Warning: Not for kiddiewinks. SasukexSakura one-shot lemon 8D enjoy readers!

The group settled themselves leisurely along Sasuke's sofas and armchairs, exhausted from the arduous journey home. On the way back to the apartment, the air had gone stagnant and dry, large foreboding clouds accumulated in the night sky. Sasuke was the first to verify the brewing storm, and on cue large droplets of freezing rain began pelting them from above. Running, they sought refuge in his apartment, much to his chagrin.

Ino and TenTen simultaneously collapsed on the large sofa, each soaking wet and quite irked. Hinata and Sakura took comfort inhabiting the armchairs, each with a cup of hot milk cradled in their hands. Sasuke, currently resigning in the kitchen, was stifling his sneezes with little success.

Ino looked over at TenTen, and sighed. "That has got to be the worst storm I've seen yet,"

"It hasn't even started yet," replied TenTen.

"Doesn't matter," Ino said. "I can tell it's going to be a huge one. Did you see the size of those clouds?"

"Maybe if you're lucky you'll be hit by lightning." Sounded Sasuke from the kitchen.

"Piss off!"

"Guys," Hinata sighed. "Please don't start."

Both could be heard grumbling.

Sakura smiled and finished her milk, then stood. "I'm going to get some tea. Anyone want any?"

"Not if you want bloodbaths and carnage for dessert," said Ino.

Sakura remained unperturbed. "Anyone else?"

Everyone shook their heads dismissively, obviously smart enough not to trifle with his sacred tea.

Shrugging, Sakura ambled into the kitchen, breezing by Sasuke and over to the cupboards. She already knew where the tear packets took residence in, and missed the warning look he shot her when she reached for the handle of the tea cupboard.

A hand clutched her wrist almost instantly, firm but not enough to leave a bruise. Sakura expected as much; there was no way she'd get away with having his tea twice in a day — let alone to live through the first one.

Sasuke knew his actions were intended to intercept her progression, but suddenly, he didn't really care. So, not comprehending his actions, he gripped her other wrist and spun her around effortlessly, so that their chests were barely brushing. He leaned in toward the shell of her ear, noticing her breath hitch, and growled, "Do not touch my tea."

It took all of her resolve to keep on a deceiving facade, but was eventually able to acquiesce to his not so frightening but mostly chilling demand. Maybe she was just getting used to his threats?

Slowly, a bit belated, he unclasped her hands and pulled away sharply, not bothering to assess her bewildered expression as he strode down the hallway. Sakura released the breath she hadn't known she had been holding and slumped against the sink, trying to keep off the sudden trepidation.

What was that? she asked herself, a bit miffed.

Nothing like that had ever put her on edge like that. The sole equivalent to what she felt would be the rush of adrenaline and the sudden spur of endorphin pulsing through her veins as she trained at the dojo and kicked some minion ass.


Sasuke, however, was berating himself for not keeping his complacence in check while invading her space. He could tell she had definitely felt some sort of emotion from his illogical actions, and he wasn't that concerned about giving her the wrong impression when she obviously knew he was only trying to protect what was his. Right?

He shook his head.

Though his original intentions was to interpret her actions and halt them at a moments notice, he couldn't help but think of how close he actually had stood by her. He knew for sure that he didn't need the close proximity to stop her from reaching for his tea, he could have rather taken a knife and threatened her, though it would have been proven futile. She would most certainly exploit his weakness by throwing him a good kick in the head for that.

So, what had really happened? Had he intended on getting so close to her in the first place, or was that some sort of fluke played by the Gods? He knew she was all but unattractive, and probably wouldn't mind seeing more than just her pretty face. Maybe getting under her pants later...

Storing the thought for later, sparing himself the imminent migraine, he entered his room and began to strip down.


Deciding not to ponder over it for the time being, rather inserting the question in a tiny vault in the back of her head, Sakura shook herself and righted her passive composure. Entering the living room with vacant eyes, she was immediately addressed by Ino and TenTen.

"Hey, where'd Sasuke storm off to?" questioned TenTen.

"Yeah, he looked extremely pissed,"

"It's mad," reprimanded TenTen.

