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031: Sunrise

Kaoru's giggling as she's holding onto Kenshin's arm as they walk toward his limo along with the rest of the cast of his award winning show.

"Oh god, what is my life right now?" she says, looking up at the sky, which is beginning to lighten with the rising sun. "I was just at an awards show."

"That you were. Thank you again for being my date," Kenshin responds, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"And I was on a red carpet. Like…people are going to put me in blogs and judge me and oh fuck me."

Kenshin laughs. "You look flawless. Or, at least you did before I smudged your lipstick," he says with a bit of a sheepish expression.

She rests her head on his shoulder because now she doesn't have to care about her hair (which she really stopped caring about as soon as the ceremony was over and the after parties began).

"My feet hurt so much," Misao whines, stumbling in her high pumps, "Actually, they're beyond pain right now. I won't be able to walk tomorrow."

"You mean later today," Soujiro points out rather unnecessarily.

Misao throws the finger in his face.

"Now, now, Misao, that's no way to act as a young lady," Megumi says, still looking impeccably put together as she did hours ago when they first arrived on the red carpet.

"You are an…anomen…anemonamenally."

Kaoru lifts her head off Kenshin's shoulder and they both share a confused look. "Does she mean…?"

"Anomaly?" Kaoru realizes, making sure to pronounce the word carefully so it doesn't appear that she's not as drunk as Misao, even though she's pretty close.

Kenshin beams at her. "Yeah!" He pulls her closer to himself to the point that she's not really sure where she ends and he starts, which she's never experienced before, but she really likes it.

"Yay! Kaoru! She understands," Misao gushes. She hangs back so she can knock into Kenshin's free side. "You, sir, should feel blessed to have this awesomest girl."

"I do, Misao," he answers, using his other arm to loop around her shoulders.

"Plus, it's like, so cool that she's not famous."

"Well, technically, I kind of am now?" Kaoru supplies. "I am dating a pretty up-and-coming actor."

"You think I'm pretty?"

Kaoru rolls her eyes. "I meant that you were kind of important. But I guess you can be kind of cute."

Kenshin leans in and lays a loud kiss to her temple. "And you're incredible."

"Ugh, if the alcohol doesn't make me vomit when I get home, it'll be you guys," Misao moans, trying to get out of Kenshin's embrace, but ends up almost knocking into Megumi, who exclaims out of annoyance.

Kaoru looks up at the sky again, admiring the hint of pink that can be seen on the horizon. She may be exhausted and her dress is kind of uncomfortable and her feet are numb, but she's also incredibly happy in a very cheesy way.

"I'm really happy," she states.

"Awww…" everyone else coos.

"Oh, fuck you all!"

"I'm really happy, too," Kenshin whispers in her ear, causing goose bumps. "Are you sleeping with me?"

"Not in the dirty sense, but sure," she says, feeling a secret thrill in the pit of her stomach.

"Good. Because I want to cuddle."

She laughs. "I figured."

They finally reach the limo, which was parked rather far away now that she thinks about it, and they pile in, with Misao yelling, "Yeah! There's still vodka in here!"

"No! No more drinking for you!"

"Try and stop me!"

We don't know who the hell this girl is or how she's so damn lucky to snag a catch like Kenshin Himura, but we have to hand it to her – this look is perfect. From the dress to the coloring to the hair and makeup – extremely well done. We look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

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