This is the second installment to the 'Love is simply, love' collections I'm now working on. Updates will be sporadic, but trust me, they'll be worth it.

Summary: When Sasuke decides to invite late-night fun, he's about to learn that it's not wise to mess with his pink-haired partner. Especially when there's a law to abide by.

12:34 AM

Sasuke, with his late night fun in tow, skulked into the apartment building and guided her swiftly up the stairs. The woman he met at the bar, twenty-something with bleached blond hair and big brown eyes, couldn't grasp the concept behind his stealthy movements. It was his apartment, no? So why should he have to enter like a burglar?

The black-haired man led her to his door and quickly removed the single key from his pocket when he sensed it was locked. 'Sakura must have taken up the liberty of locking it for me,' he thought, rather confused. 'Must have gone out or something. Funny she didn't give me any hindsight about this...'

He jiggled the lock, and winced when his date said rather ineloquently, "I don't know why we have to be so quiet," she complained, "I mean, it's your apartment."

Sasuke gave her a warning scowl. "My aparment may be occupied," he murmured quietly, continuing to try to get the door unlocked. Since when did it have trouble opening? "I wouldn't want to wake her."

"Her!?" gasped the woman. Sasuke made a show of sealing his lips and keeping a finger to his mouth. The woman bristled. "Don't tell me to shush!"

"All right. Be quiet, then."

The blond headed woman — he thought her name was Yume, but he wasn't so sure — fumed then crossed her arms and stood indolently. Sasuke had a rough time tearing his eyes away from her squashed cleavage, but managed to resume his task. Suddenly, he heard a large click — he hoped that if Sakura was in there she hadn't heard it — and as he removed his key he found that half had been broken off.

Languidly, he blinked twice. The woman gave a surreptitious sneer, before realizing they were locked out.

"Did your key just break?"

Sasuke didn't answer; continued staring nonplussed at the mangled key. Realization dawned. 'Sakura switched the locks,' he thought, incredulously. 'But why?' he ventured, ignoring the bustling blond beside him. 'Must have known I would have company and switched the locking mechanism.'

With a small push against the door, he peered inside through the minuscule cracks. Several rather large bolts had been vertically installed along the wall, appearing to only open from the inside, differing in shape, size, brand, and toughness. They hadn't been there earlier this evening.

Heaving a sigh, he beckoned the woman toward him. "Follow me," he said shortly. He grabbed her wrist.

"Why? Where are you taking me?" she inquired, hysteria skirting near the surface.

"To the windo—"

"The window!?" she shrieked, and wrenched her hand out of his. "I am not climbing through the window!"

With an eye roll he somewhat hoped she didn't catch, Sasuke grasped her elbow and pulled her closer, and grumbled in her ear, "Do you want fun tonight, or not?"

The woman let out a breath that sounded strangled, and slightly wobbled on her feet. He steadied her, relished the way he held so much power over women, and lugged her dazed state outside. He guided her so that they stood below his window. It was a bit over a twelve foot drop, while his balcony facing the city was about sixteen. He assessed how skinny his date was, and evaluated the amount of effort it would take to quickly tic-tac up.

As for the blond; she was every bit the voluptuous, light weighted woman who looked manageable to carry. As for the leap; there was a dumpster positioned underneath it (that blew the acrid scent of garbage through his window whenever the breeze would venture to the East), and the wall was hard solid concrete that would surely support the traction on his shoes. 'Good thing I didn't wear those confires today,' he noted.

"Close your eyes," he instructed, and when she did as bade he clutched her stomach and launched. Jumping up, hitting the side of the dumpster with minimal sound, he used the momentum and distance from the push off and dug his toes into the concrete, and with his free hand grasped the edge of the window sill. He brought up his knees, kept the woman cradled in his chest and upraised legs, he used his teeth to break open the latch and used his nose to push it open. The window swung open, and with a tiny push the netted screen tumbled into the bedroom.

He climbed in, gently set them on the floor. Finally, becoming too frenzied by the energy thrill and vastly becoming aroused, he pushed the woman on the bed that was veiled by the palpable darkness, and toppled in after her. He pinned her arms, which seemed smaller in his grasp, and proceeded to lavish her chest and kiss her vanilla scenting neck.

