull away from his father clutches.

"FATHER LET GO HE CAN'T BREATHE!" Adrian exclaims as he tried to pull their father off Sebastian, with no luck at all.


"My what a cute puppy." A third voice who was the third shadow randomly states. And with that the other two turn to him, staring. Luckily for Sebastian his father loosened his grip.


"Michael..that was...random."

"Oh like you wouldn't of said it Adrian, look he's so cute!" Holding up the puppy to Adrian's face.

"Awwww it's a shiba inu! I wanna hold it!" Adrian squeals grabbing the puppy from his brother Michael.

After a few big heaves to gain some air back in his lungs, Sebastian is finally able to speak. "What are you all doing here?"

"We came to see you my wittle..."

"Sebastian. My name is currently Sebastian. Father."

"What? Why? Why did you change your name?"

"I'm currently under a contract, my master named me."


"Father I think it's a fine name. When you think on it, it's kinda cute." Michael stated with a grin even after the puppy was taken from him.

"Sebastian, have you found the pup...who are these people?" Ciel was asking due to getting tired of waiting to see if the puppy had been found. He raised a brow as he looked at the three men who looked like they could be male models, standing around Sebastian.

Turning to face his master, who is currently on the stairs, "These people are my family members, young master."

"What's with this young master crap?" Adrian asked with a clear disdain.

"Adrian, i'll kindly ask that you don't use such vulgar language in front of my master." Sebastian stated with irritation at his brother.

"Ahhhhh Sebastian don't hate me!" Adrian tackle hugs his brother while still he is holding the puppy, but luckily he's not crushing either, like their father was a moment ago.

"Sebastian aren't you going to introduce us?" Ciel asks with a smile on his face. It was such a smile where one could clearly see, that he is clearly planning something, or finding this very amusing. Either way such a smile did not bode well for Sebastian. And he knew it.


And now a cliffhanger, why? Because i'm honestly tired. With school and work, I feel like I don't get much time to breathe. But I also wanna apologize for not updating Kigeki yet, but like I said in the beginning, after watching Kirepapa episode 2, I couldn't get this out of my mind. So basically the plan is to work on both stories. I think this story will be shorter than Kigeki, but I don't like saying how many chapters each story will be because sometimes what I think on how long I want a story, it may end up shorter or longer. Anyway enough ranting on my part. Small explanation time!

The father - I will name him in the next chapter.

Adrian - is the middle child.

Michael - is the Oldest.

Thus i'm making Sebastian the youngest of 3 kids.

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