A Little Longer

She's not sure what possesses her do it. She must be out of her mind because this is the last thing she should be doing. It's the last thing either of them should be doing but it feels too damn good to stop and there's nothing to left to get between them now. There's nothing to hold her back.

She nibbles some more on Mal's ear and lets her hand wander further down his back to rest on his butt. She can feel his desire for her in the way his muscles go taut and smiling, removes her teeth from his skin to whisper, "relax."

He shivers but her voice seems to have a calming effect on him. He offers a sheepish grin and a shrug, an almost apology for his hesitation. He shifts closer to her when she moves her hand up to tangle it in his hair.

Smirking very slightly, she captures his lips with her own and moans into his mouth as he responds. Her hands grip the collar of his rusty brown coat and she soon disposes of it, pushing it off his shoulders and letting it fall to the ground with a thud that sounds louder than it actually is.

His eyes widen slightly and he steps back away from her. "Inara?" he murmurs.

She stares back at him, quietly seeking in his face something to show how much he wants this. She finds what she's searching for. His eyes are dark with lust and his tongue darts out to run over his lips. He reaches for her and grasps her arm lightly.

"Mal," she begins. Her tone is low and hoarse. She's about to go on and tell him she wants this as much as she knows he does when there's a burst of static and Wash's voice crackles over the comm system.

"Best get up here, Cap'n," Wash says. "Looks to be trouble up ahead."

She sighs loudly and watches as Mal extends his hand and presses the button to reply, leaving her arm cold from the loss of skin contact. "I'll be right there," he informs Wash, all the while staring into her eyes solemnly. He removes his finger from the comm panel and shoves his thumb in between the fabric of his pants and his waist, hooking it there.

His gaze drops to the floor and then he quickly looks back up. "I'd, uh, best get to that," he says meekly. "I'd stay, I mean I want to stay, but it sounds like there's somethin'..."

"Go," she replies. "I understand."

He nods and grimaces slightly over his shoulder as he heads for the ladder leading out of his bunk. He pauses halfway up the ladder and pierces her with a look. "We'll continue this later, maybehaps?" he asks, attempting to not sound desperate.

A smile tugs at her lips. "Indeed."

"Right then," he flashes her a grin and then disappears from her line of sight.

She sighs again and deflates, slumping gracelessly onto his bunk. So close and yet... Later.

She can stand to wait a little longer.