Have you ever wondered how Kim mastered sixteen forms of kung-fu in several years? Or how Kim and Ron are able to get rides on military cargo planes, and jet fighters? Or why countries depend on two teenagers to save the world, when it would be so much easier to launch a military strike on the KP villains? Well here is my answer. Ignores Graduation. AU.

The Truth About Kim and Ron

The laboratory was dark, and quiet. Just the way Chief security officer, Kevin Rodsen liked it. The only sounds came from the echoing foot steps and whistled tunes of his fellow security officers as they made their rounds. Rodsen himself was holed up in the monitor room, the overweight forty-six year old, had kicked his feet up on his desk, placed his hands behind his head, while he enjoyed the privacy of being off security tapes.

In other words, Rodsen was asleep. The other guards would often complain about how Rodsen confirmed the stereotypes that security guards were often branded with, but he didn't care. He had seniority, he was in charge. Besides, the lab was protected by a state of the art security system, nothing was getting in to the sensitive, and somewhat unethical research being done here.

Rodsen smiled contentedly as he shifted his large bulk into the chair, never noticing that one by one, his security guards were vanishing from the hallway patrols, not noticing that one by one the fuse boxes, that controlled the laser grids and silent alarms were going off line. Not noticing the pale green skinned woman, and the blue skinned man moving down the hall, right towards him.

Shego smiled, as she lifted a clawed finger to the monitor room's door. That she and Dr. D, had managed to make it this far without setting of the alarms, told her either that: A) there was no one monitoring the cameras, or B) Someone was inside, but not paying attention. Given her experience with security guards, it was most likely the latter.

Too bad this wasn't a real challenge. Shego had thought that since the Little Diablo incident, that labs would start beefing up security. Shego shrugged as she sent a small burst of heated plasma into the door's lock. Money was money, and Dr. Drakken always paid up, not always on time, mind you, but he still paid.

The door swung open. The small shot of plasma had cut through the bolt, rendering the lock useless. Again Shego smiled as she heard the faint sounds of snoring, coming from the room. Every lab had the lazy monitor; they just made these jobs too easy. Slowly Shego entered the darkened room, the only light coming from the faintly glowing TV monitors. With cat like stealth, Shego moved into the room, and slowly removed the security man's access card from his breast pocket.

Dr. Drakken smiled, as Shego applied pressure onto a nerve cluster, paralyzing the sleeping man for an hour or so. More then enough time for him to grab the newly developed Cybonic-Bio Enhancer. Now that the sleeping man was out cold Shego quickly sent bolts of plasma into the recording devices, effectively destroying any evidence that they were here.

"Come Shego, the Cybonic-Bio Enhancer awaits us!" Drakken gloated, "with this new device I will finally have a fool proof plan to take over the world!"

"Yeah, remind me again why we need the Cydorkic-Bio… Thingy anyway?"

It infuriated Drakken that his ill-tempered sidekick could be so flippant about his wonderful plans. Sure Kim Possible would often foil them, and her buffoonish sidekick, What's-His-Name cost him a fortune in new lairs, but he was due for a win, right?

Sighing ill-patiently Drakken decided to go through his most brilliant plan, once again.

"With the Cybonic-Bio Enhancer, once I modify it too bind to my syntho-goo instead of living tissue. I will be able to upgrade my syntho-drones with the new and improved syntho-goo. This goo's cybernetic neural system will receive several biological characteristic and upgrades, such as a strength boost, and quicker reflexes. The biggest one is that the drone's goo will receive enhanced plates, that will quickly heal any cut. So instead of melting, they will be able to keep fighting."

Shego shrugged at Drakken's ranting. She had heard it all before. Already she was

thinking of several ways Kimie could foil Operation 'Doomed to Fail Horribly.'

"Well this is gonna end badly Dr. D. Tell me should I add another notch into the 'you lose' column, or do you want to wait until the Princess foils the plot?"

With that Shego turned back down the darkened hallway, making her way to the prize, her employer so desperately sought. Leaving him to stay there gloating, until Kim got there, or to catch up. Secretly she hoped he would wait there to get caught, she needed a long vacation anyway.

Shego's hopes were dashed, when she heard Drakken's hasty foot steps, and loud whining catch up to her.

"Nghhhh, Shego, what have I told you about hurting with our words?"

