Mega-Man 3: The Prototype Reborn

He stood over the steel table calmly, looking down at the figure lying on top of it. His creation, the original and greatest of all cyber-humans.

After two attempts to take control he'd finally realized his mistakes. He was using the newer models that were built for common work, but this... This was a war machine at its finest. Finer even than Mega-Man. Once Wily unleashed his fury upon the world, nothing would be able to stop him.

Rock sat upon the shingled roof, looking up at the stars dreamily. He often wondered just where the limits to his programming lay. He often found himself daydreaming about going to those same stars, something he'd told doctor Light about before, but he'd gotten only a gentle smile in response.

"It's natural." He'd said calmly. "You want to explore."

Rock sighed slightly at this. He did sometimes feel like he wanted to go somewhere, but he couldn't leave Doctor Light and Roll here alone...

He couldn't help a small smile at the thought of his sister. She always tried to do things she knew Rock himself could do, but almost always failed. She blamed doctor Light for designing her as a child, but they both knew she really had fun. She understood Rock had been built for battle and needed his strength...

If only he didn't have to fight, if only Wily had just left from the beginning he would never have had to don this armor... this destructive power. Nothing good could come from this cannon he had attached to his arm, only destruction.

"Rock?" He looked down to see Roll looking up at him curiously, her childish voice floating up to him on the night breeze. "What are you doing up there?" She asked.

"Just thinking." He replied, not really wanting to elaborate any further. "What's up?"

"Doctor Light wants to see us in his lab." She told him. "A surprise of some kind."

"Surprise huh? Last time he gave me one of those you popped up, is this one pleasant at least?"

"Oh ha, ha." Roll replied, rolling her eyes wearily. "Men..." She muttered to herself as she went inside.

When she was gone Rock slid easily down the shingled roof, landing on the balcony and heading inside without missing a beat. He loved having a sister, and he knew she liked having a brother. Sometimes Doctor Light joked that he'd built them too well, they even fought like siblings.

When he made his way to the lab he saw Roll sitting out front, looking bored. "I thought he wanted us." He said.

"He does, he wants us to wait a minute first though." She replied.

"Swell..." Rock said, leaning against the wall to wait for doctor Light to summon them. They just waited in silence for a few minutes until Roll spoke.

"What do you think it is?" She asked.

"Beats me." Rock replied.

"That's a first." Roll chuckled. He looked over at her and smirked at this.

They both went silent as the door opened and Doctor Light smiled at them both. "Come on, I have something to show you." He said before heading back into the lab, leaving the door open for the two robots.

Inside the lab a white blanket covered the table, causing rock and Roll to exchange a quick glance as Doctor Light positioned himself on the other side.

"Rock, Roll, I would like to introduce my newest creation for..." He was cut off as something broke through the window at an incredible speed, slamming into his arm almost before either robot could get a good look at it.

"Doctor Light!" They both screamed in alarm as the blast sent him hurtling into the back wall, where he slowly slid to a sitting position.

"No!" Roll yelled, running over to kneel beside him, making sure he would be alright.

"Take care of Doctor Light." Rock ordered before whirling to charge at the wall, leaping up as high as he could to grab hold of the windowsill.

Immediately he pulled himself up and leapt out the window, grabbing hold of the edge of the roof to flip himself up onto it, whirling around and straightening up even as his left hand drew into his arm, revealing the plasma cannon.

"Freeze!" He yelled, aiming his cannon directly at the figure standing in the center of the roof.

Slowly the figure turned to look back at rock, his black visor reflecting the moons light eerily, his armor glowing with a soft crimson hue from the moonlight. A yellow scarf fluttered in the wind behind him.

Rock lowered his cannon slightly, staring at the figure. "Who are you?" He asked. Without a word the figure turned and leapt from the building, vanishing into the night.

"Wait!" Rock howled, trying to pursue, but he had no clue which direction to even look in, let alone go. "Damn..." He muttered darkly to himself as he scanned the darkness carefully, but came up totally empty.

He turned his head slightly when he heard sirens approaching the lab. Roll must have called the police, paramedics. All of Rocks own power and enhancements, and he couldn't even protect Doctor Light in his own home.

"I'll find you later." He swore into the night before turning to rejoin Roll inside the house.

"Doctor Light... Please be all right..." Roll said worriedly as the paramedics loaded him onto a stretcher, carefully putting him in the ambulance. Silently rock put a steadying hand on her shoulder, watching as the ambulance drove off and out of sight.

"Rock... what do we do?" Roll asked him.

"You stay here." Rock aid firmly as he turned to head back into the lab.

"What?" She asked immediately. "What are you talking about?"