"Nice to see you, too."

He sprung up, and actually waited for his eyesight to adjust in the bleak darkness. The woman he had brought in through the window (how traditional) was sitting on the edge of the bed, perplexed. The one he had just assaulted was Sakura. She wore her blue nylon striped pajamas and a contemptuous smile, not exactly aimed at him solely; her brilliant eyes held with malevolence rested on his buddy.

"Uh...Sakura?" he said. The woman with him huffed.

"My name is Naoki," she corrected petulantly.

He blinked rapidly. 'Oops,' he thought intelligently.

"I didn't think you were so eager you'd break in to your own home," said Sakura coyly. Though mirth may be evident externally, he smelled a brewing storm.

"Huh? What? Who's talking?" said the blond woman — Naoki, apparently — frighteningly. "Who else is here?"

Sakura moved swiftly and silently in the darkness, and stood in front of Naoki.

"I'm his guard dog," she hissed. "Beat it."

Furtively, Naoki proceeded fumbling about his room, until she found the door and made a hasty exit. Sasuke visibly slumped, first looking dismayed that his fun left so abruptly; then his disappointment switched to chagrin at Sakura's selfish antics.

'She has no right to interfere with my playtime.'

The aforementioned girl stood with her shoulders squared, arms crossed, and jaw tight, green eyes flamed with fury. She absolutely hated when he invited late night entertainment to the apartment. She'd prefer if they simply left her be and did that stuff at her house.

Sasuke scrutinized her expression, noticed genuine exasperation (with a dash of jealousy) behind her infuriated facade. He sometimes couldn't interpret her sporadic mood swings if his immortal life depended upon it. Her jealousy over other females sometimes traveled above and beyond the normal reaction. (He was sure chasing his last play-toy out of the house with the meat clever wasn't ordinary in the slightest.)

"Sasuke." Hi eyes met hers somewhat hesitantly. "I thought we had a compromise;" said Sakura, swiping a piece of hair from her eyes, "no late-night fun here. You know how much I hate that."

The passive look in his eyes, the sleepy look on his face, gave her the impression that he'd never intended to keep it in the first place.

"Why did you think I changed the locks?"

"To keep me from my own apartment," was his automatic reply.

She frowned. "To keep the women out, not you."

"Then why not give me the proper key?" he snapped. "Or at least an object even remotely possible of breaking the door down?"

"Ha ha. Hilarious." She droned.

"I wasn't kidding."

'Of course you weren't,' Sakura rolled her eyes. Steeling herself for the argument that was impossible to divert, she began saying, "We've discussed this so many times it's a wonder that we haven't been at each others throats. Literally. You agreed with me to keep some of my sanity, at least. know how..."

"I am aware of your feelings toward me, Sakura-chan. Though it is trivial in my mind whenever I wish to indulge in some fun that requires minimum information of my partner. You should know of all people that attachment is not only lost on me but is also not what I am aiming for."

"Doesn't matter," she spat. She was aware of her volume rising. "At least go somewhere else!"

"Other than my own apartment?" he rose a challenging brow.

Sakura adjusted her posture, reigned in her anger, and replaced it with stoicism. "Yes. When's the last time you went to her house?"

He began to consider, but she cut him off. "Never, that's when,"

"Not true." Against his will he emitted a low, guttural growl. "You're skyrocketing this out of proportion exceedingly, Sakura-chan."

Eyes clashed with mutual acrimony until it seemed that the entire room would explode from the tension. The taunt silence dragged on, until Sasuke, vehemently, broke the silence. "I don't know why you just don't get over me in the first place,"

Reimbursed anger coursed through her. "You know we've talked about that, too. You know why I can't simply 'get over you,' "

"Do I?" he barked.

"Yes, you do!" she shrieked. Hot flashed of red clotted her vision.

"I don't think I remember correctly." He ground out. "Why don't you do us all a favor and humbly remind me?"

Her mouth parted for a snappy retort, but nothing came out. Truth was, Sakura was too cowardly to express such affection. Sure, give her half a dozen of Anubis' minions after her, and everything would turn out peachy and supper would run its natural course at 6:30 PM. Face her head on with her own emotions, she would always refrain.

