Alright Folks; here's the deal :

I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever

I am totally revamping (pardon the twilight pun) all of these stories, maybe even change their story lines a bit, that'll take a bit of time. One thing I realized (thank you to Miranda for helping me realize this) is that I guess I'm a bit more of a romantic than I thought, all of the relationships come on way too fast, so I'm going to fix that. I don't think I'm going to continue "A Pain To Bear" simply because as I continued with it, it got harder and harder to write.

If anything is rated M, it'll be because of violence (c'mon be mature please) not sex, even thought Miranda's tidbits on Rose being sex obessesed are REALLY funny 

HI!!! () since it's summer, I'll have a lot more time to update, but I'm also out of town a lot (due to music camp, various softball tournaments, family stuff, my birthday, etc) so bear with me!

I'm glad to be back in the game, lets do this!