I used to love webkinz then I got bored and checked fanfiction and found some k rated stories I just had to make a t rated one. R&R please.

I was in a single room with only a chair and a fridge that I could not open. Life as a webkinz sucked I couldn't do anything myself it was all planed out for me with no decisions of my own. I felt like I was trapped with no escape.

My owner let me starve as we played that freaking pizza game again. Then that ant game I was miserable and no one else understood. I felt as if I was never going to escape from this home that I call hell.

My happiness faded as my hunger had and my owner gave me health pills that I don't need. Screw her. I was exhausted and had no bed. I was dirty and had no bath. My owner dressed me up in the most humiliating cloths. She seemed to have forgotten I was a boy.

But the animal I hate most in this "world" is curio. I notice the way he talks to my owner. She tips him everyday and he begins to like her more. I became more sickened when he said to her my shop is your shop. I felt like saying your shit is her shit but it wouldn't come out.

Then something was wrong. I felt alone. Then I noticed a new friend. Damn, she was hot. She was a deer with a hot ass and tail. It was weird, I could read her mind and she could read mine. We could interact telepathically.

Hi she thought

Hi I stuttered I like your tail.

She blushed and her perfectly white cheeks where red. Damn she can hear what I'm thinking.

Yeah, I can and I want you want. She thought I can't wait until I get those huge antlers around my-

Then she was gone. Oh right our owner must be taking her to the doctor like she did me when I was first adopted.

The minutes seemed like hours, and I just stood there waiting until I could see her again.

She never came.

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