"Pissed," answered Ino hotly.

"No. It's—"

"Oh, give it up," exhaled Hinata. "You're going to be fighting forever at this rate. You might as well just except the fact that Ino can't don proper mannerisms."


Everyone, excluding Sakura and Sasuke, snickered under their breaths.

Ino looked at Sakura, and saw the despondent look in her eyes, the one that signaled she was contemplating on something that was probably of no significance. "Hey, Sakura-chan," Sakura looked up slowly. "What's up? You look like you're thinking too hard again."

Sakura waved a dismissive hand. "No, it's nothing." Nothing I can tell you guys right away...

"Well, if it's nothing, than why did Sasuke leave so soon?"

Sakura hesitated, then shrugged. "I don't know."

Ino scrutinized her face, looked toward where Sasuke had stormed off, and where they had been. She couldn't hear the kettle boiling, and she hadn't seen Sakura assimilating her favorite mug. So...that meant...

"Did you guys start making out in the kitchen or something?"

The look on Sakura's placid face could only be described as mortification.

"W-what!? N-no! What a-are you saying—?"

"I get it, I get it," Ino said, smiling ruefully. "He's a hunk. Why not? I mean, if I were to find a guy like that I'd do it every—"

"Enough." Sakura sputtered, a bit appalled. Even TenTen looked a bit abashed, while Hinata was trying to keep the shock off her face. Sakura gave everyone a level, but apprehensive, glance. "I did no such thing. And besides, like he'd do that with me. Come on, think about it."

"I don't know Sakura-chan," Hinata spoke softly. "I mean...it wouldn't really surprise me if you two..."

"Okay, this stops now," ended Sakura firmly. "There is nothing going on between us. No hidden innuendo, defamation, tryst, or anything of a sort. I have a high suspicion that that situation would never occur with us. I mean, he made it clear quite a while ago that he wasn't into me..."

Hinata spoke up again. "That was then, this is now."

"Yeah, live life to the fullest. Just because he ain't interested, doesn't mean you guys still can't have your fun," Ino grinned. TenTen promptly hit her in the head with a pillow.

"That is not the way to do things!" TenTen reproved, giving Ino another hit for good measure. "You have to have more respect for yourself!"

"I concur with TenTen," mumbled Hinata. "That seems wrong."

Sakura gave Ino a wistful glance. "Not necessarily. Anyone but Sasuke."

TenTen and Hinata sighed morosely in unison.

"Anyways," sighed Sakura. "It's not going to happen. I'm still not so sure if my feelings for him ever existed in the first place. And even if the opportunity were to present itself..."

"Eh, it'll happen eventually," confirmed Ino. She was smiling, a little glint in her eye that told she knew more than she let on.

Sakura gave her a questioning glance, but ignored her jibe for the moment. "I'll be back. Gotta freshen up."

"Good call. You look like shit,"

"I appreciate the honesty, Ino-chan."

With laughter resounding off the living room walls, Sakura swiftly exited the room, head spinning. She thought over Ino's rash words, and how she had a point about living life to the fullest. All of them were plagued by death from sun up to sun down, and neither of them had a clue as to when they would see their final day. Thus the life of which they lived, always kept in the unknown congregation of Fate.

She knew that with her job it required putting her life on the thin tether of the possibilities of surviving and death. So, it seemed comprehensible that with death always looming over them that going out and doing something completely irrational was actually acceptable. She was well aware that she at least wouldn't be dying a virgin — that would have been utterly embarrassing.

She rounded the corner, noticing that his door was closed, and shrugged. She figured he was sleeping off the rain and the exhaustion. After all, one could only take enough grief and happiness constantly replacing each other. It tended to irritate people, and Sakura had no qualms with allowing Sasuke the privacy and silence he needed. So, keeping the thought of staying out of his hair for the time being (at least, until he was calm enough not to turn volatile again), she stepped into the spare bedroom where she normally accommodated and rummaged through the closet.

Pulling out her housecoat, she shut the door with a hushed thud and donned the navy blue fabric, removing her clothes and placing them neatly on the edge of the double bed. Followed by her white furry slippers that she held in her hand, she exited the room and headed toward the bathroom, planning on fixing up her makeup and then taking a nice, long, needed shower and nap.

