Rosalie & Emmett

Rosalie POV

1. New School

"I can't believe we're doing high school all over again." Alice groaned in the back seat.
"Well, we gotta fit in, we have no other choice." Emmett said. I looked at him and he smiled at me. I grinned back. I was happy to start high school again. It was fun to see everyone's faces when they saw us. I drove into the parking lot behind Edward's Volvo. The school was similar to Fork's High, but not the same. Edward parked next to a beautiful Black Volkswagen Beetle and I parked next to him. Alice groaned again and slid out of the backseat, grabbing Jasper's hand and pulling him with her. I quickly got out and held Emmett's hand. We walked toward the office. Edward held the door open for us. Renesmee smiled at him and Jacob slapped him on the shoulder. Bella kissed his cheek. Alice walked forward with yet another groan and Jasper smiled. I walked in and saw the place was nicely decorated.
"Can I help you?" a gruff voice said. Edward pushed forward.
"Yes, we're new students. We came to enroll." the woman sighed.
"Edward Cullen."
"Isabella Whitlock." Bella said. We decided that Renesmee, Bella and I would take Jasper's last name.
"Jasper Whitlock."
"Alice Cullen."
"Emmett Cullen."
"Jacob Cullen."
"Renesmee Whitlock."
"Rosalie Whitlock." I finished. The woman looked at us all, and signed the papers.
"Brothers and sisters?" she asked.
"Yes, we're all adopted though." Edward said politely. He flashed a smile in her direction and she blinked spastically.
"Here's a map of the school. I hope you enjoy your first day here at Juniper Valley High." she said.
"Thank you."
We all walked out quickly. We heard the bell ring and Emmett checked his watch.
"What's next? It's 10:30?" he asked. Edward checked, then looked up and smiled.
"WOO!" Jacob said. We all looked at him.
"What? I'm starving."
We all walked into the cafeteria, laughing. Jacob grabbed something to eat. We sat down. Everyone stared at us. I wrapped my hand around Emmett's more tightly. We were in the middle of discussing Renesmee and Jacob's relationship when Alice's face went blank. Jasper looked at her.
"Alice. What's wrong?"
She looked at him.
"I dunno. I just saw Carlisle biting someone." We all gasped.
"Who?" I asked.
"Someone from the school. But it's not today. It's fuzzy too, like it's undecided." She shook her head. The bell rang.
"Okay. Let's go to class. We'll discuss it next lunch."


"Where is she?" Jacob growled. Alice gasped again.
"She's friends with the girl Carlisle bites! She's bringing her to meet us."
Uh oh. That called for serious danger. We were about to get up and leave when Renesmee came through, a girl with long, blonde hair and blue eyes behind her. (Authors note: Just imagine Kristen Bell in her early days of Veronica Mars, but a bit different. That's what she looks like).
"HI GUYS! This is Elle Parker. Elle, this is my adopted sister, Isabella Whitlock." She said, pointing at Bella. Bella looked at her and smiled. The girl blushed. Renesmee pointed to each of us as she introduced us.
"That's Jasper Whitlock, Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jacob Cullen and Rosalie Whitlock." she said, pointing at me last. I looked at her. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on whom...
"Hi." she said, blushing again.
"So, tell us about yourself, Elle." Alice said. Edward threw her a look, but she brushed it off.
"Well, i'm 17, I live by myself, my parents died when I was young, so I moved to America. I'm originally from Australia." she said.
"WOW! AUSTRALIA! AWESOME!" Jacob exclaimed.
"Yeah, um, my great-great-great-grandfather was like, a rich banker or something, and my father lived in Rochester, New York for a while, then he moved to Australia."
"What was his name?" I asked quietly.
"Um, what?"
"Your great-great-great-grandfather." I said. No way, I cannot be related to her.
"Um, i'm not sure, I think it was Charles Hale." she said. My non-beating heart dropped. Emmett looked at me, so did everyone else.
"Um, I thought you said you guys were adopted? How come you all have gold eyes?" she asked.
"Flourescents." I whispered. I was shaking.
"Come on Rose, let's go." Emmett whispered in my ear. I nodded.
"Excuse me, but I think Rosalie needs some fresh air, she's hyperventilating." Emmett smiled at Elle.
"Okay." Edward said. I realised, suddenly, that I actually was hyperventilating. Emmett grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the cafeteria.