After I wrote my oneshot I had a few reviews asking me to make it into a story and it got me thinking. I had already wrote this for another fandom but with a little bit of tweaking it fits perfectly in the Twilight universe. So I decided to try and see what people think…If you want me to continue you know what you have to do…review and let me know ;) …Anyway here we go…

I was only eleven years old when I came to live in Forks. My Mom had remarried and I had been sent to live with my father Charlie. Just eleven years old and sent to the smallest, wettest place on earth. I remember crying the entire plane journey, I was leaving behind my cat and my mom to live with a man who, although I called him Dad, I barley knew. It seemed the cruelest thing my mom could do to me and I knew with all the certainty of an eleven year old, I could never be happy here. It was too wet and too small. I would miss the sun, the heat of Phoenix,the lazy summer days spent in my pool.

I didn't even want to try and be happy but Renee had made me promise. It would hurt Charlie if I didn't, she told me. Emotional blackmail at it's best. Just eleven years old and already cursed with maturity that went way beyond my chronological years. Looking back, I was almost too old for myself. I always the adult in my relationship with my mother... well someone had to be.

I remember Charlie met me at the airport and I thought he looked more nervous than me. Although we had spent time together it was always in Phoenix, never Forks. Renee hated it, said it was a malignant town, that it could destroy you if you stayed too long.

She hated forks, which was why it hurt so much for her to inflict it on me. Her desire to be with her new husband obviously outweighed her love for me, or at least that's what I felt at the time. As I grew older I would understand her motives and with hindsight accept she made the right choice, I understood it could never be as simple as my eleven year old self believed.

My first weekend was uneventful but as the time came for me to begin school, fear settled in place of the uneasiness I felt. Moving around a lot meant I was used to being the new girl and everything that entailed. Never fitting in, always being stared at, trying and usually failing to make friends. At eleven years old you cannot imagine that being alone could be a good thing and as a result I always felt like an outcast. I had never dreamed that moving to Forks could change my entire life and that one short walk to school would change my perspective forever.

I took longer than usual to get ready for school, I knew first impressions counted and the new girl had to make a good first impression. I didn't know how long I would be in Forks but I would try and be happy here, for Charlie's sake.

I stared at my reflection wondering what the kids at school would see when they looked at me. Mousy brown hair tightly bound in two plaits, widely spaced brown eyes, freckles and of course the retainer I wore. I'd dressed in a pair of denim overalls and sneakers, not wanting to look out of place. Unremarkable. That was the only thing that stood out about me. I was truly unremarkable. To be honest I didn't know what kids in small towns wore, so I figured I may as well try and blend in. The new kid would stand out enough as was.

Walking through the rain, splashing angrily in the rapidly forming puddles at my feet, I made my way towards Forks Elementary, a sense of trepidation filing me. I was nervous, terrified and it probably showed. Lost in my thoughts I didn't notice the two boys heading towards me until it was too late.

The second our paths crossed, I found myself on my knees in a puddle; pushed so quickly I didn't even see it happening. My bag was suddenly ripped from my back by the tallest boy, his white blonde hair sticking to his head, a mean smile on his face. His friend, a dark haired boy, giggled, looking down at me. I tried to ignore the stinging sensation in my knees and forced myself to face up to these bullies.

Hey! Gimme that!" I cried, jumping to my feet, trying to reach my backpack, which now dangled from the fingers of my blonde bully.

"Jump, nerd, jump!" My tormentor laughed, smiling as I jumped up and down on the spot trying to get back my book bag.

"Make her beg Mike," his friend laughed and my face crumpled. It was wet, I was wet, I had skinned my knees and now they were tormenting me, just for the fun of it. I hated being the new kid!

"Say please, pretty please can I have my bag back Mike?" he taunted me, dangling the bag before my eyes.

Mike, so that was this idiots name. Later on we would become friends of a sort but for now he was my bully.

I stared at them and tried to fight the angry tears forming in my eyes. I hated to cry, hated people to think I was weak.

