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Embrace The Magic: By Barbie Gone Wild

Chapter1: Welcome Home

I glanced out the foggy window of the passengers seat of my mother's car as we passed by a town, of what appeared to be nothing but trees, and bland white houses. Just perfect.

Why we were moving to this god forsaken town of, Ipswich was beyond me. I used to live a perfect life back in California where I happily lived my seventeen years of life perfectly in the city of sun, and now look at where I was, nowhere.

My mom had all of a sudden sprang this big moving news on me after a yoga lesson one day. To say I was pisses would be the understatement of the century, but did I have any choice in the situation, hell no or else I wouldn't even be in this car right now, driving to hells-ville.

I had been avoiding any form of communication with my mother for the past two days, the only reason I was even sitting in the front was because our clothes, and delicate furniture was occupying all space in the back, if there was even the tiniest bit of room, I'd be back there.

"Oh come on honey, you can't stay mad at me forever ." I rolled my eyes but didn't look at her, she didn't deserve it.

"It's working so far." It was hardly a mutter but I know she heard me.

The worst part about this whole thing was the moving, it was the fact that she was dumping me off at some..... boarding school located in the middle of nowhere in this town. Uniforms, and dorm buddies weren't exactly my thing.

"Look, Summer. I know this moving thing is hard on you, It's hard on me to but I choose to accept it, and you'd better start to cause like it or not, we have to do this. Now can you at least try and make this work?" I huffed before turning my head and for the first time during this whole, long trip looking into my mom's pleading blue eyes. I rolled my chocolate brown ones and turned away.

"Fine, whatever." I didn't even notice that fact that as soon as I said that, we were pulling into the driveway of this two-story yellow house that I would soon have to refer to as, 'home'. We stopped and my mom excitedly stepped from the car and looked to the fairly nice house before us. As I finally realized we had stopped, I glanced out the window and what caught my eye the most was the beautiful white porch, and the swing set connected to the roof of it.

"Come on honey, take a look at our new home." I grabbed my purse from the floor and stepped from the car as well standing behind the door as I glanced over the house.

"This isn't home. Home is our old house back in California where all my friends are, and also my entire life!" Mom huffed as she headed to the trunk.

"Summer, you promised. Now come and help me get our clothes and thing inside before the movers come and take everything else in. I nodded in agreement as I slung my purse strap of my shoulder and headed to the backseat and pulled out a box that contained some of my clothes.

Walking in through the front door I glanced over the house and took in everything I saw. The house was nice, smaller than the one we had back home but it was fair. The bare living room which was down the hallway I was currently standing in, a few feet away was the kitchen, and then a glass sliding door lead to the patio out back. It wasn't half bad.

I carried my things up the long staircase to the right of the hall as I arrived at a long corridor with three doors on each side. I moved to the first room on the right which was bare as well, it was decorated in a light pink wallpaper with a yellow flower design, and gray carpeting. I didn't get to attached to it seeing as how I would be gone in three days to that boarding school.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I simply nodded before dropping the box on the floor and leaving my mom to go back outside and stand on the porch.

I folded my arms across my chest as I suddenly caught a whiff of the fall air looming though the area. As I looked around I suddenly noticed a boy, about my age walk outside of the house next door. His sandy blonde hair covering his eyes as he made his way down the driveway and to his mailbox.

As he fiddled through the contents he glanced up and looked to me. He gave me a slight smile and a wave, I gave him the same and watched as he walked back up the driveway and back into his house.

Ten minutes later the moving trucks arrived and my mom decided that we should go and check out the boarding school so we wouldn't be in the way as they moved everything into the house. Of course I refused but once again I had no choice so I grabbed my purse from upstairs and got back in the car as we drove off.


I reluctantly closed the door to my mom BMW as we stood in front of the large building known as Spenser Academy, doesn't that name just scream fun at you. We walked through the front doors of the building and looked around at all the other kids here, I guess they were checking out the school as well, most I believe were regular students seeing as how they seemed to know they're way around quite well.

In front of us was a small red table which was obviously a regsitration table seeing the massive stack of papers located on each side. Of course I tried to quietly sneak away but mom wouldn't allow it and pulled me over towards the table anyways.