Sasuke knew perfectly well too the reason for her disquiet, actually thought about cutting her some slack and retire for the night. But the notion that she had disrupted his fun time yet again resurrected itself from the recess of his mind. The thought was enough that it was pointless to try and stop it from coming out. Acidly, he said:

"Sakura, you know my feelings can't convert into something different. You distinctly know this. Stop building up false hopes in your head. I never asked for you to become attached to me, nor did I ask for anything of you. Just get over it. Accept it and move on."

Tears threatened to accumulate in the corners of her eyes, but she'd be damned if they were going to spill for him.

"You kow what? I commit myself so much to you it's ridiculous. I constantly worry about you. How am I supposed to know how to handle it when the day comes that you're not coming back home? I'm always with you no matter what. I haven't left your side since I met you. I can't accept it and move on. I'm too stubborn to let you go. Excuse me for making a bond between us that apparently you don't want anything to do with. You're ungrateful little son of a bitch who can't even see that he's got someone always caring for him, even when you didn't want the sympathy and support. And I'm always stressing over you because you simply can't do it yourself! So why don't you get over it!?"

She took a moment to breathe, felt her cheeks heat with anger and embarrassment. Finally, she decided to cut off her monologue and stand almost eye to eye with him. It wasn't difficult, for he was only half a head taller, and always managed to make her feel inferior.

"Now that I've bared my fucking soul, what do you have to say to me?" she asked. Her green eyes were still bridled with contempt, but the look of astonishment smothered a bit of it.

At first he hadn't said a word, then spitefully Sakura said, "Fine. If you're too much of a coward and a whimp to tell me I'm going to pack my bags and leave for my real home." She hesitated only a second before side-stepping him and heading for the door.

He caught her wrist, and still she wondered why she didn't attempt to wrench out of it. He pulled her back, facing her, not sure what to do, and kissed her roughly. The much needed activity and distraction (despite their recent outbursts) relieved her of her qualms, and she replied enthusiastically. He pulled away, lightly bit her jawline, then placed his lips to the shell of her ear and allowed a growl to rip through his diaphragm. He could taste the sake on her tongue, felt it getting his head fuzzy, figuring he should have been able to recognize right away that she was only slightly inebriated.

"For one, you know I always come out and say what I mean, especially because of the elephant incident."

A small smile tugged at her lips at the memory, a moan lodged within her throat. Since when did she suddenly not hate him anymore?

"Secondly, there is no need for you to become so overly jealous of my dates. You know they're temporary, while you're not."

She nodded absently, too much attention fixated to where his hands were monopolizing her body. She was faintly aware of the third, but figured she'd heard right.

"And thirdly; you're in for some punishment."

She sort of liked the sound of that proposal, then remembered sharply that it was Sasuke, and his punishments tended to vary depending on who was receiving the punishment. And, knowing that she was in for it, she submitted to it, but not before a wicked grin spread across her lips, in return giving him a benign, but menacing, smile of his own.

"Do I at least get a lawyer and a chance to explain myself?" she purred in his ear as he began to 'frisk' her.

"No you do not," he murmured. "I'm going to read you your Miranda rights. The person in custody must, prior to interrogation, be clearly informed that he or she has the right to remain silent, and that anything the person says may be used against that person in court; the person must be clearly informed that he or she has no right to consult with an attorney and to have that attorney present during questioning, and that, if he or she is indigent, an attorney will be provided at no cost to represent him or her."

"What am I being charged for?" she whispered, lips close to his ear, the tripping of their hearts beating in perfect tandem.

"Breaking and entering. And sexual harassment."

"Sexual harassment?" she questioned, maneuvering herself so that she trapped one of his legs. They stared intensely at each other. "I can bargain with the breaking and entering deal, but I did nothing to assault your person."

"Oh?" was his bored answer. From the way his eyes shone with hidden mirth, lust, and all around comfort, she could tell evidently that he was jeering her. He was familiar with her, so the barriers he normally set up to differentiate himself from others as the distant enigma wasn't needed.

"Yes. I did no such thing," she huffed, then kissed his mouth, and then his jawline. He growled his approval, then flipped her so that she was lying vertically on the bed, he hovering over top of her, dominating, but not possessive. She especially loved it when he took charge, so her punishment was going to be swift and torturous.