Shego smirked at her boss, as he sulked. It was just too easy to push his buttons. The rest of the walk, down the barren hallways was silent. Shego's emerald eyes searched every doorway, every empty room, looking for any signs of movement, any sign of trouble. She was a professional after all. She prided herself on her stealth.

Drakken on the other hand was the complete opposite. His boots struck the ground heavily, the sound echoed throughout the halls. While his eyes were glazed over as he plotted out his 'brilliant' world conquest, or maybe he was dreaming about coco-moo, or peanut-butter stickies, Shego could never tell, he was whacked in her opinion.

Finally they reached the vault doors, where the Cybonic-Bio Enhancer lay. The solid metal doors took up much of the barren, grey walls. Quickly Shego slid the Chief Guards access card into the receptacle. The lights of the panel flashed green, and the doors slowly slid open.

The large vault was filled with cabinets containing sensitive research, strange devices, created for all kinds of measurements. Strange fluid like substances rested on metal shelving, and in the middle of the large vault, was the object of Drakken's desires. Resting on a podium in the middle of the room was a light blue, slightly pulsing liquid.

Shego slowly stepped into the vault, her head swiveling about, checking every nook and cranny. Nothing. Even then, Shego never let her guard down, as her boss, strode confidently up to the podium and reached out a small gloved hand to claim his prize, while Shego continued to glance around the obliviously empty room.

Noticing Shego's unease, made Drakken nervous. His sidekick was always cool and calm during these sort of missions. Well as cool and as calm, as you could get with a bad temper, and attitude problem.

"What's the matter Shego? You seem nervous."

Shego looked over her shoulder. "You said that thing can bind itself too living tissue, I'm just making sure that Kimmie's pet Buffoon don't show up and accidentally knock it over.

I don't want that stuff on me."

"Kim Possible doesn't even know we're here, and her computer nerd, can't find us because you destroyed the tapes. Besides this is perfectly safe, even if it does bind to your nervous system, it only takes a slight sonic pulse to remove it."

The reassurances of the self proclaimed mad scientist, did nothing to calm her.

Carefully, Drakken reached out his hand again, and grasped the slightly pulsing beaker. Lifting it up from its podium, Drakken could not help himself, as a shiver of joy, tingled down his spine. His contacts had been right as always.

With Drakken's prize safe in his hands, he let out his trademark evil laugh, and went it to full rant mode.

"Mwhahahahahaha, now with the Cybonic-Bio Enhancer in my grasp, their will be no stopping my never ending hordes of syntho-drones! First I will conquer Canada, then the States, and finally the world! Mwhahahahahaha!"

So intent on his rant he never noticed Shego leave the vault, nor did he notice the small, cylinder shaped object thrown at him, until it landed at his feet.

"What the fu…?" Was all Drakken was able to get out, before the object exploded with a brilliant flash, and a deafening bang.

Blood pounded in Drakken's ears, as he stumbled blindly about. The liquid in his hands quite forgotten as he let it drop. The ringing in his ears started to ease up, and the pain in his eyes vanished as he blinked rapidly. Turning around he only managed to get a glimpse of a figure, clad in BDU, and a balaclava, before the figure slammed a rifle butt into the back of his head.

The ringing in his ears returned with a vengeance, as Drakken fell limp to the floor. Distantly he could feel his hands being roughly grabbed by small, heavily, gloved hands and bound tightly, with flexi cuffs. Slowly his vision narrowed, and he mercifully collapsed into the sweet, unfeeling blackness of unconsciousness.

Slowly, the room faded back into clarity. Drakken unfortunately, returned to the walking world, with a volley of puke.

"Ach, that's just great, Drakken puke on mah kilt."

Drakken knew that voice.

"Vhat are you complaining about, dumkoff. Vhen you avoke you PUKED ON MY BOOTS!"

Drakken knew that voice, as well.

Slowly he opened his eyes and glanced around. The first thing he noticed was that he was shackled to a chair. Both his hands, and his feet were locked tightly in handcuffs and shackles. The uncomfortable chair itself was bolted, to the ground. A large steel table stood in the middle of the small dimly lit room, while a ceiling fan, span slowly around.

Turning his head around, Drakken saw his cellmates. Duff Killigan, was like wise chained to an unmoving chair. A small puddle of puke dripped from his plaid kilt.

Killigan's face was a mixture of anger and disgust, as he glared at Drakken.

Beside Killigan, also chained and shackled, was a very angry Professor Dementor. His helmet had been removed, showing off a head of dirty, and messy brown hair, small ears, and a crooked nose. His dark red coat, was wrinkled and covered in sweat stains. His blearily eyes, poor state of dress, and lack of hygiene showed that he had been here for a couple of days at least.