"Hello, my name is Mandy Brenson, and this is my daughter, Summer. She'll be enrolling in this academy starting Monday." The brunette girl, about a year older than me looked from my mother, to me through her wire frame glasses and smiled.

"Well hello, my name is Courtney Falcon. If you have already done the proper paper work, I can find Summer's room number and give her here key." Mom had all the paper work filled out back in California a few days before she had even told me about the move so everything was set.

"Okay.... your room number is 631, and your roommate's name is..... Remelia Everheart. Here's your key, I think she's here as well, I don't know if she'll be in the room or not." I smiled and thanked Courtney even though it was phony I didn't wanna be rude.

My mom and I walked away from the table and stood in the middle of the hall making sure not to get in the way of the people who were walking in. Mom tucked her blonde hair into a ponytail before handing me all the paperwork.

"Okay, I'm going to go find the Dean's office and get to know him, and you can go and check out your room, we'll meet up here in about two hours to head back home, kay?" I nodded and she kissed me on the forehead, god was she crazy! She then walked away.


I looked to the map of the dorm building trying to find my way to my room as I stepped up a staircase, my wedges making a loud noise on the wooden steps as I made my way up. Finally I made it to right floor and headed down the long corridor to my left.

I past a countless amount of doors before finally arriving at room 631. I could hear movement inside so my roommate was obviously inside, I just prayed that we got along or else this would be a very bad year.

I decided to try my luck and jiggled the doorknob which wasn't locked and slowly opened. Inside I could see a girl, she was about my age, all I could really see was her long, curly red hair dangling around as she hung up a Paramore poster on what I'm guessing was her side of the room.

From what I could see she was wearing a somewhat cut-up top that stopped around her mid-section, a pair of black low-rise jeans, and a pair of black boots. I didn't think we fit in the same area from my pink tank top, yellow plaid mini skirt, and yellow wedges.

"Um, hello." She then turned around and removed the pin from her mouth. She smirked as she turned around and hopped off her bed.

"So, your Summer huh? Well I could have guessed you'd be a prep by your name." I smiled.

"And, your Remelia?" A rocker name, for a rocker chic I guess, and I wasn't a prep, I just happen to love plaid.

"No, my name is Remedy. Remelia is the name used by the bastards that raised me." Wow, my mom may annoy me sometimes but I'd never say anything like that about her, this girl must have had it rough, but not to rough considering that this was a very expensive school, she must have been one of those rebel rich girls.

"Oh, well it's nice to meet you Remedy." She nodded before stepped closer to me and looked me over. After a few minutes of silence she finally looked back to my face.

"I guess your cool, your not a cheerleader though are you?" I nodded.

"Ew, no. I hate cheerleaders." Remedy smiled as she held up her hand in a pound form.

"Okay, now I know we'll get along." I smiled as we pounded fist and started a random conversation about different things in our lives.


After hanging out in our room for almost and hour, I had to say goodbye to Remedy so I could do a little more scanning of the school before I got back to my mother.

As I headed down the staircase I was suddenly knocked down by a large object, it was a person but it felt like getting hit by a brick wall. With a thud I fell to the wooden floor.

"Ow! Could you watch where your going!" I snipped as I looked up to my attacker. He was a rather built guy, extremely cute with long brown hair, but I wasn't to happy with him right now so his cuteness kinda blended.

"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." He extended a hand and I reluctantly took it and he effortlessly pulled me back to my feet. I brushed off my clothes and looked up to him, he was a couple feet taller than me, enough to sort of tower.

"I'm Pogue, Pogue Parry." I smiled and shook his hand.

"Summer Brenson." He smirked back before looking to his watch.

"Oh, shit! I'm late. Hey I gotta go, but I guess I'll see you at the party at Nicky's tonight, later!" He began to run off but I was so confused. I quickly turned in the direction he was running off in.

"Wait, what's Nicky's?!" He didn't answer, but turned down the corridor and left from sight. I then turned around as I heard the sound of a door opening, I smiled as Remedy walked up beside me and placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Who ya talkin you?" I looked after Pogue one last time before shrugging.

"No one now, hey do you know who Nicky is?" Remedy laughed.

"Nicky's is a bar. It's right down the block from here, there's a big party there tonight, we have it every year before classes start. Your coming right?" I nodded.

"Apparently so."