Mega Man Prologue

Doctor Thomas Light wipes his brow as he looks over the body lying on the table. They'd already been slaving for weeks over this, their masterpiece. The thing which would make them the most prominent men in history. The prototype cyber-human. This had been a dream for years, and it was so close to realization he could taste it. But time was running out and they needed to finish quickly, meaning they couldn't take the time to make every detail of its frame lifelike. So they'd been slaving to make it work for the presentation that was scheduled for tomorrow. If all went well, they would be finished tonight, and could take a rest before they had to go in front of an audience.

"Perhaps we should take a break and finish in the morning." His partner, Doctor Everette Wily said to him as he himself wearily ran his hand along his chin. "We don't want to slip up in the most crucial moments."

"Maybe you're right." Light reluctantly agreed. "It would be wasted effort to complete it only to have it not work." He looks down at the body again. It was mostly a very crude facsimile of a human body. Most of its frame was built of aluminum, and badly shaped at that. Its eyes were nonexistent, consisting of simple holes in the face where the motion sensors were located. They didn't have the material, funding, or manpower to make it look like they'd hoped. But if they found someone to finance them, they could make some very convincing robots.

"Come on. Let's get some shut eye." Wily said. They both turned and left the room, shutting the lights off for the night. One more day, and his dream would come true.

The following day Doctor Light stands off to the side of the stage, his heart pounding rapidly. This was it. The moment of truth. They hadn't had time to give the prototype a test run before rushing it to the theater where it would be displayed. He prayed they'd gotten everything right. He also prayed people were ready for what he was about to offer them.

The mayor of the town walks up to a podium and turns toward the expectant audience. "All of you are here today to witness history. The groundbreaking accomplishments of Doctor Thomas Light and Doctor Everette Wily. The first ever cyber-human complete with an artificial intelligence system. Now here to explain is Doctor Light.

He quickly dabs at his forehead with a wash cloth before heading out to the podium. He waves slightly before speaking. "This moment has been a dream of mine for years. The first ever artificial intelligence cyber-human. The prototype, who Doctor Wily and myself have come to affectionately refer to as Proto-Man. This will change the way we see ourselves and everything around us." He laughs slightly. "I'm sorry, you didn't come to see me. You came to see..." He turns and waves his hand in a broad gesture as the curtain behind him is moved. "Proto-Man." The crowd gives small murmurs. Some of amazement, others of outright doubt. Wily comes out to join Doctor Light.

"Please everyone bear in mind that this is a prototype. The finished product would look, act, and be like a human in every way." Doctor Light assures them before removing the microphone from the podium and approaching the robot. "It's made of lightweight materials right now, but in the finished cyber-human, it will be made of much stronger stuff. But now... I'm going to activate it..." He reaches up and turns a switch inside its head. It comes to life and its head looks around, almost looking confused.

"Where... Am I?" It says, looking around at everybody. Come members of the crowd gasp in astonishment, others just scoff. One man ever stands up.

"Show us something that can't be programmed!"

Doctor Light just smiles. It actually worked. It was moving and talking of its own volition, without being programmed or told what to do. Though it did look very confused.

"What... Is going on?"

"You, are our creation."

"Creation?" It looks at him confusedly. "What is my name?"

"Your name... Is Proto-Man."

"Proto-Man..." It looks at Doctor Light now. "Who are you?" By this time the crowd is in rapt attention.

"I am Doctor Light. Your creator. That is Doctor Wily, also your creator."

"Doctor Light... Doctor Wily..." It looks at a member of the crowd. "Who is he?"

Doctor Light chuckles a bit at the crowd. "Curious fellow isn't he?" The crowd chuckles a bit back, helping to relieve the tension that had been building. "They aren't important. Come here." Proto-Man just looks at him strangely. "Just take a few steps over here."

Proto-Man looks down at his feet as they start to move a bit shakily, but carry him nearer to Doctor Light. His stride grows stronger as he moves, getting acclimated to movement, and soon he's walking perfectly normally, to the astonishment of the crowd.

Doctor Light turns to the crowd again. "As you can see, it's a thinking, learning being. As we watch he's learning how to walk, how to discern people."