"Vell now at least I have someone of moderate intelligence TO DISCUSS OUR SITUATION VITH!"

Drakken immediately shut his eyes, in an attempt to stop the pain that shot through his head. "Do you always have to yell you moron?"

"I just can't help it. It's the vay my mother raised me. Speaking of vhich I hope I get mein phone call, she alvays gets upset vhen I don't jingle."

"Don't be daff man." Killigan broke into their conversation, "Do yah really expect to get a phone call?"

Both Drakken and Dementor turned to look at the middle man.

"Vhat do you mean, Killigan? Vhy vouldn't ve get our phone call? Ve have been arrested, ja?"

Drakken nodded his head in agreement. "They have to give us our phone call, and our attorneys. And when Hank Perkins hears how I've been treated, he will sue them for everything they've got!"

"Vait a minute, vait a minute, Herr Perkins is your attorney as vell? He never told me this. I vas of the thinking that you had HIM AS AN TEMP!"

Drakken shrugged. "I did originally hire him as an evil temp. But then he got me that sweet deal with the DA, only a few years in a minimum security prison. I was out of there with in a few days thanks to Shego."

"Oh ja? Just vhere is the Fraulein? I've noticed that zhey brought you in by yourself."

"I was? Hmmm, maybe she managed to escape. If I can just get my phone call…"

"Are yah not listenin' laddie? We ain't gettin' a phone call. These are not regular bobbies. Ah severally doubt that we would be arrested like that."

"How were you arrested Killigan?" Drakken couldn't help it; he wanted to know how the others had arrived.

Killigan closed his eyes for a moment before answering. "Ah was in mah castle, polishing mah clubs, in preparation for a golfin' tournament Ah was goin' to try and hold ransom. Next thing Ah know, one of mah windows shatters, and some large soldier boy, with an AK, throws me to the ground and ties me up. No warrant, no warnin', no nothin'. Ah demand mah rights, an' he smacks me with the butt o' his rifle. Ah wake up an' Ah'm sittin' by this idiot."

"Vatch who you are calling an idiot, you vhinny Englander!"

"Ah ain't English, yah kraut bastard! Ah'm Scottish!"



"Knock it off the both of you! You're acting like children!"

"Oh you're one teh talk, laddie buck!" Killigan shot at Drakken, "Ah've seen yah actin' like a little baby around that lass of yours."

Drakken decided to let that go. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere arguing with the Scotsman. "How about you Dementor? How did you get here?"

There was a jingling of chains, as Dementor shifted uneasily in his chair. "It vas three days ago. I vas in my lair, planning another doomsday device povered, by the Pan-Dimensional-Vortex-Inducer, quite an accomplishment I must say, the ray gun was designed to open a vorm hole anyvhere on the map. The vorld vould have fallen so easily to me PROFESSOR…"

Before Dementor could go on ranting Drakken cut him off. "Okay! Okay! We get it. Get on with the story would you!"

"Oh, ja. Sorry about zhat. Vhere vas I? Ah, vell zhen suddenly the lights of mein lair vent out, I tried to calling out to mein henchmen, but zhey didn't answer. Suddenly zhere vas a blinding flash and a large pain to the back of my head. Vhen I voke up, I vas here in zhese chains."

Drakken was silent for a moment as he pondered these developments. His two cellmates watched him, as the moments slowly ticked by. "What about you laddie? How'd they get you?"

Drakken thought back to… earlier that day? Yesterday? He had no idea. "I had gotten word from one of my contacts, that a military research lab had developed a cybernetic bio enhancer fluid. I had planned on stealing it and then modifying the nanobots contained in the solution to adept to my syntho-goo. Everything had gone as planned, Shego had even erased the security footage, so that by the time, Kim Possible's computer nerd had found out about the robbery, it would be too late.

"We had entered the vault everything was going as planned, no personal could be seen, and Shego had taken them out before hand. I picked up the vial, when I was blinded and deafened by a flash, and a loud bang."

"Did yah see anythin' else, anythin' unusual?"

Drakken thought for a moment. "Yeah actually I did. Shego was acting really nervous. Almost like she was excited… you don't think?"

"That she betrayed you? I'm sorry that I have to be the one to break it to you, Lipsky, but she did." A new voice answered.

