I don't own Teen Titans but I do own the idea for this what if plot and the Oc later on.

This is a 'what if?' type of story I thought up while watching Aftershock pt 1 and then Spawn. This takes place after Terra beats Raven, Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire and Robin has pinned her down since I missed what she and Slade said. Yeah this is Aftermath reborn, i found my old files for it and have risen this beast from the ashes and I plan to go back and work on this thing and add more details and such since now I'm reading it and some things don't add up. Well as always read, enjoy Padre, and review!

Chapter 1: The Bargain

Terra was being crushed by Robin's weight as he held her down. His surprise attack on the bike gave him the upper hand he needed to subdue her.

"Do not move."

Terra struggled to break form his grip but she couldn't.

"What's a matter Robin? Feeling lonely since I exterminated all your friends?"

"They were your friends too."

"I don't need any friends."

Terra threw Robin's body off of hers and swung a few blows at him which he blocked and dodged with ease.

"What did we ever do to make you hate us so much?"

Terra stopped and glared at Robin.

"You were born"

Terra charged Robin again but Robin was trying to help Terra not beat her.

"I promised Beastboy I'd give you one last chance and this is it. Look at yourself Terra. Is this really what you wanna be?"

Terra was pissed and used her powers to launch a barrage of rocks at Robin. Robin pulled out his bo-staff and deflected them but more came at him.

"Im just never gonna be good enough for you am I?"

"You don't belong with Slade."

Terra stopped her barrage and looked at the boy wonder with hatred.

"You don't know anything about me."

Robin and Terra exchanged glances before Robin spoke up.

"It doesn't have to be this way Terra. I was Slade's apprentice once. I got out, so can you."

Terra charged at Robin with a speed she never showed before and slammed him into a metal fence.

"I don't need you to save me."

"You can only save yourself.


Terra jumped back and used her powers to take flight.

"Im not some sad little girl who's waiting to be rescued. I wanted to be this way, I wanted to go with Slade. I wanted to annihilate you and your pathetic friends."

Terra pulled a boulder so large from the ground there was no way Robin could dodge it in time.

"And now, I never want to see your face again."

Terra hurled the boulder at Robin who took off trying to get away from it. Robin saw the shadow getting larger and larger and knew he couldn't get away from it. He saw it flying straight towards him and then he saw nothing. The boulder had smashed him, breaking every bone in his body and literally crushed him like a bug. Robin, leader of the Teen Titans was no more. Terra lowered herself down to the ground and could hear Slade's voice giving her praise for a job well done. But she didn't hear any of it. She just walked over to wear the boulder landed and smiled.

"..........One less problem to worry about I guess."

Robin couldn't feel anything. He opened his eyes and saw himself falling through a fiery tunnel. He could see scorched ground near the bottom of the tunnel and then his body hit it. He surprisingly didn't feel any pain. He got up and noticed that he was naked and he had no nothing, not even his mask on. Robin looked around and saw fire, lava, scorched rocks, and what looked to be a field of ice in the far distance. If this was Hell, it only looked partially like it said in the bible and other interpretations. Robin then heard laughter. He quickly turned around and saw two glowing red eyes and large black wings that seemed to make the shadows move with them when they flapped. The creature in general was shrouded in shadows but Robin had a faint idea who it was.


The figure smiled and showed off white fangs that looked like they could tear Robin in two.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no dear Robin. I am not Lucifer though most people assume I am."

"Then show yourself and tell me who you are then."

"Very well then...Tim."

Robin paled at hearing his name being uttered by this thing that probably had the strength to kill him with ease. The creature stepped into the area where Robin was and Robin could see it was as human looking as him, if you didn't count the glowing eyes, black horns, tail, and sharp fangs that made his smil seem very predatorial.

"So who are you or should I just call you demon?"

The man's eyes glowed a blood red color and turned back to normal before speaking.

"First thing's first Timmy boy, get it straight. Anything from Hell is a devil, not a demon, and you can just call me Padre."

"Okay Padre, first thing's first, don't call me Tim or Timmy boy in fact don't call me by my real name at all. Now what do you want?"

Padre smiled and walked around him like he was a piece of meat. Robin's form shivered as the man's red eyes seemed to tear him apart, study him, and then put him back together before doing it again. Again he smiled that snake like grin.

"Well let's make this comfortable for you before I get down to business."

Padre snapped his fingers and Robin was clothed in all black. Nothing fancy just a t-shirt and some jeans but at least he had clothes.

"Thanks, now as you were saying Padre."

