Chapter 1 – Waking Up

The soft murmurs were coming from all around me. The voices were starting to get clearer, and I strained my ears to hear better. I heard a soft, smooth voice trying to calm somebody down. The other voice was louder and sounded near frantic.

My eyes fluttered open, and my vision was blurred.

"Bella!" I heard someone gasp, and then a stout man was at my side, leaning anxiously over me.

I looked up at him, squinting. He had thinning, curly, brown hair and wide, brown eyes that were gazing at me anxiously.

I looked around the room to take my gaze away from his hysterical one. My eyes fell on someone who was standing a few feet away. My mouth dropped open. He was drop dead gorgeous. He couldn't be a doctor, could he? He was standing a little bit away from the man now hovering over me, with a clipboard in his hands. He met my gaze and gave me a hesitant smile, his eyes warming up.

"Bella?" the man leaning over me sounded even more alarmed now, and his eyes were burning into my face, forcing myself to look up and meet his brown eyes again.

My forehead crinkled in distress.

I didn't recognize any of them.


A/N: Wow, it didn't look that short on Microsoft Word haha. Basically, this is just a story that I started maybe a year ago. I found it on my computer, and I had to go back and fix a lot of things because I didn't like my writing style then. I promise, the other stories on my account are much better. I just felt the need to at least try and post this up and gain some reviews.

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