He came back out a few moments later, his helmet firmly on his head, obscuring his hair totally. "I'm going after that robot." He told her.

"I'm coming with you." She replied immediately.

"No!" He screamed at her loudly, shocking her into silence. He just stared into her eyes intently, cold as ice. "I'm going alone. I can handle it." He told her.

"A... All right..." She said softly, backing away from him towards the lab unsure as he turned to walk off into the night.

He stalked through the darkness determinedly, he didn't know yet where he was going, but he was willing to bet that robot wasn't through quite yet. He'd be back; then Rock... No... MegaMan could have a little interrogation.

He perked up a bit when he heard a soft crackling sound from in the darkness somewhere. Someone was following him. Well, well, he was right.

He whirled suddenly, raising his arm cannon to point it into the darkness, but nothing was there. He lowered it cautiously, looking about him. He could have sworn he'd heard something.

A slight whirring noise alerted him to something flying at him from behind. He whirled quickly; narrowly avoiding a three-pointed ninja-star as it flew past his head, embedding itself into a nearby tree.

"What the..." He said confusedly just before something hit him from behind, sending him plunging to the ground. He quickly whirled back to his feet again, facing his foe, but again encountered only darkness.

"Show yourself!" He demanded loudly.

"It is no fault of mine that you cannot see through the shadows that obscure your vision." A soft voice whispered from the darkness mockingly.

"Who are you? Are you the one who attacked Doctor Light?"

"I am the shadows in the darkness, the ShadowMan. I did not attack your creator, it was another." The voice whispered.

"Who was it? Tell me and I will let you live."

"Who was it..." The voice repeated back amusedly. "It was your own kin."

"What!?" MegaMan shouted incredulously. "That's ridiculous!"

"Is it so? Perhaps you just cannot see through the shadows of your own perception to see the truth." The voice said. Suddenly a shadowy blur appeared in front of MegaMan, striking out before he had time to react. The blow sent him hurtling against a tree heavily, gasping out in surprise.

"Enough of this! Let's finish it!" He yelled into the darkness.

"Very well, so shall it be." The voice whispered, the shadow seeming to coalesce in front of him again as ShadowMan struck, this time however MegaMan was prepared.

He blocked the strike, countering with one of his own. ShadowMan simply dodged it however, flinging a star straight as his stomach, where it embedded itself into his armor.

"Hugh..." MegaMan gasped out in surprise, putting one hand on top of it to draw it out of his body. While he was distracted his opponent struck again, his fist driving MegaMans head into the bar of a tree, sending his optical sensors haywire. Weakly he crumbled to one knee, panting heavily.

"You've destroyed so many of my masters robots... Only to fall to one master of shadows." ShadowMan smirked triumphantly.

"That's all I needed to know." MegaMan said as he straightened his leg, bringing his other one around to slam it into the side of his opponents' face, sending him to the ground heavily. Before ShadowMan could move MegaMan had his cannon pressed up against his head warningly.

"Where's Wily, and who really attacked Doctor Light?" He demanded.

"I told you who attacked your creator."

"Lies!" MegaMan shouted angrily.

"That you cannot see it as truth does not make it a lie." ShadowMan said, turning to look up at him seriously. "If you mean to kill me, then do it."

"If you insist." MegaMan said darkly before letting the energy of his cannon discharge. The blast tore the side of Shadowmans face clean off, the body's power supply cutting off even as it crumpled to the ground.

Wily was behind all of this. Then who was that robot that actually pulled off the attack? He didn't think it was ShadowMan, because he'd thrown stars; the attacker had used a plasma cannon.

Silently he bent down beside the destroyed robot, digging out the energy chip that he knew every one of Wily's robots would possess. He had the power, now all he needed was the info...

He would have to just look the old fashioned way; it was all he could think to do.

The crimson figure watched MegaMan silently from his perch atop a nearby tree branch. He fought very well, but something felt amiss to him. Something felt wrong to him as he watched the blue figure continue on down the path. No matter what he felt though, he would just have to obey as ordered. It was all he could do.

Roll sighed a bit, rubbing her arms idly. It was boring and lonely being at the lab alone, she needed some company. Something to concentrate on besides her worry for Doctor Light and Rock would be welcome too.

Idly she tried to force her thoughts to other things, like the covered bundle still sitting in the lab. For a few moments she contemplated seeing what it was. He'd been about to show them after all, he wanted her to know.

So she headed into the back, opening the lab door slowly and stepping inside toward the table in the center of the room where both she and her brother had been built.

Cautiously she lifted the blanket off the table, revealing a robotic, red-painted dog lying on it, still de-activated. A dog? She was a bit surprised it wasn't something a bit more... Advanced, but it was kind of cute in the way all dogs were.

