Unexpected Arrivals 35

By Female Heero Yuy

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She stepped out of the carriage. Looking at the grounds for a moment. "Tch...it seems my nephew's yard is in need of tending." she scoffed as she walked up the steps. Everything had been repaired just in time. Perhaps an hour prior to her arrival. Without knocking she stepped into the manor. Checking everything as she walked by. Before she got halfway up the grand staircase, she finally met her nephew.

"Aunt Frances? When did you arrive?" he asked as he was shocked to find her already in the house.

"Moments ago. I see your as unprepared as ever." she swipped her finger across the banister for a moment to check. Nodding in satisfaction to find it clean.

"I apologize, i've just arrived home myself." he lied. "I was out on business."

"Save your excuses." she waved him off. Looking around as though she were suspicious. "Where is your butler? Is he not here?"

"He's here. As I have said we've just arrived home. He's unpacking everything."

"I see." her eyes slanted. "I suppose it's too much to ask for some tea."

"No, no." he sweated. "I'll have him bring some right away." he replied. Already feeling as though things were going to be ruined.


Adrian snuggled against his adoptive mother lovingly. With her he felt safe and secure. Like nothing could go wrong. The security he felt near her was far greater than with his brothers and father. Though he'd never tell them that.

"Adrian...Why are you naked?!" Ciel looked in horror as Adrian laid next to his adoptive mother. She was in her demon form. And curled about him and Michael while sleeping.

"Because it's more comfortable." he replied with a smile.

"...Where's Sebastian?" he asked. Trying to avoid looking at him.

"In the basement. Mother wanted gin." he happily replied from the nest.

"Thanks...AND PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!" he slammed the door as he left.


"Honestly. Don't they have any shame?" he asked himself as he proceeded to the basement. "Sebastian..." his eyes grew wide with shock.

Julious and Sebastian looked back at him confused while holding a few bottles of gin. "Young master?"

"Julious! Make yourself decent!" he covered his eyes in embarrassment.

"Decent? I am decent." he replied as he took another bottle from Sebastian.

"I mean put some clothes on!" he blushed heavily. "My aunt is here!"

"So?" he held five bottles of gin. "What's the problem?" he asked.

Ciel just let out a long stream of curses that were indistinguisable to both demons. Leaving them confused as to what he said.

"Father, the young master is right. You should not be wandering the house in nothing."

Julious pouted. "But i've always wandered my own home in nothing. It's more natural."

"Even so. There is a limit on ones tolerance. I myself have stated to you before that it's inappropriate."

"You must be the only demon who condones cloths." he grabbed another bottle of gin. "Six should be enough to start your mother off."

"Father, six is all she's getting for the day." he locked up the rest of the alcohol. "We cannot simply drink everything in a single day."

"Only six?" he whined. "But that's so...little."

"You'll all survive." he pushed his father towards the door. "Now out. And put something on."

"Stingy!" he stuck his tongue out at his son before leaving. Leaving him to sigh as he rubbed at his temples.


He poured the tea and placed it before the Marchioness. Cutting up some cake that he was going to serve in a moment. Unbeknownst to him, his master and the marchioness was something else walking along the halls past the door of the room they were in.

It was a black crow. Walking along hastily. "Ohh..." it spoke with worry. "Ohh dear..." it looked around. "Michael said it was around here..." it added. The voice distinctly Adrians. Since they had been told that they could not walk around the manor nude in human form. And he did not want to wear cloths. He opted for his demon form. Ensuring he was the size of a normal crow. After walking past a few more doors. He found a room. And his eyes glistened. "Ahhhh..."

"Sebastian, i'll be right back. I'm going to grab those documents I was working on earlier." Ciel stated as he stood up.

"Would you like for me to get them young master?"

"No. It's alright. Just keep aunt Frances company until I return. I won't be long." he stepped out for a moment. The documents in question, being a report he was working on for his company. Once in his office he went to his desk and his eyes grew wide. A moment later he let out a loud angry scream. Making Sebastian race to the office in a panic.

"What happened young master?"

"Ahhhhhh..." Adrian sighed contently before hopping off the desk and walking past Ciel. "That's better."

Sebastian looked where his brother had just come from. And cringed. His brother had apparently needed to use the bathroom. And his young masters important report had become sad bathroom.

"Sebastian..." he growled angrily.

"No need young master. I will speak with him." he sweated. Taking a moment to dispose of the ruined report before grabbing the small crow that had just made it to the door and leaving. Closing the door as he did so. "Oh...I wasn't aware the young master knew such words." he remarked as he heard his master cursing up a storm in his office.

"Sebastian. Put me down. I'm perfectly capable of walking." Adrian complained.

"Indeed." he held him between his hands as he raced back to the nest. Giving him a long lecture on why what he did was wrong as he did so.

"But it was the perfect spot! It even already had paper laid out!"

"Even so. You will use the toilet for such things."

"I'm a crow. We use paper!" he defended.

"Yes. But while in this house you will use the human toilet. Am I clear?"

"Fine." he groaned even as Sebastian let him go.

"Where's mother?"

"I don't know. She was here when I left." he turned back into his humanoid form. Stretching as he did so.

"Oh no..." his eyes grew wide.


Sin laid out on the bed she was on. The new nest had been comfortable. But now she wanted some alone time. Respecting her son's wishes, she'd retained her humanoid form. Reclining against the pillows of the bed and sipping her drink. "Ahhh...this is good." she poured herself another glass of gin. "Humans sure do know how to make some good gin. Far better than the stuff from our world." she drank some more.