The large steel door pushed open as two figures, one short, the other several inches taller, walked in.

The short one was a woman in her mid-twenties standing only around five-nine. She had long red hair, tied up neatly into a bun at the top of her head; hard green eyes stared at them, as though judging them, weighing their souls. In her gloved hands she carried three large folders. She wore a light Kevlar vest over top a desert digi-camo BDU. The three's eyes however were dragged to the M4 assault rifle strapped to her back, and the pistol strapped to the back of her thigh. She was attractive, but dangerous. A black widow.

The woman's partner was a man of a slight build, and of medium height, around six-feet. His hair was tucked beneath a helmet; while brown eyes bored into the three chained men, as though daring them to attempt anything. A heavy Kevlar vest covered a BDU of a tiger stripe pattern of greens, browns and black. Unlike his partner though he carried his Kalashnikov-74, cradled in his arms while the stock of a Dragunov sniper rifle could be seen poking over his shoulder. Like his partner, his service pistol was strapped to his thigh.

The three men, Killigan, Drakken, and Dementor, watched in silence as the woman sat at the table in front of them, while the man leaned into a corner. It seemed neither the man nor the woman were interested in conversation, as the woman flipped absently through one of the folders while the men adjusted the sighting on his rifle. But there was something familiar about the woman, something that none of them could put their fingers on.

Finally Drakken spoke up. "Ah, miss…" Nothing, the woman ignored the blue skinned mad doctor. "Ah excuse me sir…" The man ignored him too, seemingly more interested in the sighting of his AK then the villain.

Killigan, being the short fused Scot that he was, exploded like one of his trade mark golf balls. "Alright lassie! Ah want tah know where we are, who yah are and why we're here!"

The woman glanced up at the angry Scotsman. "Duff Killigan: Age: thirty-five, Weight: one-hundred ninety three pounds. Born in Glasgow Scotland. Won over a dozen golfing tournaments before being banned from play for…un-sportsman like conduct. Went underground, for three years before attempting to blow up over a dozen golf courses. Arrested by Global Justice before being able to carry out the plot. Now wanted in close to a dozen countries for terrorism, arm possession, disregard for human life, and vandalism."

Killigan's face was one of disbelief. His entire criminal career right from the beginning to now was there. Even the stuff that he tried to keep quiet.

The woman went on, this time turning to Dementor. "Professor Hans Demenz, AKA Professor Dementor. Age: Thirty-seven. Weight: One-hundred-ninety pounds. Born in Munich Germany. Graduated from the Humboldt University of Berlin with a PHD in Chemistry and Physics. Went rogue after being teased relentlessly of your height, temper, and Napoleon complex. Wanted by well over a dozen countries for armed robbery, attempted coups, extortion, and treason."

Like Killigan before him, Dementor's jaw dropped, as the woman calmly spoke of his achievements as though they were beneath her notice.

The red haired woman turned to Drakken, this time, a smirk playing on her lips. "Finally we have Andrew Theodore P. Lipsky, AKA: Dr Drakken. Age: Forty six. Weight: One hundred and seventy-seven pounds. Born in Middleton Colorado, dropped out of collage do to the teasing of your peers, you vanished and went underground, building and selling weapons for over a dozen years. These funds helped jumpstart your villain career, when you turned thirty-seven. During this time, you created a rivalry with Demenz, and met your assistant, Shelia Gogh, AKA: Shego. You are wanted in over a dozen countries for multiple accounts of armed robbery, assault, breaking and entering, extortion, and several attempted coups of sovereign governments."

The man in the corner never looked up, but snorted several times as the man's many failures were read off. Drakken was furious; his life time achievements were being mocked by this, this, buffoon.

"Alright lady, enough with the games! And you in the corner shut up. I'd like to see try and take over the world with Kim Possible always sticking her nose…" That's when it hit him, he knew the woman.


The man in the corner spoke up; his heavy sounding English and Russian accent making him seem so much more threatening. "Close, very close Lipsky. Her name es actually Kim Possible."

Kim smiled as she saw the looks of shock pass over the three prisoner's faces. She leaned back as the stunned silence filled the room.

"Zhere is no way you can be Fraulein Possible! She is seventeen years old! A teenager! You are older at least in your mid-twenties!"

The two guards roared with laughter. "I told you Lieutenant, looks likes you owe me a drink later."

Kim looked up at the man fondly. The prisoners could see the enormous affection; she had for the strange man. "Don't worry Roman; you will get you vodka on me."