She smiled slightly as she reached out to pet its head, realizing yet again what a genius her father really was. She was convinced he could make absolutely anything if given the incentive.

She pondered activating it for a moment, but gave up on that thought. She would wait for the others to get back, she didn't know anything about dogs and knowing Doctor Light it would behave exactly like a real one.

So she replaced the blanket over the sleeping hound to wait once again for her family to return home.

MegaMan exited the forest cautiously, looking about him to make sure there was nobody waiting in ambush. Knowing Doctor Wily, there would be a lot more than one robot waiting for him.

He couldn't help thinking about what ShadowMan had said... His kin had attacked Doctor Light. He didn't have any kin unless you counted Roll, and he knew she was never even a suspect because she was in the room with him at the time. Plus he'd seen the attacker... It had looked a lot like him...

He had to visit Doctor Light; maybe he could shed some light on all of this. Enough time had passed he was sure he was in stable condition at the hospital by now.

Without warning a figure came whirling out of the trees, flying through the air gracefully towards MegaMan. When it neared it thrust one foot out, slamming it with incredible force into MegaMan's stomach, sending him flying to the ground.

"What the..." He gasped out as he shoved himself to his feet. Already three more kicks slammed into his chest in the space of a second, sending him once again flying into the dirt pitifully.

"Wily's I presume..." He muttered darkly, raising his cannon toward the figure only to have it slammed violently to the side in the next volley of spinning kicks, which sent him sliding across the dirt, kicking it up in droves.

"Come on blue-boy. After all the trouble you've caused you can't go down so easily." The robot said gleefully as MegaMan got his first good look at him. He was mostly a tannish color, but on top of his head was what looked like a spinning top.

"Not hardly." MegaMan replied as he back-flipped to his feet as quickly as he could, firing off a few shots from his plasma cannon at his attacker. The robot whirled like a tornado, blocking the shots with the soles of his feet, sending them hurtling into the ground or trees.

"Try again." He said mockingly before lunging forward, sweeping MegaMans feet out from under him, then whirling fast enough to slam his foot into the back of MegaMan head before he hit the ground.

"Uhn..." MegaMan grunted, pushing himself up to his hands and knees. It didn't help matters any that he was already weakened from his fight with ShadowMan. "You're fast... I'll give you that..."

"You'll also give me your head." Wily's robot said, grinning maliciously.

"Then come take it." MegaMan taunted, waiting for his opponent to whirl again. In a flash he brought his arm cannon around, firing off one shot just before the kick connected. The blast tore through the metal of his knee easily, sending his leg flying through the air as he howled in pain and fell to the ground, sparks flying from the severed stump.

"Hurgh..." The robot grunted in pain, clenching his teeth furiously.

"It'll take a better slave than you to take me down..." MegaMan panted, shoving himself to his feet before aiming his plasma cannon at his attackers' chest.

"Don't take us lightly this time MegaMan." The robot sneered up at him.

"Thanks for the advice." MegaMan said before firing one shot straight into his chest. His power cells drained almost instantly as his body went limp, the sparks flying from his chest for a few moments before those too died out.

MegaMan stood over his foes still body for a few moments, thinking back to ShadowMans words. He wanted to find out what he meant by that, it didn't seem like a lie. What would he have to gain from it?

He looked up in surprise as a soft flute filled the air with a soothing yet eerie melody, but he couldn't find the source for the life of him.

"Who's there?" He demanded, looking around in alarm in the darkness as the last note of the melody ended. He was thrown forward violently, as something slammed into his back hard, sending him to the ground.

"Hello brother." A calm voice said as something slammed hard into MegaMan's back, holding him on the ground.

Almost instantly MegaMan realized who had him. "You're the one who attacked Doctor Light... Who are you?" He demanded, even though he knew he was in no position to demand anything.

"I think you already know." The voice behind him said softly.

"Who are you?" MegaMan repeated furiously.

"My name is ProtoMan." The voice said. "I was the first of your masters creations." He said. "The one he abandoned."

"He's not my master. He's my father." MegaMan said furiously. "And that's a lie. He would never abandon anybody."

"It's the truth. He threw me away like a defective model. I still remember those few minutes I was activated during the unveiling of his accomplishments. After that, he shoved me aside to create you because I just wasn't good enough."

"No, it's all lies!" MegaMan howled angrily. "Doctor Light would never abandon one of his sons!"

"Because to him I wasn't a son." ProtoMan said. "To him, I was merely a defective prototype."

"No! Shut up!" MegaMan howled just before he felt the barrel of an arm cannon pressed against the back of his helmet.

"Goodnight... Brother." ProtoMan said quietly just before MegaMan felt his systems power down and he slipped into blackness.