She pressed her ear to the door, made sure it was vacant, and turned the knob. As the door swung upon, her eyes remained fixed on the linoleum tiling, then, as she sensed the presence of company, her eyes slowly ascended from the floor and up a very appealing body that was mostly naked from the waist up, save a skimpy white towel that did a very poor job at hiding the bottom half.

Gulping audibly, Sakura decided that maybe lingering her eyes on the scrap of clothing was not an intelligent idea. So, trying to keep reserved, she met Sasuke's stunned, albeit impassive, eyes. They stood there for several moments before Sasuke took it upon himself to fully wrap the towel around his waist, his actions causing Sakura to jostle out of her thoughts.

Stammering, her hand came up to cover her eyes, though the damage was already done. "Uh...sorry, Sasuke...I...didn't know a-anyone was—"

"Whatever," he said. "Just next time remember to knock."

Sakura vigorously nodded her head in assent. "Yes, yes. I won't do that again—"

"I don't care if you do. I'm just giving you a piece of advice in the future in case you deem it likely to waltz into someone elses' bathroom uninvited and unannounced. Your abilities are far more advanced than that, Sakura-chan."

Sakura was a bit flummoxed at his words, thinking he was meaning something else all together. But, one thing was for sure; she definitely saw 'it', and 'it' was quite large.

Sasuke didn't seem to notice, or rather decided not to indicate his interest, as the blush surreptitiously crept onto her cheeks, and he proceeded to turn the water tap on. Either he forgot she wasn't currently standing there, trying not to outright stare, or he didn't give a damn. Sakura almost jumped out of her skin when Sasuke began removing the towel from around his waist.

"Eeek! What the hell are you doing, Sasuke!?" screeched Sakura, effectively ceasing his motions. The towel was barely covering anything at this point, so she couldn't figure out for the life of her why she was freaking out. It necessarily wasn't the first time she'd seen it, in all honesty. A couple of interrupted showers and baths and they weren't all that ignorant to each other, but this was the first time he was blatant taking the towel off in front of her!

Sasuke returned her distressed look with a smug one of his own. "Obviously I'm not going to leave my own shower."

Sakura fidgeted, worrying her lip between her teeth. "Then, that's my cue to—eep!"

"You're not going anywhere."

Sakura thought she'd faint. "B-but—"

"I've put up ignoring you for the time being. Not any longer."

Sasuke roughly shoved his body against Sakura's and captured her lips into a smoldering and toe curling kiss that left Sakura fighting to stand up — but being crushed against the door had its advantages. Her hands, themselves not strangers to things like this and acting on their own accord, came up to encircle around his neck to meet his kiss with equal fervor, feeling as his hands gripped her waist and pushed a bit harder in excitement. Her hands felt his hard sinewy chest roughly, memorizing the feel of his muscles contracting from her touch. A throaty groan emitted from his diaphragm when she began scraping her nails against his skin enough to make little subtle markings.

This was the moment she'd been waiting for, but she'd never expected it to happen in the bathroom of all places. Right then, Sakura didn't give a damn, submitting to his heated kisses and allowing him to maneuver her body against the door frame. She felt his teeth graze her bottom lip, and immediately she opened her mouth eagerly for him.

If she felt the kiss had been hot, she was a spiraling ball of flame when their tongues began to tangle for a fight for dominance. Of course he won, but she was all for it, not wanting to turn him off by being the dominant. Though she was strong, she gladly relented and allowed him to take over, his experience excelling hers greatly. His hands worked their way around her hips with practise ease and almost nonchalance as they skimmed the hem of her black trimmed panties and smoothed over her flat, toned stomach, a low baritone growl eliciting from the back of his throat at his appraisal of her figure.

Unknown to Sakura, she was mewling as well, almost enough to attract attention from the other residences if she were to go an octave higher. Sasuke's lips slowly descended from her lips to kiss her jawline, nipping once in a while to extract a broken squeak, then leading down to her neck where he left hot open mouthed kisses up and down her pulse point as he planned on covering every part of her skin.