Doctor Wily takes the mike from Light now. "The possibilities with this technology are staggering. They can go where we can't because it's too dangerous. They can do anything we want them to."

Doctor Light takes the mike back. "But primarily, we can create living beings, and thusly we can also rebuild damaged limbs and circuits." The audience is clearly impressed with the implications and are chattering among themselves. A few remaining skeptical, but not many.

Doctor Light just smiles out at his crowd, then turns to look at his pride and joy standing in the center of the stage, Proto-Man.

Proto-Man is simply gazing into the crowd, seeing all the commotion, hearing all the chatter, every word spoken coming clearly to his ears.

"It's incredible!" "It's gotta be worth a fortune!" "I still think it's a fake!" "It must have taken weeks to build!"

[It?] Proto-Man think to himself. [What... Am I?] He looks down at his hand and slowly clenches it, not really feeling anything, just seeing it happen. He couldn't feel anything at all.

"Please, please your questions will be answered! And a price for the funding will be discussed!" Doctor Light simply reaches over and deactivates Proto-Man, causing him to hunch over slightly and go limp.

"No!" Doctor Light slams the schematics onto his desk and stands up furiously. Doctor Wily had been trying to weeks to get him to help build the battle armor that would turn the druids into war machines. "I will not!"

"You can't let your morality get in the way of this! The cyber-humans would be the perfect warriors!"

"I designed them to be citizens and to work alongside humans, not to fight their wars for them!"

"They're THINGS. They may have intelligence, but they feel nothing!"

"You're wrong." Doctor Light sits down in his chair again calmly, trying to regain his composure. "I will not help you build this... Rubbish. Cyber-humans are not meant for this."

"No, you're wrong. They were made to be WARRIORS. And I will prove it to you!" Wily grabs the plans off the desk and furiously storms out of the room.

Doctor Light turns in his chair and presses a button on his desk. A window opens up behind his desk with a table inside it, a single robot lying on it, half finished. "Soon I'll finish you... Soon I promise..." He reaches behind him and reaches into a drawer, drawing out the plans for the six model robots to be built, each with a specific purpose. "We're creating them to take over our work... Do they have feelings?"

Doctor Light stands in front of a huge conference room eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the first wave of cyber-humans. The wave of a future. "I won't bore you with a long introduction, so let us cut to the chase." He turns and pushes a button. Curtain number one is pulled to the ceiling, unveiling an orange and white humanoid robot, a pair of razor sharp scissors sticking out of its head. "This is the prototype for the construction protocol cyber-human. Around the office though, we call it Cut-Man as a little joke." Several audience members chuckle politely.

"Next..." He pushes another button, revealing a huge red hulking behemoth speckled with orange. "This is the construction worker of our cyber-humans. Code named Guts-Man." He pushes another button, revealing a third. "This is the pyrotechnic that will shape the steel for the buildings of the future. Code named Fire-Man."

"Next." He pushes another button, revealing a normal looking robot with a black chest with a lightning bolt across it. It also seems to be wearing a mask shaped like a lightning bolt over its face. "Is our pride and joy. An on-board battery pack with the latest technology allows him to store up to several million volts of electrical current. Ideal for working in power plants where the high voltage can make occupation there quite hazardous. Code named Elec-Man."

He pushes another button, revealing another robot with a huge round, black body." This is our demolitions expert. Making way for the future. Code named Bomb-Man." He pushes another button. "And last but not least is our zero-weather expert." A robot that seems to be wearing a huge parka is standing on the stage. "No amount of cold can harm him, so he will be deployed for search and rescue operations in cold weather. Code named Ice-Man."

He walks in front of the robots. "Mass production will begin as soon as each model robot has been thoroughly tested and is deemed stable, and above all, safe." The audience rapidly begins asking questions as Doctor Light leaves the stage.

Doctor Light is slaving over the robot in his private laboratory where nobody will bother him. He's almost finished, then he can activate him. He finishes the last few connections with trembling hands, then closes the chest compartment and looks his creation over very carefully. It looks almost exactly like a real boy. A little rough around the hinges, knees and elbows are necessarily disjointed to allow it to move them as freely as a human could, but other than that, it was perfect. From the black hair to the brown eyes that are now closed, it was human.