Roll paced around the lab at an almost breakneck pace that would have caused any human to pass out long ago. She hadn't heard from either MegaMan or the hospital yet, and she was getting worried. Maybe she should just go ahead and drive to the hospital... Nah, she looked like a young girl, any cop would arrest her in an instant.

When she heard the phone ring she was already on it before it completed its first ringing session. "Hello!?"

"Is this the Light residence?"

"Yes, this is Roll Light. How is he!?" Roll demanded quickly.

"He's stabilized, but we'd like to keep him here for a few days." The voice on the other end of the phone told her.

"A few days? Well... Alright... If it'll help him get better I guess." She replied.

"We'll call immediately if there's any change in his condition." The voice assured her.

"Right, thank you." Roll replied before putting the phone back on the hook. He was going to be all right, if out of action for a little while. She was at once both vastly relieved and disturbed by this. Of all the times for this to happen it had to be now while Rock was out fighting...

She sighed deeply in disappointment. There was no telling how long she'd be here all alone, she hated being alone. With both Doctor Light and Rock gone, with no clue as to when they'd be back... She was alone... Unless she activated the dog...

She instantly disregarded that thought. She would wait for Doctor Light's approval, no matter how long it took.

Wearily she turned with a small yawn to head to her bedroom. It was past two in the morning and her power reserves were drained from all the excitement, she'd have to recharge until morning and decide what to do then. She just hoped Rock was all right.

MegaMan grunted slightly as he opened his eyes, feeling his power reserves building themselves up as he'd slept. Why was he still alive? Why didn't ProtoMan finish him off when he had the chance? Well whatever the answer, it would be his biggest mistake.

Wearily he sat up; looking up at the sun that was nearly directly overhead. He'd lost the entire night; there was no telling what Wily'd been doing while he was snoozing. He had a lot of time to make up.

He leapt to his feet quickly, turning towards the hospital. First of all he'd ask Doctor Light about this ProtoMan. He had full confidence in his fathers moral judgement, but it would help him a great deal to hear him deny it outright.

So he took off toward the hospital, walking past the people in the streets, who gave him a curious glance before moving on. They all knew who he was, nobody in this state didn't know, but they were still not used to the idea of cyber-humans.

He stopped when he saw one of the light poles overhead flicker and come on. Curious, they were supposed to stay off during the day. Probably a glitch in the system or something.

Suddenly he was thrown into the street, a surge of electrical power running through his systems as several cars had to swerve to avoid him, bringing traffic to a halt as everyone stopped to see what was going on.

He got to his feet quickly, seeing another robot walking out of the alleyway confidently. Why did another of Wily's robots have to attack here with all these people present?

The robot smirked as it touched its rod-like arms together, an electrical charge surging between them. "Come on." He said simply, grinning at MegaMan arrogantly.

"Fine." MegaMan said, raising his cannon to fire a shot straight at him. The robot put its arms forward quickly; the power built up between them dissipating the shot before it reached him.

"Wrong answer." The robot said, flinging its arms forward to hurl a bolt of electrical current at him. MegaMan quickly leapt over the bolt, sailing through the air to come down on top of the robot, kicking it in the face as hard as he could.

"I've already beaten one ElecMan, I can beat another one!" He said, thrusting one leg forward mightily.

"I am not ElecMan, I am SparkMan!" The robot replied as he caught MegaMans leg between his arms, the electrical current running through him like a power cord.

"Then spark this!" MegaMan cried out as he brought his cannon forward; straining against the current that still pulsed through his entire body. He fired one plasma shot, sending it tearing through SparkMans chest plate and knocking him back, releasing MegaMan from the currents grip.

"You're gonna fry blue-boy!" SparkMan howled with rage, putting his electrode-arms together as the energy built up between them.

"I can't help but wonder how much power you can hold." MegaMan mused, aiming his cannon at a nearby light pole. "Let's find out." He said before firing one blast to disintegrate a section of the light pole, causing it to fall slowly to the side.

"NO!" SparkMan howled as the current from the entire city flowed through the light pole and into him, overloading his systems in under a second. His metal body seemed to melt slightly before MegaMan finally walked over to blast the pole off of him, cutting off the power flow. SparkMan didn't even twitch; his systems too far gone to even power down properly.

He looked over in surprise as the crowd of spectators started cheering for him loudly, many clapping or whistling their approval. MegaMan just saluted shortly in response, he actually liked this.

Now though he had more important things to do than bask in their gratitude. He still had to get to the hospital. So he walked over to dig out SparkMans energy chip, which luckily wasn't too melted, before continuing on to the hospital as fast as he could.