He traced her collar bone, grateful she was only clad in a easily discardible robe and flimsy undergarments, and left little bite marks across her shoulders and neck. Sakura was doing her damned hardest to keep her mewling to a mere whisper, but was failing quite rapidly when he proceeded to go further down her chest until he was at the part of the robe that was hiding the rest of her.

She watched, her vision a bit congealed with stars, as he lightly clasped the thin material and spread them open, her breath hitching when he immediately began kissing a path down the valley of her breasts. She had to stifle a moan when his hands came up to trail down and cup her breast, squeezing a bit, before his lips began to explore over more than just the flat expanse of her body. He lifted the robe from her shoulders and let it pool around her feet on the floor.

He was quite tired of woman always wearing bras, and was known to rip them to shreds to get to what he desired. But, in this case, he would have to remove it gently so she could wear it later, lest they be questioned on their actions later. Not that he really gave a shit, he just didn't want the remnants of questions after Sakura was finished being interrogated, though he doubted they'd get her to crack over something like this. So, with slow movements that made her want to groan and tell him to hurry the fuck up, he slipped his hands behind her back, making sure to trap her in between the door and his chest, and unclasped the back of her bra and let it trail to the floor without much care. He licked his suddenly dry lips, eyes shining with anticipation. His hands came up to grab her breast swiftly, and smiled when he heard the strangled gasp she emitted.

He wasn't so sure as to why he had taken the liberty of tackling her like that so abruptly, but at the moment he was too occupied with keeping up his tedious ministrations. He was riding on high when he could hear her rasped and ragged pants when his hands began to roam freely over her almost unclothed body. His thumbs slipped into the waistband of her panties, just tugging hard enough to ease them down an inch before coming back up to tease her chest.

Sakura felt like someone had inserted a scorching hot ball of flame inside of her stomach when Sasuke had removed the unnecessary piece of lingerie and grabbed her breast without restraint, feeling as she writhed and squirmed beneath him at the contact. If he was getting her so turned on with just amusing her chest, she could only hope that the effect would substantially increase when they began to move things a bit faster. His large calloused hands gently squeezed and rubbed at her breasts and flicked at her nipple, causing it to distend a bit at the pleasuring friction. His fingers pinched the pink pebble, twisting lightly, letting it extend farther and making her writhe in pleasure beneath him. His mouth came down to kiss the soft mounds, licking and suckling the tender flesh before taking her erect nipple into his mouth. She sighed at the contact, feeling as his hot tongue circled and nipped and tugged at the pert nipple, causing little electric jolts to startle her body into a frenzy. His other hand came up to cup the abandoned breast, squeezing gently, moving it in circles sensuously as he left bruising marks on the other. She began to pant heavily, sapphire eyes glazed over with passion and wanton need, as he moved from that breast to the other and reiterated his actions with just as much attention.

He smiled ruefully, and began taunting her more, enjoying how she wriggled beneath him and set his cock twitching impatiently. He was keeping it from extending quite well so far, but he was trying to prolong the sensual moment, and not just jump out and fuck her brains out like he'd been planning to. He savoured her passioned moans and memorized her most sensitive spots for later, and was slowly felt his restraint slipping as he continued to stimulate her highly responsive body.

His mouth slowly released her reddened breast with a pop and began kissing her toned stomach, feeling her tight abdominal muscles flex under him as he placed chaste kisses up and down her chest, just lingering at the edge of her skimpy panties before making his way tortuously back up. He was basking in the reality that her hips would buck up whenever his lips came close to her center, and left more smoldering kisses across her waist. Her hands came up to grasp his dark hair, trying to keep herself in check, and failing when he purposely rocked his hips against her crotch. She let out a heady moan, pleading for more, but he continued to tease until he himself was no longer to keep himself composed.

Sasuke then realized that he had left the shower running, and currently wasn't using it, instead was concentrating on Sakura's rather appealing and desirable body. So, with one swift movement, he hitched up her legs to wrap around his waist and held onto her toned thighs, making sure he had a firm grip on her before moving over to the shower. Sakura had to suppress a very loud gasp when she felt the thick material of the towel slip to fall off and noticed that she finally felt the hard organ press against her.