Kim turned back to Dementor. "Demenz, you're a genius, think about it. Think of all that I've done."

Dementor went quite as he thought about what she had said. Duff Killigan had been quiet for several minutes, readily believing what the woman had said, already having put it together.

Drakken however, snorted loudly. "Nice try, but you're not fooling me."

Kim sighed as she shared a look with Roman. "You want to explain it to him or should I?"

The man shook his head. "Don't worry KP I've got it."

Roman turned to Drakken. "Kim Possible, as you know, es a black belt in sixteen forms of kung-fu. Considering that et takes anywhere from a year or two to earn a black belt, she would have to do nothing but training, since she was six years old, and even then Kim would be two or three forms behind.

"You also seem to forget were we've been. Do you honestly believe that military cargo planes, and fighter jets, would allow us to catch rides with them just because they owed Kim a favour? Or that countries, like Cambodia, and Burma, would allow ordinary citizens into their countries?"

Kim nodded as Drakken began to ponder these facts. She continued where Roman left off. "Or did you believe that child services wouldn't come down on somebody who allowed their child to travel around the world, fighting bad guys and saving the world? That's child endangerment.

"And even if all that isn't true, do you honestly believe that countries would relay on a teenaged girl, when it would be so much more reliable just to hit your lairs with a cruise missile? Or an artillery barrage? Or just a plain and simple sniper team to pick you off?"

That got him. Drakken's mouth fell open, he should have known. As a threat to world security he should have been dead over a dozen times, but he was still alive. Why? It didn't make any sense.

Kim saw his look, and smiled. "So I was never really close to taking over the world?"

Kim shook her head. "You came close once. The Little Diablos. Me and Stopblaski here, well you know him better as Ron Stoppable-"


Kim and the man in the corner shared a look. Not this again. "You know Ron Stoppable, my partner?"

The three man looked at her in confusion. Kim and Roman sighed. Standing straight Roman tapped his belt twice. His pants dropped to the floor.

"Oh him."

"Aye, Ah thought recognized the laddie."

"Ja, now that you mention it he looks familiar"

Kim rolled her eyes as Roman pulled his pants up. "Anyway, our orders were if we couldn't stop you, we were to kill you. Simple as that."

The three men's eyes widened in suspire. Kim Possible didn't kill. She was a hero, heroes don't kill people. They always found another way.

"Who are you people? What are you talking about orders, and killing people. How did you manage to fool everyone of your age?" Drakken was panting heavily. The other two prisoners nodded.

Kim and Roman shared another look, one that asked if they should go on, if they should tell the condemned men what Kim and Roman were apart of. Roman answered with a nod of his head. Kim returned the nod as she turned to the prisoners

"The world is changing, as it always has. But it's not changing for the better. Rebels in Africa are killing innocent people, while arm-dealers and diamond smugglers are profiting off the bloodshed. Petty dictators suppress their people, while increasing their wealth by selling weapons to terrorists."

Roman broke in. "They sell to the Chechens Rebels en Russia. To Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other insurgents en the Middle-East. They sell to them to militants and separatists en the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region en China. Drug Lords en Columbia, and other South-American purchase weapons, and ammunition to keep their plantations guarded and profitable. En other words the world has gone to shit."

Kim shook her head. "There are men in governments ignoring this, trying to imagine that all is fine, that all will be fine, while others allow despicable things to happen in the name of profit and free enterprise." Kim fell silent for a minute, allowing memories to wash over her. "We have tried dealing with these petty tyrants, with these dictators, and other vile people. Computer guided bombs, artillery strikes, sometimes a just a bullet planted between their shoulder blades. They all get the same result. Six months of peace before someone else moves in.

"Their weeds, they always come back. Unless you take out the root of the problem. Instead of removing the vine, you kill the root. The ones who supply them with their weapons. The ones who sell their diamonds, and other valuables. To kill the snake, you don't remove the head, you cut the body off. You cut the bastards from their support."

Kim's eyes hardened. "This is where you guys come in. Who better to have contacts with in the underworld, then men trying to take over the world? You need lairs in countries that play loose with international law, specialized equipment, funds, henchmen, all sorts of things you can't require legally.

"Demenz, you were our link to HenchCo. Thanks to you, we were able to identify Jack Hench, as the notorious arms-dealer and the Private Mercenary Company Commander: The King Cobra. Killigan, you helped supply us with numerous names of diamond smugglers, arms dealers, from all over the world. While you Drakken, led us to find several corrupt governments, and aids, hell, even secretaries and ministers with in the United States Government.