Roll woke up from her restless sleep slowly, yawning a bit before finally shoving herself up from the bed. Things didn't seem any clearer in her mind than they had the night before.

She made a quick sweep of the lab to see if Rock had returned home in the night, but fond no trace of him anywhere. He was still out... She was really getting worried. He'd never been gone this long before. What if he'd been hurt?

No, she promised she would stay here. So she would. She would not take one step outside this lab until either Rock or Doctor Light returned.

She couldn't take doing nothing anymore; she needed to do something. So she turned and headed through the halls towards the main lab where the dog still lay on the table, covered up. She couldn't resist activating it, Doctor Light would understand.

She pulled the blanket off quickly before opening a compartment in its head, switching it on and closing the compartment again.

The dog opened its eyes, looking up at her instantly. It barked happily up at her and licked her face.

"Hey. Alright I'm happy to meet you to." She told him, taking one of his paws and shaking it. "I'm Roll, and you?" the dog just barked back. "Oh right, you probably don't even know your own name do you?" She sighed a bit at this. "Well you're not an ordinary dog, so Spot, Rover, and all those are out..."

She put one hand to her chin thoughtfully to think of a name, but she also kept worrying about Rock. She just couldn't get that out of her mind. "I wish I were with him..." She said idly.

Instantly the dog leapt off the table, grabbing at her dress with its teeth. "Hey, what's the rush?" She asked confusedly. Finally the dog got fed up and pushed itself between her leg so she was riding him. She sighed and smiled at this. "Thanks, but I don't think riding you would be too productive.

She gasped in shock as its body seemed to reshape itself, the inner workings of it adjusting themselves automatically. "What's going on!?" She yelled just before they took off screaming through the halls. She held on as tightly as she could, squeezing her eyes shut.

"STOP!" She howled, and was pleasantly surprised when she felt them stop. Cautiously she opened one eye, seeing them floating a good thirty feet in the air outside. "Whoa... What a rush..." She said to herself, blinking to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. The dog just barked in agreement.

"You're really NOT an ordinary dog..." She said, an idea clicking in her mind. "I got it! You can be Rush, what do you think?" Rush barked back at her happily.

She giggled happily back. "Okay then Rush. As long as we're outside, we can go find Rock!" The dog barked in agreement. "Okay, let's goooooo!" She cried, pointing ahead of them. Rush let out a matching howl as they took off streaking across the sky again.

MegaMan walked through the hospital hallways determinedly, ignoring the stares he got from patients and doctor alike in his search for doctor Lights room. When he finally reached it he went in silently, closing the door behind him.

"Uhn?" Doctor Light grunted a bit as he looked to see who'd come. "Rock, so good to see you. I was afraid you'd been hurt."

"Same to you." MegaMan said softly.

"Is something the matter?" Doctor Light asked worriedly.

"What can you tell me about... ProtoMan?" He asked hesitantly.

"ProtoMan?" Doctor Light replied in surprise. "He was the original prototype for all cyber-humans." He said, obviously not really understanding the question.

"Then... It's true." MegaMan said. "You did just forget about him."

"What? What is happening?"

"It was ProtoMan who attacked you last night... He's out to get us because you abandoned him." MegaMan replied coldly.

Doctor Light opened his mouth in surprise, but slowly shut it, his eyes turning remorseful. "I see... When I built him I never thought... I'm sorry." Doctor Light said. "I didn't think about him as I do about you and your sister... He was just the model for you..." He said softly.

"What do I do? I can't fight him if he's not working with Wily... He's only fighting because WE hurt HIM." MegaMan said.

"I don't know..." Doctor Light replied. Without warning the steel door to the hospital room flew inward off the hinges, forcing MegaMan to dodge to the side to avoid it.

"Knock-knock." Another robot said as he stepped through the door, glaring at MegaMan menacingly. He was an almost pure red color; his forehead had what looked like a magnet engraved on it.

"Scrap heap four come on down." MegaMan said, smirking to himself. "How many of you do I have to go through before you learn your lesson?"

"As many as it takes to take you down, and that count ends here." The robot said furiously as it raised one hand.

"Wha..." MegaMan said in surprise as he tried to raise his cannon, but his body felt like dead weight, he couldn't move at all. "What's going on?" He said.

"You're going insane." The robot said as MegaMan watched his body turn of its own volition, he tried to fight it but there was nothing he could do as his hand pulled back into the cannon, aiming right at Doctor Light.

"No!" He screamed furiously, feeling his cannon trying to fire. He fought as hard as he could, clenching his teeth tightly shut in concentration. He struggled like that for a few moments until the magnetic pull finally gave out, dropping him to his knees, panting in exhaustion.