Frances walked down the hall. Intending to return to the room where her nephew was after she'd fixed her makeup. The day was rather unusually hot. Even for England. As such her makeup was practically melting off her face. And it would be unseemingly for a lady like herself to wander about without her makeup in order. Opening a door. She stepped in. And blinked several times.

Earning several questionable blinks in return.

Clearly she had made a mistake and entered the wrong room. But she couldn't help to ask "Who are you?"

"I could ask the same of you." Sin replied with a raised brow.

"How dare you."

"Need I remind you, that you entered my quarters without consent. A proper lady would know that when entering someone elses room, they should knock and introduce themselves." she sipped at her gin.

"And a proper lady wouldn't be so indecent as to lay around in nothing." she retorted. "But you are correct. I am the Marchioness Frances Middleford."

"I see." she smirked. So this was the human she'd been hearing so much about for the past few hours, she thought. "Well then Middleford. I shall ask you to leave. Your ruining my alone time."

That made Frances's eye twitch. "I will not leave until I know why such an indecent woman as yourself is in my nephews home."

"I am not indecent." she sat up to get more comfortable. "As for why I am in this house. I live here."

"Do you now?"

"Indeed. My son is in your nephews service. And as such this house is my home."

"Ahhh...so your are Sebastian's mother." she replied. Now that she was getting a good look at her. She could see a resemblence. Clearly Sebastian did not receive his personality from his mother. And she was thankful for that.

"Indeed." she smirked. "And if I must say so, you are rather looking indecent. Your makeup is practically falling off."

"How dare you! I demand to know the name of my insulter!"

"Very well. It is Sin."

'A very fitting name.' she thought, considering the woman was nude and drinking at ten in the morning. "Well Sin. I am applaud by your insults."

"I was not insulting. I was merely stating a fact. Your dress is covered in sweat, and your makeup looks as though a toddler did it."

"Even if I am sweating and my makeup melting as you put it. Atleast I am wearing proper attire."

"Proper attire you say? Ha! A proper woman knows that it is much more healthy to allow her body to breath in it's natural state."


"I'm worried." Ciel sat in his seat. It'd been hours since he'd last seen his aunt. And with a house full of demons, he thought the worst.

Sebastian was pushing a cart with eight bottles of gin, some empty glasses and ice. With the Marchioness missing, he couldn't risk his mother eating her. So he decided to please her with some more of her favorite gin. Going to the room she'd claimed as her own. Knocking, he was told to enter. And as he did so. His eyes went wide with shock.

"Sebastian! How dare you enter a lady's room!" came the rather expected shout.

"Oh it's alright." Sin waved it off. "A proud woman is never ashamed of her body." she drank her drink.

For Sebastian, it was quite a sight to behold. He'd never seen the Marchioness in such a state. But here she was, with his mother. As bare as the day she were born.

"I suppose. But needless to say. I was not expecting to be seen." she used a light sheet to cover herself.

"Oh posh." Sin stretched. "What is it to be and not be seen?"

Taking a moment to calm himself from the shock. He pushed the cart closer to the bed. "I've brought you some more of your favorite gin mother."

That made her squeal as she clasped her hands happily. "Yay!" she grabbed him for a hug. Shoving his face into her breasts. "You make me so proud!" she rubbed his hair.

Frances couldn't help but blush. But even so it was a sight that mad her smile.

"Please do tell...Ciel. That is aunt is rather occupied at the moment." she added as she let him go. "It's lady time."

"Yes mother." he bowed respectfully. "Shall I clean the Marchioness's garments?"

"Please do." Frances grabbed the offered glass.

"Very well." he picked up her clothes and left. Making sure to put a sign on the door that stated do not disturb. It wouldn't do for others to accidentally walk in on the ladies. Especially not during his mother's lady time. Which typically was her sitting around nude and drinking all day. Though he had to say he was impressed. To get the Marchioness to join in in such an act was something he never thought he'd see. He always thought she was too proud to do such a thing. Which was why she had his respect among other various reasons. For his mother to find a friend, and with a human at that was nothing short of a miracle in itself.

And that scared him.


Frances had to say she rather enjoyed Sin's lady time. It was so nice to just lay about and not have to be fully proper as a lady should. It seemed to natural to just lay there drinking and having discussions while in nothing. And Sin was right. It was more healthy to her body. If she'd been in her dress all day, she was fairly certain she'd of been cranky by then. But since she wasn't her body was feeling sort of refreshed.

After putting her attire back on and making herself proper, she stepped our of the room. Waving good bye to her new found friend. She and Sin had many things in common it seemed. Though they did disagree on many things. It didn't seem to sway the friendship. Even as she walked down the hall to see about rejoining her nephew for a bit of light discussion before her departure. She stood idly confused. She saw a door open. And was expecting someone to exit, as would of been natural. But instead, she saw the most peculiar thing.

It was a crow that exited the room. And stranger still. She could swear it was wearing a small towel on it's head as if it had just gotten out of the bath. Even as it walked by as though this was the most normal thing in the world. She pinched herself to see if she were awake. "Perhaps I had a bit too much alcohol today." she proceeded down the hall.

Adrian walked to his mothers room. And sighed contently. "That was a good bath." he seemed to smile. "Though I wish Sebastian would let us walk around the house as we norminally do. It's so much further to walk in my demon form."

"Indeed. But humans have a thing about clothes." Sin remarked.

"I know. So the only alternative is to not be in human form when being naked. How come humans are okay with animals being naked but not themselves?"

"Who knows?" she shrugged. "They are humans after all." she took a long sip of her drink. Humans were strange indeed.


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