Lying Too Much

"Jack! What did I tell you about lying?" Mac said sharply. He threw an irritated glance at his so-called friend and slapped his hands onto his waist.

Jack grinned sheepishly back at him from behind the poorly put-together disguise of an old lady that he was wearing. He shrugged. Smiled.

MacGyver rolled his eyes and answered his own question. "There is such a thing as lying too much. It'll get you in more trouble than you can deal with one day and one day I won't be there to rescue your stubborn ass."

Smirking, Jack tilted his head forwards the edge of his wide-brimmed straw hat clenched between his index finger and thumb. "Right you are, Mac."

He took the bait. "So why do you keep on doing it? You had us all convinced you were dead. Me. Pete. Mike. Doesn't that make you the slightest bit guilty?"

"I knew you'd figure it out soon enough. You're Mac! That's what you do!" Jack gave him the thumbs up – both hands – which looked entirely ridiculous along with his costume and then shushed him when a man in his sixties approached.

MacGyver sighed inwardly and prepared himself that little bit more for what was to come. He'd be the back up plan if any of Jack's actions led them down a dangerous route as usual. "Let's do this," he muttered unable to hide the excitement in his eyes as he spoke.

Stupid or not, Jack's antics and lying always resulted in a lot of fun.

Jack beamed beside him and replied in a faux old lady's accent. "Let's."