"Fool." The robot said contemptuously as he thrust one hand forward. With a startled exclamation MegaMan was sent hurling across the room, breaking through the widow without any difficulty. Quickly he managed to grab hold of the windowsill, barely keeping himself from falling to the ground far below.

"Whew..." He sighed, allowing himself a second to rest before he began to pull himself back up. Suddenly his entire body was pulled back downward, halted only by his hands still desperately grasping the windowsill. "Urk..." He grunted, holding on with all his strength.

"Give up MegaMan, you can't beat me." MagnetMan said from the window, looking down at him almost pityingly. He smirked to himself as he saw the force of MegaMan's grip beginning to tear pieces out of the windowsill itself.

"I... Won't... Lose..." He grunted even as he felt the windowsill give way, sending him plummeting away from the window towards the ground. Suddenly he felt himself land on something, then go back up into the air. Curiously he turned his head to see Roll holding onto him. "Roll?"

"Rock, are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

"I'm fine..." He said, looking down at a red dogs head on the front of whatever was carrying them. "What's this?"

"Oh, this is what Doctor Light wanted to give us last night." Roll said. "Rock, meet Rush." She said.

"He built a flying dog..." MegaMan said ironically. "Well whatever works, we have to get back to the hospital, Doctor Light's still in danger!"

"Right! Come on Rush, let's go!" She shouted. "Back to the hospital!" Rush barked in acknowledgment before turning and heading back to the hospital.

MegaMan stood up carefully on the dogs back, careful not to fall off or push Roll off as he felt his internal systems shift, activating SparkMans power chip. Any magnet could be overcome by an electrical charge. At least he hoped so, if not he was gonna get crushed like a tin can.

When they approached the window he leapt off quickly flying through the window and pointing his cannon straight for the red robot. He didn't even say anything before releasing a bolt of electrical energy.

It slammed into the robot, throwing him against the wall as the power ripped through his systems. Quickly MegaMan fired again, the energy tearing through his systems until finally it shut itself down, the robot going limp against the wall.

"MegaMan, you're alright!" Doctor Light exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, thanks to Roll." He replied, watching as Roll floated through the window on Rush.

"Doctor Light! You're alright!" She exclaimed as she hopped off the dog to run over to her father, hugging him tightly. "I was so worried."

"It's alright Roll." Doctor Light said comfortingly, looking over at MegaMan as he knelt down beside the limp robot to remove his energy chip.

"I'm going after Wily... I can probably use this to find him..."

"What will you do about ProtoMan?" Doctor Light asked him.

"Whatever I have to do..." MegaMan replied steadily as he turned toward Rush, looking down at him. Without another thought he climbed on the robot dogs back. "Let's go." The dog let out a small bark as it zipped through the window, heading out into the sky.

"Rock... Be careful." Roll said softly as she watched them disappear into the blue-sky overhead.


ProtoMan watched his brother fly off with mixed emotions. He could have left his creator here and run, but he'd returned. Not only that, but Doctor Light had sounded sincere... Something wasn't right about all of this.

He couldn't figure it out... Who was right here? Did Wily lie when he'd said doctor Light and MegaMan had both abandoned him? It had sounded like MegaMan didn't even know about him... Could he have been wrong?

They streaked across the sky quickly, leaving a large plume of smoke behind them. MegaMan had been able to discern the location of Wily's base from that robots energy chip by getting the magnetic feel of the land and comparing it to the magnetic flow of the continent. All he had to do now was get to the base and shut him down again, hopefully for good this time.

Without warning they were bombarded by a string of needle-like projectiles from the ground. They dodged around them until one struck MegaMan in the side, embedding itself there painfully.

"Ragh!" MegaMan yelled as he leapt off of Rush's back, flying through the air. He landed on the ground with a heavy thud, facing his attacker. It was a gray robot with needles sticking out of its head and cannons.

"Don't you guys ever learn?" MegaMan asked as he gripped the needle, pulling it out of his side easily and dropping it to the ground.

"Ignore this." The robot said challengingly, raising its cannons. Another volley of needles flew, looking like silver streaks in the air. Without saying a word MegaMan raised his cannon, releasing a magnetic wave which caught every single one of the projectiles.

"I think these are yours." MegaMan said just before the needles whirled around, flying back at Wily's robot. He let out a loud gasp just before they slammed into him, tearing gaping holes into his outer shell. The sparks flew from him furiously as he fell to the ground limply.

"I'm not in the mood for this." MegaMan said grumpily as he walked over to fish out his energy chip before looking up and seeing Rush flying above him.

"Come on boy, we're almost there." MegaMan shouted as he leapt on the dogs' back to take off towards Wily's castle again.

