Title: Acumen

Word count: 200

Summary: This was not a position you'd imagined finding yourself in anytime soon. Double drabble.

Out of the blue, he pounced on her and toppled them both to the floor to save her from an explosion that never came.

Adrenaline kicked in regardless, heightened senses instantly registering his breath on her lips, eyelashes inches away, scent, temperature, weight, body contour.

He lay very still on top of her, eyes scrunched tightly closed.

She'd mocked him, questioning the explanation for his current position.

Anything to distract her from being acutely aware of the snug fit of his body between her thighs.

Of course, the male and female bodies were designed with just this in mind, the doctor Brennan voice in her head supplied.

It wasn't helpful.

Especially when he shifted slightly, the friction stealing her breath away.

Heat pooled where their bodies collided, irrefutable evidence of a primal reaction she couldn't possibly own up to.

But that didn't mean she could stop herself from tilting her hips just a fraction, enhancing the pressure.

Suddenly cold air replaced the heavy warmth of his body and somehow a second later she found herself on her feet again, though not necessarily on solid ground.

Afterwards, her mind got stuck in a loop thinking about explosions that didn't take place.

Note: I always think of Suzanne Vega's Caramel as the ultimate UST-utterly-tempted-and-hanging-on-by-a-thread-of-willpower song, and especially suited to B&B. I often replay it on my iPod or at least in my mind while I'm writing a UST moment for our favorite so-hot-for-each-other-it's-not-even-funny-anymore-non-couple. If you want to check it out, you can find the album version here or the live version here, in which Suzanne Vega's intro says it all…