"Yes, I have a proposition for you and before you say no hear me out."


"Now I know how you died since well I know everything about humans and their earthly affairs and I was wondering if you'd like to go back to Earth. You know maybe get some revenge, be with the girl you love, have a drink you know the whole nine yards."

"What would it cost?"

"Your soul!...haha nah just playing. All I ask is that you go and live your life and get your revenge on Slade and his little toy."

"That's all? Just revenge on those two? I find that hard to believe coming from a spawn of Hell."

"Hey I used to be an angel before I got here okay? And unlike demons, we devils keep our ends of the bargains, as long as you keep yours." Robin watched the man's hands gesture to himself and then to him, like a salesman trying to sell a product.

"Okay so I just get my revenge on Slade and Terra how? And what would I get for this?"

"Just make them pay for your death with their lives by making them suffer a very painful, horrible, agonizing, slow death which then we take over and get their souls. You win, we win, everyone wins, and for this you get your life back and get to be with your friends, the woman you love, and you know, maybe go party one night and have a drunken grope fest in the back of the T-car where by accident or total purpose we get little Robin jr. Satisfied?"

"Wow, your very blunt, you know this right? And I have to kill them?"

"Yes I know I am and I love it. Wouldn't you want to kill them after all they've done to you and your friends? I've read your thoughts, you've thought about it oh so many times and I have to admit im impressed. You make psychopaths seem normal which I find rather funny." Padre chuckled as his fang like teeth came into view. To Robin everything about this man screamed predator and Robin knew he was the prey.

Robin death glared Padre but he just looked away and made a glass of scotch appear out of thin air. He drank from it and looked at Robin waiting for him to say something.

"I get to come back to Earth right? No strings attached other than the revenge thing?"

"Do I have to repeat my whole drunken grope fest speech again? Didn't think so. Scotch? Or would something harder do better for you?"

"I don't drink, sorry but it could effect me in anegative way." Robin's face turned to slight frown when Padre burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"You're already dead, so alcohol won't effect you ever, and if you accept my deal it won't effect you either, hell I drink because I think it makes me look cool." Again that tooth filled grin as he sipped from his glass. Padre looked at the glass as if regarding it before setting it down in midair the look of suprise on Robin's face as the glass just acted it was on a flat surface. Padre moved his hand as if to do a magic trick and a parchment sheet and pen appeared.

"Here sign on ze dotted line."

"There's nothing written on this."

"When you sign it just takes everything we've said since you got here and prints that on the contract. The signature is just there to make sure you understand the bargain. You go and get your revenge and when you do you can live happily ever after with your friends. Also that I'll be checking up on you, sometimes on a regular basis, sometimes not, but mostly to check your progress."

"What progress?"

"What you think Hell is gonna zap you back to life and you're not gonna have any side effects? This is necroplasmic energy son, the good shit too so it's gonna change you."

"How much will I be changed?"

"I don't know that, duh! That's why I have to check up on you to see how much you'll change over the course of two years."

"Two years?!"

Padre drank his scotch again before continuing.

"Maybe less, depends on the person."

"Okay so I sign and that's it?"

"No you sign, we shake hands and then that's it."


Robin signed his real name down since this was Hell and no one probably knew who he was and then gave the contract back to Padre.

"Alrighty then! Okay then now here comes the part I hate the most, I have to ask you this really big ass question and whether you answer yes or no decides what happens."

"Um okay go ahead shoot."

"Okay then, Robin do you...man I hate this you think after a couple thousand years they'd change it around just a bit! But anyway. Robin do you accept the bargain that has been given to you by the devil and if you accept will you help fight against any demonic incursion upon Hell and/or Earth and if need be against any celestial incursion that might occur as well?...I told you it was a long ass question."

"...Yeah I guess it was. Yes I accept the bargain and yes I will help face any demonic incursion upon Hell and/or Earth and, if need be any Celestial incursion that might occur as well."

"Okay then its all set just the shake on it is left."

"One last question before we shake on it. What's a celestial?"

"Basically a big fancy word for angel."

"Ah thought so. Well let's shake."

"Alrighty I'll see you in a year."


But before Robin could ask what Padre meant he took Robin's hand and Robin could see a sickly green aura surround their hands. TNedrils of the green energy began to ener his arm and it felt like syrup was being injected into his veins and muscles. Robin started feeling tired and soon his eyes were getting heavy until he finally lost consciousness. Padre looked at the unconscious form of Robin, finished his scotch and walked away chucking the glass somewhere.

"See you in a year kiddo."