"Uh..." she said succinctly, not realizing he was already turned on and probably ready to go at any time.

Sasuke ignored her broken sentence that was most likely a question and promptly set her down after the tease, shredding her of clothing as efficiently as he could and discarding the troublesome towel as he went. Sakura couldn't help but stop her breathing when her eyes traveled southern to notice that he was undoubtedly happy about their situation, standing proud and erect, and she had to stop from blushing like a novice. He definitely was by far one of the biggest she'd seen yet, and she was immediately sent into another wave of pleasure when she began to think of what it would feel like to be filled completely. He either didn't notice where her eyes lingered for longer than needed, or didn't give a damn, and stepped over to kiss her heatedly.

She met him with equal vigor, and relished in the feel of skin on skin. His teeth grazed against her jaw and started a pathway down, leaving more little bite marks where he met her vanilla tasting skin. She tilted her head to the side to allow him better access, trying to keep herself in check from moaning aloud when he left more burning hot open mouthed kisses up and down where the others were located, and the contact of his erection against her now unclothed core. Already she could feel a bruise start to accumulate where he caught the flesh between his teeth and made small incisions in the skin that would heal in a days time.

The rush of adrenaline, the feel of the pain in the right area, the fact that they were being quiescent enough to keep the suspicion away, was sending her over the edge, and she had to restrain her tremulous hands from leaving his shoulders and venturing farther down. He picked up on her unfinished actions and moved his hands away from her hips, encircling her wrists and placing them in front of her, and she had to remain calm when she felt his throbbing member against her knuckles.

He growled his approval and continued to ravish her chest, his hands maneuvering themselves from her wrists to her fingers. She wasn't sure what his intentions were until she suddenly felt her fingers start to unclasp themselves and move further, the heat becoming more prominent against the back of her hands. A bit hesitantly, her hands gripped the tip of his member, and moaned when she felt how hot it was, and felt her stomach coil in anticipation for the penetration. Sasuke grunted, wishing he'd continue having her slide her hands down, but sensed her discomfort.

Sasuke first had other plans though, and placed another lingering kiss on her mouth before opening up the shower curtain and stepping inside, helping her in as he shut the curtain and continued his ministrations on her body. This time, she returned the favor greedily, placing lingering kisses on his neck and collarbone and everywhere else she could reach. Kissing his neck, mouth, chin, jaw, sucking at his earlobe until she heard the grunt of approval, her hands came up behind his back and starting digging in, leaving little markings on the back to match the ones she made on his chest. His hands skimmed her thighs, moving their way up until his hands were at her opening, lightly flicking at her sensitive clit to make a jolt of pleasure course through her body. Her back arched into his touch, hips almost grinding into his finger, asking for the intrusion into her core to send her into release. But he wasn't one for sympathy, especially in bed, and continued his sweet torture on her vulnerable bundle of sensitive nerves, his other hand coming up to play with her breast as she moaned into his mouth. His expert hands slid up and down her thighs, getting closer to her heated center before slowly, painfully, moving away.

Sakura was growing quite impatient, but was thoroughly impressed at how riled up he had gotten her so quickly. The water that pelted her pink head added to the pleasurable torture by wetting their bodies and making contact more slippery and accessible. Suddenly, Sasuke jerked her away from the fall of the water and pounded her against the plastic walls, lifting her legs to encircle around his waist, his cock just centered with her core so that one sudden jerk would cause it to enter her, and it would be giving her freedom.

But, of course, being the bastard that he was well known for, he made sure that he wasn't directly positioned with her, and began kissing her again. Sakura thought that the routine was becoming a little more than redundant, but quickly thought otherwise when she felt Sasuke's fingers slip past her velvety folds and into her tight hot entrance. She strangled a moan when he began a rhythmic beat of pumping inside of her, first starting with a single calloused finger, then adding another, and then stretching her with three. He pounded inside of her, getting her ready for the real deal, her fluids covering his fingers to only to be washed partially away from the water that was dripping down his black matted hair. His fingers hit a certain spot inside of her, and she arched into his touch and pleaded breathlessly for more. First he set a slow, torturous pace, but evidently quickened the timing, sending her thighs quivering in ecstasy. His rough thumb pumped against a little spot inside of her, making sure to pump into that while he nipped at her collarbone to send her into her orgasm.