"There it is." MegaMan said as Rush descended to land in front of the castle. He hopped off the dogs back to approach the front gate, pushing it open slowly.

On the other side he saw another robot waiting for him, this one silver and almost looked like he was made of diamonds.

"Move, I'm not in the mood to play with you." MegaMan demanded, exasperated.

"Watch your tongue, or feel the wrath of the Gemini." The robot said, smirking cockily.

"I've taken bigger opponents than you, what makes you think you can beat me?" MegaMan demanded. Without warning the robot raised his cannon, aiming it straight at Rush. It fired a beam of light that struck the dog, sending him flying back out of the palace.

"Rush!" MegaMan shouted angrily. "Big mistake buddy!" He yelled.

"The come take us on." The robot said.

"Us?" MegaMan asked just as the robot began to glow brightly, making MegaMan cover his eyes because of its intensity. When he was finally able to look back he saw two of them standing there, smirking at him.

"You're out of your league." The one on the left said.

"The GeminiMan has the fury of two." The one on the right finished.

"Bring it on. I'll take you both!" MegaMan howled angrily, firing one blast. The twins both dodged to the side, returning fire.

MegaMan whirled dodging them and returning fire on the one on the right. He dodged to the side as the other twin fired one shot, plunging it right into MegaMans side. While he was stunned the other twin leapt in, planting a solid kick against the side of his head and sending him to the ground heavily.

"Damnit... I'm not falling to you." MegaMan said furiously as he raised himself up to his feet again, holding his side painfully. Suddenly a blast came out of nowhere to slam into the ground between them, sending up a shower of debris.

"Two against one are terrible odds." A voice said, a figure slowly becoming visible as the dust cleared. "No way to win a battle." MegaMan gasped in surprise when he saw ProtoMan facing Wily's robots.

The Gemini just smirked at him bitterly. "You traitor."

"I'm just evening the odds." ProtoMan replied, raising his arm cannon. "So let's do this."

"Yeah!" MegaMan said, running to stand beside his brother, facing the Gemini Twins on the other side.

"You don't stand a chance against us!" The one on the right said, but both of them backed away slowly.

"You know you can't beat us both." ProtoMan said simply. "You have the bodies of two, but the mind of one. You can't fight two battles at once."

"I'll show you!" Both of the Gemini howled as they leapt at MegaMan and ProtoMan. The brothers easily overcame the Gemini Twins, throwing them to the ground beside each other.

"Uhn..." GeminiMan grunted as he once again merged into one robot, kneeling on the ground weakly.

"Pathetic." ProtoMan grunted, lifting his cannon. The blast tore straight through GeminiMans head, making him fall limply against the ground.

"ProtoMan..." MegaMan said softly, looking over at his brother. "Thank you." ProtoMan simply smirked and turned to walk away. "Hey!" He shouted, but ProtoMan just ignored him and continued on his way.

Without another word MegaMan turned to head into the castle, not looking back at ProtoMan.

He entered the front chamber, looking about him cautiously. There would probably be more robots around somewhere.

His suspicions were confirmed when another robot leapt from the upper floor, landing in front of him with a thunderous boom, causing the entire castle to shake to its foundations.

MegaMan didn't even say anything, but merely opened fire on the robot. The blasts slammed into its chest forcefully, but they did little more than blacken the metal of its chest.

"I'm gonna be harder than that." The robot told him, smirking as it slammed one fist into the ground, causing the entire thing to shake and throwing MegaMan off balance. Then it leapt into the air, coming down on top of him.

MegaMan quickly rolled underneath it just before it came down, shaking the entire building to its foundations again. As MegaMan tried to regain his footing the robot quickly grabbed him by the neck, holding him against the ground.

"Enough little..." The robot began before they both heard a loud cracking sound coming from the floor around them. For a moment they both stayed totally still listening before suddenly the entire floor caved in, sending them both hurtling downward.

MegaMan slammed into the shallow stream, sending up a small tidal wave just before his opponent his the water, nearly sending the contents of the whole stream out of it.

He sat up curiously to look around, a stream underground? He now saw it was actually the sewers that ran underneath the city. He knew this guy looked big, but punching a hole right through the steel pipes from the ground above it was one hell of a feat.

Both combatants got back to their feet wearily, trying to regain their bearings after the fall. MegaMan took this moment to try and figure out a battle strategy. He was too outmatched in strength... But this thing was slow as an ox. He could probably use that...

"Okay, come on." MegaMan said as he internally activated one of the energy chips. His opponent lunged again swinging one mighty fist, but he found nothing but air as his target leapt into the air, spinning furiously as he planted a good twelve kicks before he even hit the ground behind the larger robot.

