This was written for a variety of reasons. Number one, I just got engaged to Vaughn in the game. Number two, I was playing after school, and I showed Vaughn to all of my friends as my new husband, and they all started calling him 'Mysterious Hat Guy'. Hilarity ensued.

Finished while listening to: "Smoothie King"- Bowling For Soup

Disclaimer: I don't own Vaughn, Mirabelle, or Harvest Moon. I'm not even sure I own the character. O__o It's kind of confusing. I do however own the lack of sleep I got from finishing this. Night...

I will never, ever forget the day I met Vaughn. I am absolutely sure of that.

I knew the guy had come by my tiny farmhouse earlier on, to introduce himself, but I never really bothered to pay attention. At that point, at least ten people had, and it was always the standard introducing themselves, nothing different or unique about any of 'em, so as he spoke, eventually, I just started tuning them out. And that was what I did with Vaughns case.

Even though he spent a solid ten minutes drabbling on and on, I never listened. By the time he ended I knew just as little about him as I did when he began speaking.

I mentally cursed the possible events of the day, though. pOnce again, one of my chickens had gotten sick. This time it was Spartan, yesterday, it had been Xerxes, and the day before, Persian. I'd been trying, honestly. Just, between farming and making money, and also taking care of your animals. It was tough work, and I'd only been there for fifteen days.

After opening the door and entering the Animal Store, I recognized him as that person that talked to me earlier. What was his name? Don? No... As I walked up to the counter, I spoke to Mirabelle, and, unusually, Mirabelle said, "So, you've met Vaughn, have you?", Smiling like she always did.

Blinking was my first and foremost action. "Who?" Asking was my next action.

"Vaughn, dear." Mirabelle replied, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "He told me he came and introduced himself this morning." She explained.

I mentally cursed myself, and made a further mental note to remember to listen for the name, at least, next time. But, I was so caught up in my thoughts, I hadn't heard what Mirabelle said, about the name 'Vaughn' either time, and that was another mistake. Curse my short attention span.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, and Mirabelle repeated what she had said, but I had to sneeze. After unsuccessful times, trying to figure out the name of this silver-haired male, I gave up. And from there on out, I switched to my default name for him.

The first words I said to him were very memorable, as well.

"Helloooo, Mysterious Hat Guy!"

Who knew I'd be saying that to my future husband? Heh... Memories.