"But, the UN, NATO, the EU, would have ignored this. Satisfied to trim the weeds once in a great while, but it wasn't really solving anything. The nations of the Security Council felt that it was fine to bicker, and argue about what needed to be done."

Kim let this sink in for a moment. The would-be world rulers and the golfing terrorist were silent, their accomplishments, and their plans, were nothing more then bait to catch the real criminals.

"It wasn't until a good friend, and financial backer of the British and American ambassadors, used his influence to arrange a meeting with the Security Council to discuss this problem. The man had actually lost his wife, when Somalian pirates attacked a cruise ship, leaving him and his only son devastated. The man approached the UN with a plan to deal with these dictators, rebels, pirates, and terrorists. With the number of Super Villains on the rise, they were going to need equipment, supplies, lairs."

"Who vas dis backer, who planned zhis out? Vhen I find him I WILL MAKE HIM PAY!"

"The backer was actually Senor Senior Senior."

"VHAT! Zhat is impossible; he is a villain like us."

Kim laughed. "No, that was his cover. He wanted to be in on it too, but Barkin forbade him. So to get back at the Lt. Col. Roman here suggested that he could turn his island into a training ground. Buying up illegal tech, and securing his island just in case anyone

found out about Senior playing with the good guys. He even had Shelia train Junior to defend himself, and to make sure, me and Roman were staying on our toes."

Kim paused for a moment, while Roman continued. "Et was Senior's idea, have two teams, one undercover, to keep you from succeeding en your plans. Who better to do that than a teenaged heroine and her goofy sidekick? No one would suspect them of being military commandos. While the other team sought out your contacts. Et was surprising that the only ambassador to agree to this plan was the French. The others all made excuses about costs, and who would be in charge. Senior finally sealed the deal when he told the Security Council that he would pay for the cost of the two teams, supply the necessary equipment, and provide the man in charge of the whole enchilada."

Noticing the looks of disbelief on her prisoner's faces, Kim smirked. "It's actually not that difficult to make someone who's twenty look fourteen. Especially when they don't have…" Kim held out her hands a little ways from her breasts for emphasis. The three chained men snickered, as Kim shot them an ill tempered glare, before continuing.

"Anyway Senior finally decided on one Lieutenant Colonel Barkin, to lead and chose the team mates. From the States he chose six CIA agents, a Ranger, and me. From Russia, he picked Roman here, and seven other soldiers from a previously selected list of twelve Spetsnaz GRU. The UK loaned two MI6 intelligence agents including Dr. Wade Load."

Noticing the confused looks, Kim quickly explained that Wade had immigrated to Britain when he was nine. MI6 then recruited him after he had hacked into their database.

"China was the most stubborn; they would only allow their liaison to GJ to become involved, Wilung Du."

"Ach, yah mean that arrogant little pansy, yah had with yah, when we firs' met?"

Kim nodded in confirmation. "Anyway, Barkin with his teaching degree, joined Middleton High School as a Vice-principal, I moved back in with my parents, Roman Ivanovich Stopblaski became Ronald Stoppable. We would use the detentions that Barkin gave us, to brief and debrief…"

"Barkin never liked me. Something about a funny look I gave him en Beirut."

"While Captain Shelia Gogh gave us info on you, Lipsky."

The three prisoners sat in stunned silence. Everything had been planned, and they had acted their part. Allowing these, these, Do-gooders, to get slowly pick apart their vast networks of contacts, spies, and suppliers. Lipsky sobbed quietly. He had cared for Shego, or Shelia, as much as she got on his nerves with her sarcastic remarks, and cynical attitude. He had believed that she had generally cared for him too, but to learn it was all an act…

The other two prisoners watched in pity as Lipsky's shoulders shuddered. They had respected the glamorous henchwoman for her apparent ruthlessness.

"So vere the fights between you and Fraulein Gogh faked?" Demenz asked his captor.

The two soldiers laughed. "No. Those fights were real, they had to be. One of the reasons why Barkin selected me and Gogh was because we hated each other."

"Really? Ah always thought there was somethin' between teh two of yah."