His hands found the buttons of her pajama shirt, open them with slowly, deliberate movements, making her patience ebb away fast. The quell of anticipation rode greatly as his fingers moved the article away with sureness, then his hands were cupping her voluptuous breasts, kneading them like he would be with dough. Her hips slightly bucked, and with one hand he gently pushed her back down. His mouth started at her neck, moving down slowly, open-mouthed kisses placed in designated places, knowing what made her squirm more. Finally, they traveled to the valley of her breasts, and with one, fluid motion, his hand reached behind her and unclasped the bra she wore. Sakura sucked in a sharp breath when she felt his rough tongue outlining her nipple with smooth motions. Frantically, Sakura brought her hands behind Sasuke's head, threaded her fingers through his dark hair, and encouraged him to continue his ministrations.

Sasuke smirked, and began to suckle her breasts, hearing her stifled sounds.

"Don't hold them back," he said thickly. "I want to hear them."

When he began again, this time she didn't refrain — a heated moan echoed the room when he added his other hand to tease the opposite nipple while using his tongue to play with the other. The sound of a woman's pleasure always drove him over the edge. Especially when they began to shriek his name when they came. Sasuke bent his head and latched his mouth over an erect nipple.

The warm, suckling heat of his mouth over her breast caused so much pleasure that Sakura cried out and rolled her hips hard against his in helpless reaction. He growled through the mouthful of her flesh and she mewled blindly with need. His short, dark hair brushed against her chest and caressed her soft skin most erotically and she gasped aloud when he nipped her suddenly, grazing his teeth against her sensitive flesh in a way that made her grow even damper with increasing desire. She arched eagerly into his mouth and keened softly when he began to suckle even harder on the delicate pink tip.

Writhing with the pleasure that he was bringing her, her hands came up and buried themselves into his soft hair as she lifted herself even closer to him. While working diligently on her chest, his hands moved down to the hem of her pants, skirting there teasingly, and rubbing over the flat expanse of her tummy. He gripped it harder, the muscles contracting under his touch. Gods he loved her stomach. His hands continued to slowly descend her pants down her long, smooth legs, and when he removed them and chucked them somewhere in the room (he knew they were going to have some difficulty finding her clothes in the morning), he snatched away the skimpy piece of black and red trimmed material she considered 'panties.'

His eyes rested upon her nude form with unhidden lust, and from the sinfully satisfied look on his face Sakura felt herself becoming hotter. A flick of his lips made her respond. "Nnngghhh…" Her moan was low and breathy and he watched her, exotically slanted green and green eyes intent upon hers as large, hot hands traveled down her lithe body and pushed aside her panties to get to her most secret of places. They hovered there for a second, before he slowly began to make her think he was inserting himself within her so soon.

Sakura really did growl with frustration when he briefly brushed the length of his arousal against the entrance of her hypersensitive core. Then he shifted slightly away and the delicious pressure was gone before her brain could even register its presence. Her hips bucked futilely against his firm hold and glazed emerald eyes snapped open.

"H-hey!" She cried out softly. "What are you—"

Her question ended abruptly in a strangled moan as he slipped a long index finger into her tight channel. Then he began curling that single digit against her wall of clenching muscles and pressing the rough pad of his thumb firmly against her clitoris. Sakura's eyes squeezed shut immediately. Her sleek thighs clamped down on his hand hard, and her flushed face was contorted into such an erotic mask of stunned pleasure that he added yet another finger into her the same time he started to rub the little mass of highly sensitized nerves at the apex of her thighs.

A low, throaty mew escaped her throat.

Grinning, Sasuke moved his mouth to her inner thigh, and continued to piston his two fingers into her wet core. Sakura bucked, trying to pull him in more, and a heady moan escaped her lips. Relishing her ecstasy, and feeling himself becoming harder through his boxer shorts at her writhing body, he started to, torterously, pump in and out with slow, fiercer movements. The sight of a woman climaxing was a total turn-on for him. Sakura felt the motion of his talented fingers working inside of her, stretching, coating her with her own juices. Lubrication for easy penetration. Where'd she hear that one before?

Tiny flashes of white zapped into her vision, and she felt herself climbing to an orgasm that would undoubtedly render her useless. And just as she felt the heat build up within her core, threatening to burst her, he sensed her peak and removed his fingers. They came out with a sticky suction sound.