He slowly reaches up and opens a compartment in its head, then activates it, closing the compartment. Slowly it's eyes flicker open as power runs through it's system, activating its internal systems.

"H... Huh?" It sits up, already moving as fluidly as a human could. The increased funding meant Doctor Light had been able to afford much better equipment and parts for this, his REAL goal for this whole project... He now had a son.

"How do you feel?"

"... Confused. Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?"

He's learning and asking questions much faster than Proto-Man did. Doctor Light notes with more than a twinge of pride. "Your name is..." He pauses at this, he hadn't chosen a name. "Your name is... Rock."

"I am Rock..."

"And I am your father, Doctor Light."

"You're... Father and doctor Light."

"That's right. Can you stand up?"

Rock easily swings his feet off the table and gets to his feet. Smooth as though he were a gymnast. "Where are we?"

"This is my lab where you were... Born." He didn't want to tell him he was just a creation, because he was much, much more than any of the rest of the cyber-humans would ever be.

"Oh, so this is home."

"Yes." He nods, hardly able to contain his delight. Rock's rate of growth was phenomenal, he was figuring things out on his own instead of asking constant questions. At the moment though, Rock was just kind of standing there. "Is something wrong?"

"No... Father." Rock smiles a bit at him. Doctor Light's heart soared at this. Rock didn't just repeat what Light had told him to say, he UNDERSTOOD what the word meant.

Doctor Light smiles at him tenderly and takes his hand. "Come on, we have things to talk about." Gently leads Rock out of the room.

In the warehouse where the six prototypes are kept. Doctor Wily sneaks in and creeps up to the robots, the form of the unconscious guard lying outside the door. "You aren't meant for this pointless rubbish, you were made for battle... And I will prove it to the world." He opens up Cut-Man's chestplate and starts tinkering around inside it.

At a construction zone where the Guts-Man cyber-human is about to be put to the test. Doctor Light and Rock are just mingling with the crowd a bit. Light found it funny that everyone who talked to Rock assumed he was just a new kid in town, his clothing obscuring his joints, he talked, walked and acted just like a normal boy. He had told Rock what he was, but he hadn't seemed all that distraught, simply saying, "Okay".

Finally Doctor Light and Rock made their way up to the podium where Guts-Man was waiting, still inactive. "Now all of you are here to see Guts-Man in action, but first I'd like to introduce you to my latest creation. Most of you have already met him." The audience kind of whispers unsurely among themselves, none of them remember meeting a robot. "This is Rock." He gestures to Rock.

At his cue Rock pulls off his shirt, revealing the not quite totally lifelike chest-plate and elbow-joints. The audience is quickly hushed by this. They'd expected a lifelike robot, but this was more than anyone had expected.

"As you can see he is fully human in every way except for physically." He looks over and sees Rock's eyes looking a bit shy and nervous as people just stare at him, blushing without blushing since that wasn't physically possible. "Go ahead and take your seat."

"Thanks." Rock puts his shirt back on and goes off the podium to sit in the front row of the crowd. Some people continue to stare at him, a few looking almost nervous that they'd been right there with him and never realized, but most politely kept their attention on Doctor Light.

"Now, on with the demonstration." He reaches over and activates Guts-Man, who looks around at the assembled crowd a bit angrily. "Guts-Man, lift that stone, if you will."

Guts-Man lets out a low growl. "I won't."

Doctor Light looks at him in astonishment as several of the spectators look just plain nervous. "What?"

Guts-Man grabs Doctor Light by the scruff of his neck and lifts him off the ground. "I won't!"

"Doctor Light!" Rock leaps out of his seat and rushes up to help him, but a hard backhand from Guts-Man easily sends him flying back into the crowd, who quickly scatters. Rock slams into the steel seats hard, bending several of them totally out of shape with his weight. "Uhn..."

"Let me go!" Doctor Light demands, pounding uselessly on the hand that has him.

"Not so fast Doctor." Another voice comes from behind the podium. Doctor Wily walks up the steps slowly, taking his time, enjoying everything that was happening. "You see? Nobody can stop him. He could destroy everything around here if he wanted to."

"You did this?"

"This is simply a warning. But now that I have everyone's attention, I'd like a handsome ransom for this city, no, the world!" Laughs maniacally.