Her muscles, tight and riveting against his fingers, tried to trap his digits inside as he quickly came in and out in a pace that had her rocking against his hand. His tongue shot out to trace the edges of her collar and shoulders, tasting her sweet skin, and trying to stimulate her body into release. Though she was pretty much there, she was still seeking more than just a man's digits. She desperately wanted him inside of her, but the rocking pleasure that was flowing throughout her body made her forget about pretty much everything. He reveled in getting her into a frenzied state and watching as she squirmed and bucked against him for more. And more he would soon give her.

He captured her lips into another searing kiss, gently nibbling on her bottom lip until she granted him access and began playing with her tongue. She was so sticky and wet and desirable that he could hardly hold back his own release, seeing her face contort in pleasure as she reached her peak and quivered against him as she come up and down from her orgasmic high. She slumped against the wall, panting and gasping for much needed air, but hadn't much time to rest when he slipped his fingers from out of her heated core to position himself for easy access.

He met her in another tantalizing kiss as he eased inside her at first gently, then began ramming inside of her as soon as she opened her mouth. The heat surging through her body sent her howling in pleasure yet again as she prepared for another intense orgasm. She arched into him and strained her hips to the side so that she could engulf him completely, barely bothering to restrain her moan when she felt his tip press against that spot inside of her that immediately made her body quiver and convulse into spasms. The muscles that contracted around his cock did little for him to hold up on his progression as he set themselves a slow pace to begin with, coming out slowly, coming in hard. She met his pumps with vigor, begging for her liberation, and loving how he filled her completely and sent jolts throughout her body that had her wanting more.

His pace slowly transposed into a harder and quicker pace, he himself barely able to stop his satisfied grunts as her tight body clenched around him, feeling himself becoming lost in the pleasure. When Sakura wasn't moaning she was scraping her nails against his back and placing opened mouthed kisses on his neck near the pulse point, meeting each of his thrusts, burying his hilt as deep as it would go as both of them were nearing their climax. Coupled with the water that caused easier penetration and the feel of being trapped against the wall made Sakura think that this was the best sex she'd ever received. Sasuke's hands gripped onto her ass to allow better penetration and an easier angle, feeling as Sakura threaded her fingers through his coarse hair as she met him every step of the way.

Setting up a new position, he hoisted her up higher so that her breasts were bouncing with each thrust in his face. He captured a pert nipple on his mouth and began to suckle, pounding into her upwards and finding a new revelation to which she thoroughly enjoyed far better than the last. One hand held a thigh while the other came up to play with her clit, planning on having her cum when he did too. She immediately gasped and mewled at the stimulation of three things happening at once and all but grounded her hips against his, wanting to end the insufferable pleasure as soon as possible. He felt his balls clench, signaling his near orgasm, and set the tempo faster, thrusting inside of her vigorously, not letting her have a chance to relax as he felt her body tense for the upcoming climax.

The nerves in her center clenched into a white-hot inferno, coiling within her stomach, and she let her head fall back against the wall as she felt her eyes roll back in her head as she came slow and hard. Sasuke, giving one last, powerful thrust, released himself into her womb and came as well, body quivering from the aftermath of the profound climax.

Sasuke found his legs become wobbly after the breathtaking release and struggled not to fall over. Gently, he set Sakura down, noticing how her eyes were glassy and how she wore a lopsided grin on her face. He breathed erratically, smiled also, and kissed her passionately. She fell against him, tired and exhausted, and huffed humorously.

"That was great," she said candidly.

"Yeah," concurred Sasuke, letting his head fall on her shoulder. "It was."


"I heard the shower going. Was she taking a shower or something?" asked Ino, dodging another aimed pillow at her head from TenTen.

"I don't know. But you were being pretty mean toward Sakura-chan. You know how she feels about him more than all of us, why exploit that in front of all of us?" asked Hinata.

