For SilverUmbra's contest challenge thing, but you know that already.

1: This Will be Zapdos

Words: 703


The first thing you will notice is the thunder.

Yes, you will notice the lightning, the wind, the rain. But all that will be overshadowed by the booms and crashes that will seem to shake the foundations of the very stone.

(how odd, all of the lightning will hit the same place)

The journey up the mountain will be hard, yes, but you can make it. You will have your pokц╘mon to help you with the climb. Up vertical cliffs, gaping chasms─ it will not be as hard as I make it seem.

When you reach the top, there he will be.

(the air will crackle with electricity with every flap of his wings, running across the yellow and black feathers, his claws will grip the stone, the lightning will strike him and the thunder will boom and he will enjoy it─ you have heard of legendary pokémon, haven't you?)

This will be Zapdos. He will not be happy to see you there, but you must not back off. At this point, you must remember your task. You must capture him for me.


He will attack, but this is to be expected. You will have the pokémon I gave you; this will be the time to use them.

The first pokémon you should use is Nidoqueen. She is a strong ground type, so Zapdos, being an electric type, will not be able to hurt her very much.

(and yes, the tall blue lagomorph will hold her own for a while, but Zapdos is too strong to be defeated by a mere mortal)

(but Zapdos is mortal too, you will tell yourself, still a legendary, but he can be defeated. Nevertheless, Nidoqueen will be defeated quite soundly)

Although I doubt you will need them, she is not the only pokémon I will give you. You will have Sandslash─ (who will lose) Rhydon─ (will manage to land one good hit in the form of a bone-crushing boulder) and finally Onix (will fight harder than any other, wrapping his long rocky body around the great bird, but will still fail and it is your own pokémon that will do the job)

Zapdos will weaken at this point but you must not let your guard down, as he can still attack with little warning. But at this point he will be weak enough. You will have as many pokéballs as you need.

(the black fox will tire, his golden rings start to dim. You will call Umbreon back to you and reach for one of the pokéballs you were given. Zapdos will shriek and the air will crackle, but you will not back down)

(you throw─)

When you catch Zapdos, you will return to me. Now go; I have told you all you need to know. I am certain you will succeed.

(he will fly at you─ you will drop the pokéball and duck─ it will be too late─ no─)


I see you at the base of my mountain. I do not know much about why you are here, but I know enough. You are another silly human that has come to try and capture me─ hah! Are you aware that I don't care whether you live or die?

Ah? You are talking to that other human. You look frightened, nodding, fiddling with the spheres at your belt. That man sent you, I see now. It makes no difference to me.

I am Zapdos, the great bird of thunder. I will not be a slave to any human. It nearly happened once, but it will never happen again.

You are climbing up now. I will sit here and wait. Why not? You cannot hurt me.

I know what will happen next. Does that man know? Do you?

(the last thing you will see is the storm beginning to calm, and then all will go black)