MegaMan kept on spinning, planting kicks that had increasing force behind them as he increased his rate of spin. The larger robot didn't even have time to turn and fight as MegaMan moved in a constant pattern, quickly wearing his opponent down.

Finally MegaMan stopped spinning as his opponent dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach in pain. "Shouldn't mess with me." MegaMan told him before he leapt one more time, sending out a kick that send the robots head flying off his shoulders to land somewhere in the water.

MegaMan landed, his spin ending as the hulking body of his opponent fell into the water limply, his systems failing.

Quickly he made a mental count of the robots he'd beaten thus far. Seven... Could that be all?

He started to climb up to the hole leading up to the castle before he heard a soft rattling from the water. It was probably just a snake, nothing for him to worry about.

Suddenly something leapt from the water to slam into him from behind, locking one almost snake-like arm around his throat tightly.

MegaMan let out a surprised howl as he was dragged off the wall. They flew back into the water, his assailant not letting go of his death-grip. Struggle as he might MegaMan couldn't break it.

Finally MegaMan raised his cannon, firing one shadow blade into the arm around his throat, but it also sliced into his throat, not going deep enough to sever any vital systems, but it sliced a few wires.

MegaMan lunged away from his attacker, finally turning to face him. A snake-like robot stared back at him, nursing his severed arm without even taking his eyes off of him.

Wearily MegaMan raised his cannon, firing one plasma-shot right at this new foe. It seemed to slide right off of his slick skin, slamming into the wall of the sewer and blowing a chunk out of it.

SnakeMan hissed furiously as he lunged forward; swinging his remaining fist in a wide arc as MegaMan leapt away from him, catching hold of the ground above them.

"Goodnight." MegaMan said as he lowered his cannon to aim at the water, firing one Spark bolt into it. The electrical energy surged through the water, striking Wily's robot almost instantly. It surged for only a brief moment before he fell into the water, still.

He dragged himself up out of the pit, pushing himself to his feet wearily. He was getting tired of this game; it was time to put Wily behind bars.

He stumbled to the back room, finding Wily sitting calmly in a chair.

"Our third meeting MegaMan..." He said calmly.

"Our last meeting." MegaMan replied.

"Indeed." Wily said as he brought out what looked like a bomb detonator.

MegaMan recognized it instantly, putting up one hand disarmingly. "Hey come on now... Don't do anything rash..."

"Farewell MegaMan." Wily replied as he pushed the button. Instantly the entire castle shook as the explosive charges detonated, taking out every support in the place.

"Wily!" MegaMan shouted as the room crumbled down around them, the debris crushing Wily beneath it almost instantly. Just like that it was all over, there would be no more encounters.

A light flute-whistle drew his attention as ProtoMan leapt into the building, blasting the rubble off of wily. "What are you doing!?" MegaMan shouted loudly.

ProtoMan looked back at him only a moment before he grabbed Wily and lifted him to his shoulder. Then without another word he turned and leaps up to a gap in the wall, escaping easily.

"Why..." MegaMan asked furiously. Why had ProtoMan betrayed him again? Silently he turned and left the room, taking off at a run as the building came down around his ears.

He awoke the next day in his bed, his energy feeling extremely low. He couldn't remember what had happened after he'd left Wily's chamber. It didn't matter... Wily was still free and had ProtoMan with him.

Wearily he got up off the bed, putting one hand to his head as he left the room, stumbling down the hallway. He could hear the TV going in the living room before he eve reached it.

"Rock! You're okay!" Roll exclaimed happily, throwing herself off the couch to hug him furiously. "I was so worried!"

"I'm okay..." Rock said as he held her comfortingly. "Though I don't feel too good mentally..."

"Why not?" Roll asked him worriedly.

"I didn't get Wily... He got away again..."

"But..." Roll said confusedly, looking back at the TV. A news report was on.

"Late last night a surprise gift was delivered to the police department. The nefarious Doctor Albert Wily was dropped off unconscious on the front steps."

"What?" Rock exclaimed in surprise.

"You didn't do it?" Roll asked him confusedly. "Then who brought him in?"

Rock knew instantly who'd brought him in, the only person who could have. He couldn't help a small smile that crossed his lips at this realization.

"Don't worry about it." Rock told her softly, moving away from her toward the back door. Roll just looked after him with a very confused look on her face.

He walked up a small hill dotted flowers as the sun shined down on the bright green grass. Silently he stopped and looked around. He was close, Rock could feel it.

"Thank you ProtoMan." Was all he said. At that moment a soft wind blew across the field, carrying with it a small but haunting tune from somewhere in the distance.


AUTHORS NOTE: I'm sorry it's impossible to describe just what tune is being played on the whistle in a written story, but any true MegaMan fan should know it by heart.