The stainless steel door burst open as Captain Sheila Gogh pushed angrily into the room. The two mad scientists and the mad golfer couldn't believe that this woman was once Shego. Her long raven black hair, was cut shorter then they remembered, and done up tightly into a bun. Her pale green skin was gone, showing of a light tanned face. Instead of the normal green and black, jump suite, Shelia, like Kim, wore a desert digi-camo BDU, and a light Kevlar vest, a M4 was strapped across her back, and her service pistol was holstered on her shoulder.

Without so much as a glance at Kim, Roman, or Lipsky, Sheila marched up to Killigan, and punched him across the mouth. Killigan's head snapped to the side, as spittle, blood, and even a tooth flew from his mouth.

"Oh yeah, I'm attracted to that flat-chest little boy alright. That's why I try to kill her any chance I get, right Pumpkin?"

Kim glared at the snickering form of Roman. With that being said Shelia punched Killigan again, and marched out.

"Remind me never to get on her bad side." Roman said aloud, to no one in particular. "I had enough of Gogh, and Kim trying to kill me with the Moodulator incident."

Kim smiled at that particular mission. When she actually found that she did have a crush on the goofy Spetsnaz GRU officer.

"That's something I want to know. What happened to Cyrus Bortel? He seemed to have vanished after the incident with the Moodulators?" Drakken asked the sobs still noticeable in his wavering voice.

Kim shot another glare at Roman, who nervously rubbed the back of his neck with a gloved hand. "When I sent my report to my superiors' en Moscow, they demanded that Dr. Bortel be… removed… and any research turned over to them. I took the research, and 'removed' the good doctor."

The three men visibly paled as they glanced at the Dragunov. Roman caught their looks and shook his head in amusement. "Nyet, nyet. He es not dead, da. I only eliminate people who have become problems for innocent people. I…ah… had Wade falsify his records. He es enjoying a single cell en a maximum security prison right now."

Roman's eyes hardened as he continued. "Don't be fooled though. I have eliminated several of your villainous comrades, under orders of Barkin of course."

The three men gulped, as they looked at him expectantly. Roman held up several fingers. "Fiske's servant Bates, Fukushima, Chester Yapsby, and The Mathter, after Mr. Stoppable defeated him."

Kim nodded. "Those men were insane, and would only allow more destruction and harm to innocent civilians. Not to mention they supplied their own equipment. There was no value in keeping them alive."

"Have… have you killed anyone lassie?"

"Several, under Lt. Colonel Barkin's orders."


Kim sighed; she knew this part of the conversation was going to happen. "Adrena Lynn, Several members of the terrorist group Knights of Rodigan, Jackie Oakes, Aviarus, and Electronique. Again people who willfully endangered innocent people. Plus they couldn't really help our investigation either."

"Vhat about DNAmy, vhy is she no here?"

"Yamanouchi dealt with her after she kidnapped their Master Sensei. She really is nothing more then a fine pelt rug now." Kim shrugged nonchalantly.

The three men shuddered again. How easily she spoke of killing. It was clear to them that Kim was the soldier she said she was. But there were still several things that didn't add up.

"Vhat about you and the sidekick? I thought that you HAD BEEN FRIENDS SINCE PRESCHOOL!" Demenz calmed down for a moment. "So how could that be if he's an Ivan? You were half way across the world."

Kim looked down for a moment, as unpleasant memories, washed over her. "That was not a lie. Ronald Stoppable was indeed my best friend until he was killed. Ron and his family were on a vacation to Israel. A suicide bomber targeted the café where they were eating. A piece of brick, smashed into his head, killing him instantly.

"That's part of the reason why I joined the Marine Force Recon, and why I volunteered for this assignment."

"The Stoppables are related to me, Dean Stoppable es my older cousin. He understands why we have to do this. He understood why I had to take his son's name. He understands that no parent should have to bury their child. To take this assignment I had to take several weeks of accent coaching, and even then I still screw up words. But it was worth it, I think having me there helped them heal, and little Hannah will certainly take up where I left off. Although I was a little put out when I had to take the attic room."

"A little put out, Roman?"

Roman shrugged, as he smiled a goofy smile that reminded her so much of the original Ron. They were both, goofy, sweet, and loyal. She smiled at their affection for Tex-Mex food from Buenos Nacho, and their similar table manners.

"What about when the Buffoon turned evil? What happened there?"

Both Kim and Roman's faces turned grim. Kim looked at Roman, as he nodded his consent to tell the story.

"We had infiltrated the HenchCo Villain convention to try and get into contact with Shelia, about several large orders you had placed. Unfortunately you were using the experimental Attitudinator. We couldn't allow that, if you became too evil, we knew that it would endanger innocent lives. Of course with you in such a close we couldn't afford to break her cover."