"Have you gone mad?"

"You're in no position to talk back to me Doctor." He says this last word bitingly. "Let him go Guts-Man."

Guts-Man stares Doctor Light in the eyes for a minute, then drops him to the floor, where he crumbles to his knees. "Later." Guts-Man says, smirking slightly. Doctor Wily turns to leave, Guts-Man following behind him.

Doctor Light watches them go, holding his chest. That had been a strong grip, and he knew Wily was right. Those robots had been built to survive in any conditions, making them bullet-proof. And their speed ruled out missile use... They were defenseless unless they could fight fire with fire...

"Rock!" Doctor Light looks over suddenly, remembering what happened to him. He quickly runs over to Rock's body on top of the chairs. His power systems had been damaged by that hit. A strong hit indeed. Doctor Light quickly lifts him into his arms, a not so easy feat, but possible because the materials he was made of weren't THAT heavy... At least not yet.

Rock slowly opens his eyes, he couldn't remember much. He remembered being at that gathering... A party? Whatever. Then someone had attacked his father...

"Doctor Light!" Rock sits up quickly, to see Doctor Light right beside him looking very relieved.

"You're alive. I was afraid he'd knocked you memory core loose."

"I'm sorry Doctor... I couldn't stop him..."

"It's not your fault. You were designed to be just a normal boy. You couldn't have hoped to defeat him." Rock lowers his head a bit at this.

"I want to protect you... And everybody..."

"Then maybe you can." Rock looks up at him a bit surprised. "Before you were born, we built another like you. During construction, Doctor Wily came up with a configuration that would serve to increase your physical abilities to their very maximum. I resisted this, as he'd planned to make our creation into a war machine, so we compromised. We built a normal model cyber-human, and he drew up the schematics for special armor that would turn that robot into a battle machine.

"You mean make me stronger? But wouldn't he use it on all his cyber-humans too?"

"No. It was designed specifically for the original blueprint body. Your body."


"If you wish, I can upgrade you."

"Then I could protect everyone."


Rock is silent for only a few moments before saying. "Do it."

"But I won't be able to remove the upgrades. You would forever be a war machine."

"But it wouldn't change who I am... It would only make me stronger. So I can protect everybody."

"Very well... Remember, I love you and won't let anything bad happen to you." Rock nods a bit before Doctor Light reaches up and deactivates him.

He slowly opens his eyes again, he felt different somehow. He wasn't as... Limited as he had been. Weakly he turns his head to the side and sees a blue helmet sitting on the desk next to him. He couldn't move much, his power systems felt drained.

"Don't worry if you feel weak, you'll adjust to the increased energy flow in a few minutes." Rock raises one hand and looks at it. It's now a bluish color, along with the rest of him. His hands, feet and pelvis are a dark blue. The rest a light bluish color.

"What... Did you do to me?"

"Made you stronger, faster, and the like." Rock watches curiously as his hand draws itself into his lower arm. "A Plasma Cannon. Still experimental, but it should make a mighty weapon."

"So I can fight now..." He was feeling stronger, so he got up off the table, looking in a mirror. The only part of him that still looked like his old self was his head, nothing had changed there. "It's like I'm a different... Person."

"You're not a different person. Just a stronger body."

Rock looks back at the helmet. "Is that for me too?"

"Yes. It will increase your sensory input speed, making your reflexes faster."

"Give it to me." Holds out one hand, looking back at the mirror. Doctor Light quickly gives it to him. Slowly Rock lifts the helmet onto his head, obscuring his hair, making him now look totally different.

"You look magnificent Rock."

"Rock..." He shakes his head a bit. "I'm not Rock anymore... This isn't me... Him." Doctor Light looks at him sadly, he was losing himself, thinking that just because he'd changed so dramatically on the outside he was different inside too.

They both hear a voice over an emergency speaker. "Doctor Light please come to the conference room, Cut-Man is attacking the laboratory."

"Cut-Man..." Rock looks up at the speaker in the wall. "I'm Mega-Man." His hand draws into his arm again as he turns and heads out of the room. Doctor Light can only watch him go with mixed feelings. He'd lost his "son", but he'd grown into a fine warrior of justice... Why oh why did those kinds of changes have to be so hard?