"C'mon Geek beg for your bag, like a good little nerd" Mike laughed as he opened my bag and began to rifle through its contents "Oh Lookie here, lunch money, thanks geek"

I glared indignantly at the boys through my tears, how dared they call me a nerd? Sure I was smart but really a nerd? At eleven years old you don't have much understanding of boys, not knowing that they would use any name as an excuse to taunt you- deserved or not. I felt a surge of fear that I tried to ignore; they were bigger, stronger and meaner than me, which meant they could pretty much do what ever they wanted.

"Please can I have my bag back?" I asked quietly but I glared at them, furious.

"It's ours now geek"

I reached out trying to snatch the bag back.

"Ah, ah, ah! Manners!" he said as he held the bag away from me, laughing at the frustration that must have showed on my face.

"Please give it to me" I was panicking a little now, not only as I had lost my new bag but now it looked likely I would be late for my first day at my new school.

Mike looked at me and laughed as he threw my bag to the floor, it landed in the middle of a muddy puddle with a thud. My heart sank.

I raced forward to catch it, not seeing the foot Mike stuck out and suddenly I was falling again. Clumsy was my middle name, even without help from the school bully. Landing again, in a heap in the puddle, the contents of my bag now scattered around me I began to cry. Mike laughed down at me, pointing and jeering.

"Hey! Get away from her!" came a voice from across the street, that sounded as though it had been sent from heaven.

I looked up and through my tears I could just make out a tall lanky bronze haired boy loping towards me. My breath caught; even at eleven I could see he was beautiful. My avenging angel. I stared in disbelief at this wonderful boy who had come to save me from my bullies.

"Oh shit, its Cullen," said Mike, for the first time sounding scared "run for it".

Without even sparing me a look, the boys took off at a run.

I wasn't sure who this Cullen was but I had never been so pleased to see anyone in my entire eleven years.

"My knight in shining armor" I murmured almost to myself, as he leaned down to me, looking worried.

"Are you ok? Did they hurt you?" he asked with a concerned expression, holding out a hand to me.

I looked up at my savior and felt my eleven-year-old heart go flip flop inside me. He was so beautiful, it hurt to look at him.

"No they didn't hurt me, I'm ok" I mumbled with a shy smile.

He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen, tall and lanky with messy bronze hair and friendly topaz eyes. He wore a white shirt and dark jeans and looked a little older than me.

I took the hand he offered and pulled myself to my feet quickly. With a sigh I bent and began to re pack my soaking book bag. He handed me my pencil tin as I attempted tried to dry my bag on my shirtsleeve. Pointless really as it was still raining, I could see it was a waste of time but wanted to do something apart from stare at my hero.

"I'm Edward by the way, Edward Cullen" he told me with a crooked smile and I felt myself blushing madly.

"I'm Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella" I smiled back a little self consciously, no doubt showing off my colorful retainer. The braces I wore embarrassed me but I was told I would be grateful in years to come. And i was.

Edward looked thoughtful for a second "Isabella Swan? Chief Swan's daughter? My mom mentioned you would be coming to school today"

Oh great, everybody was talking about me already, well Forks was a small town, I was probably the most interesting thing to happen in a while.

I offered him another shy smile "Well I'm trying to get there…thanks for getting rid of those guys for me, I thought I'd never get my things back"

"No problem, those guys are just jerks" he stared at me for a second and seemed to be trying to make his mind up about something "So my mom tells me you're really clever, super smart or something, like a genius"

I shook my head Charlie had been exaggerating again, it tickled me a little to know he was so proud of me "Not really, I just like to study" I admitted, and Edward laughed softly.

"That's great because I'm really stuck with this math problem, think you could maybe help me out a little?" he asked hopefully and I grinned unable to resist the look on his face.

"Sure, I owe you one for saving me"

"Awesome, we can talk about it on the way to school if you want, it's only a couple of blocks from here . . . You know I've never had a geek as a friend before" he teased.

"Well I've never had a knight in shining armor as a friend either"

"I think we'll make a great team Bella" Edward smiled.

"I think so too Edward"

And that was the day I fell in love…with my best friend.