"Eh, it's bound to happen sometime. I wasn't kidding about that particular thing. Everything else was to just jeer her into getting into the mood."

TenTen sighed. "That's a bit low, Ino. I don't know what she thinks about this situation now,"

"Who cares? If they're going to do it, they might want to get it over with soon. I mean, anyone of us could die shortly, why not just have fun?"

"Because it defeats all right morals and gives you a degrading name," TenTen said.

"And, I repeat; who cares?"

"Obviously they both do." Groused Hinata.

"You need to take into consideration their feelings. Not everyone likes to go out to raves and get laid each night," said TenTen, giving Ino a reprimanding look when she was about to protest.

Ino huffed, a bit agitated at their outrageous accusation. "I do not! Every Saturday of the week, at least. But you guys must share the same point of view that I do. We could die any minute! Don't tell me that morals and all those unneeded pieces of shit are important for what we do with our lively-hood."

Hinata and TenTen lapsed into thoughtful silence, each calculating what Ino was trying to insinuate. Hinata could sympathize to an extent with what she meant by having their lives taken at any moment. TenTen was still flummoxed at how openly rude she was being, but couldn't deny that she did have a point. It wouldn't be the first time they had first time any of them had acted on impulse and had sunk themselves into a hole almost deep enough that they could no longer crawl out of.

TenTen was the first to break the uncomfortable silence. "Yeah, I guess you're right, Ino."

"And I do not — wait. You...said I was right!?"

TenTen nodded her head sagely, while Hinata also conceded by standing up and heading to the kitchen. "One thing is for sure," she said amiably. "If something like this happens, Sakura-chan had better give us all the explicit details."

Silence ensued, and a low, guttural moan sounded from the hallway. Ino, having keener hearing than the rest, picked up on it immediately and stiffened, a wicked smirk on her face. "Did you guys just hear that?"

"Hear what?" asked TenTen.

"That moan. Man, that was loud. And whoever made it sounded quite happy."

TenTen shook her head shamefully at her friend and continued to read the magazine she'd found in one of Sasuke's cabinets.

Not fifteen minutes later both an exhausted Sasuke and Sakura emerged from the bathroom down the hall, their heads completely soaked and both of them only half dry as they donned on their wrobes and tried to inconspicuously enter the living room without large grins upon their faces. Both were a bit tipsy, still not over the intensity of their orgasms, but feigned casualty as well as they could. As soon as both of them entered, all eyes were on them mischievously, but since no one spoke up, Ino decided to instigate the conversation with a grin.

"So, how was it?"

Sakura blanched while Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly. Hinata and TenTen exchanged puzzled looks as their assessed their partners current state, and soon came to the same conclusion Ino had suspected long before any of this had even happened.

"You guys—" started TenTen.

"­—actually did it!?" finished Hinata.

Sakura sent a furtive glance to Sasuke, and he all but gave her an exasperated sigh. Slowly, she nodded her head in assent.

"Aha!" Ino shouted, victory evident in her voice. "What did I tell you all? Am I good, or am I good?" She looked around the room, frowned when no one acknowledged her intellect, but shrugged it off and fixed Sakura a suggestive look. "So, how was it? I bet it was amazing, Sakura-chan, in my personal opinion. I wouldn't mind taking him home with me every night to have some fun." Ino licked her lips toward Sasuke, who narrowed his eyes at her warningly.

Sakura shook her head, unknown to Sasuke it was a submission that she would tell all later on, and took a seat on the couch. Before she sat down, Ino stood and gripped her shoulder, twirling her around and staring at her neck and the exposed part of her collarbone. Slowly, she looked to Sasuke, noticed that the parts of his chest that was visible was covered in scratch marks, and grinned ear to ear.

"So you bite her all over and she scratches the hell out of you? Kinky."

Both Sasuke and Sakura suppressed a disgruntled groan.

"And—my god! Did you two do it in the bathroom or something!? You're soaking yet, Sakura-chan! But I bet it felt nice."

Simultaneously, all pillows that were present were chucked at the loud mouthed girl.


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