Roman nodded in agreement with her as he took up the story. "Anyway you know what happened. When Kim informed Barkin of what happened, he gave her three days to find away to fix it, or Shelia, or Kim would have to kill me, we couldn't afford one of us going rouge." Roman smirked at Drakken, "that es also why Shelia ditched you, so she could keep an eye on me in case I did anything drastic."

"Aye, and what about tha' disgustin' hairless rat o' yours laddie?"

Roman shot a glare at Killigan, as a small pink rodent, climbed quickly out of one of

Roman's cargo pockets, and perched on his shoulder. The naked mole rat joined his human in glaring down at the mad Scotsman.

"His name es Rufus, and he es a naked mole rat, both him and me would appreciate it, if you didn't diss the Rufus."

The angry pink rodent, made his displeasure known well as he squeaked and chattered, shaking a small fist. Roman patted him on the head. "Easy, easy Rufusika, there es no need for such language."

Roman turned back to the three men. "Rufus belonged to Ron, but was turned over to Kim's care when Ron was killed. I met him seven years later and we just bonded, I guess et was our love of Buenos Nacho." Both Rufus and Roman smiled dreamily, "I will miss them both when I return to Mother Russia."

Kim looked disheartened at the mere thought of Roman returning to Russia. "You know Lipsky, I have to thank you. If it wasn't for Erik and your taking over the world Diablo plot I would have never noticed Roman."

Lipsky's jaw dropped as he remembered that he had designed Erik to look and act like a sixteen year old male. Not to mention, that he had seen Kim with another teenaged boy, when he had infected her with the vanishing pollen. Kim for her part merely smiled at his flabbergasted expression.

"I was sixteen again and was told to keep my cover no matter what. Besides do you know how hard it is to find a man when they know you could roundhouse kick them out a window? Or snap their neck like a twig? It was just a little bit of enjoyment I got out of this assignment, where I could forget that I was Lieutenant Kim Possible of the Marine Force Recon, and I could be just Kim again."

"Und das super suit?" Demenz had shown much interest in the advanced technology.

"Experimental body armour, developed by the British. It needed a live fire test to find any bugs in the neural system, and self healing nanites. Wade had to call in over a dozen favours in order to get that technology. Fortunately, we discovered many of the flaws, unfortunately, there were so many that the Brits scraped the project."

Demenz seemed to deflate at the news. Roman noticed this. "Don't get any ideas professor. We are no longer tolerating your activities. You are all going away for a long time and if you try to escape this, we will have no choice but to kill you."

Kim nodded. "You know its partly thanks to you. Now maybe the world will change for the better, now that the parasites feeding of the war and bloodshed, can be dealt with. The rebels, terrorists, insurgents, militants will loose their weapons and their funds, and give us a chance to build a new future, a better future. One where a girl will not have to face rape and murder because her grandfather's father committed a crime against another tribe. One where a man won't be killed because he is of Jewish decent.

"Where you failed at conquering the world, you will have succeeded in helping give this world a chance to work for the better." Kim's smile was one of irony, "To bad you'll never get out of prison to see it."

With that the two soldiers left the interrogation room, leaving the three men to their fate. Boot strikes echoed in the empty hall as 1st Lieutenant Kim Possible, and Junior Lieutenant Roman Stopblaski made their way to the briefing hall, for their final debrief. Both their shoulders sagged; as though the effects of a long hard day finally caught up to them.

Kim suddenly grabbed Roman and pushed him up against the hall's cement wall. Before he could ask her why, she pressed her soft lips to his, in a passionate, love filled kiss. Roman's rifle fell on its strap as he let go and brought his arms around her, pulling Kim closer to him.

The need for air soon separated the two. Her bright emerald green eyes stared into his warm brown ones.

"Do you really have to go?" Kim asked him

Roman's expression changed from one of joyous bliss to a look of forlorn "Da, moy lyoubf. Mother Russia still needs me, at least for another year." He smiled suddenly, "I will return, Kimika. This country has been good to me. Maybe I will open that restaurant I have been planning. Just promise you'll wait for me."

Kim smiled in joy as his fingers traced her face. "Of course I will wait for you. Now stop talking, we have three days of leave and this is how I plan to spend them." With that Kim shared another passionate kiss. A kiss filled with the promise, that he would enjoy their small amount of leave, before they parted.

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