Shuddering, she slowly was brought down from the brink and frowned. Taking a hand and reaching for the blindfold, she lifted it up and gave him a harsh glare.

"What the fuck was that for?" she said venomously, though her voice was shaky, and her leg were twitching. "Why'd you stop?"

He shrugged. "That was your punishment," then, placating, he added, "and I wanted to see what you'd do."

She gave him a blank stare. "You want to se what I'd do?" she repeated distastefully.


Without a hint of warning — he supposed later on he hadn't been paying much attention, too caught up in her bewildered and pissed off expression — she gave him a beckoning smile, and then had tackled him onto the bed and ended up straddling his hips with his back on the bed. In what he thought was a suggestion of seduction turned out to be a lure to flip him on his back and make him vulnerable. He knew she wouldn't hurt him (at least, not severely, he hoped), and watched her movements with piqued curiosity.

She removed the blindfold with quick movements; then started tying it around his head.

"Hey, who said your turn is over?"

"You did when you left me hanging," she snapped. 'Perhaps her bitterness from earlier isn't quite justified yet,' he mused as he felt her fingers toy with the buttons of his pants, grazing just barely over his hard cock that was hidden underneath the material. He felt (because the blindfold was obscuring his vision) her nimble fingers discarded of the pieces of clothing in a matter of seconds. (Secretly, he was impressed by her efficency.)

His erect member was standing up, proud and half concealed by the darkness. Sakura could never completely get over his size, though it may be 'average' amongst the male population, just looking at it and imagining it filling her completely sent ripples of chills throughout her body. He, however, was now completely nude, and she was left in her bra that he hadn't bothered to remove if she hadn't done so already. 'That's completely unfair,' he thought offhandedly, and he reached to grope for her breasts.

Her hands swatted his wandering ones away, and he let her.

"My turn," she purred, suddenly transforming into the sex-kitten he knew, and not the cantankerous, violent girl before.

"All right," he agreed. He wanted to see what she'd do.

She smiled sensuously, pearly teeth gleaned in the darkened moonlit room, aware that he couldn't see the victory smile. He slowly relaxed, felt her fingers slide along the tip teasingly, and tensed. She pressed a hand to his chest, easing him back down, and grasped his member within her palm and gave a squeeze. Pleasure rushed through his body immediately, and began to escalate when she began to pump up and down in slow, steady, sure movements.

Sakura watched him in awe writhe beneath her, a sight rarely seen; a moment where he was completely exposed. She drank in the experience while she had the chance, and amped up her rhythm, pumping more furiously. His fingers dug into the pristine sheets, hips slightly arched up. Smiling more vexatiously, she bent down and took his length in her mouth.

Sasuke's breath caught in his throat when the sudden feel of lips, wetness, and heat ensconced him fully. He thought for a moment she'd mounted him, until the grazing of cautious teeth and the flickering of a tongue stroked him into waves of ecstasy. The slickness added for better maneuverability, and granted Sakura the access of completely deep-throating him.

His throbbing head hit the back of her throat, and a groan emitted. She moved upwards, tiny mouth clinging to him in ways unimaginably desirable, leaving a bit of him revealed, before her nimble fingers clasped him once more and began to pump while her tongue assaulted him in tandem. The stimulation of two things at once made his nerves spasm, his body not able to handle the over-drive of exquisite pleasure. Sasuke, in his brief flashes of coherence, knew she wasn't the best at this job (hell, there were plenty of girls who could finish him in a matter of two minutes and leave him dazed), but he'd be an idiot if he didn't say she was pretty damn good at it anyway.

And, since being blindfolded enabled her to catch him by surprise, the thought occurred to her that he was completely in her control aroused him even greater, to the point where within less than a moment he would cum.

Sakura saw the look in his face; first stiff, rigid, the scrunching of intensity began to grow as he neared his climax. She gave the tip of his member a long, languid lick, pre-cum oozing out to rest on her tongue, sticky, translucent, and unpleasantly salty. In one swift motion, she positioned her hips over his shaft and submerged himself in to her, hitting a particular spot of nerves along her vaginal cavity that surged a wave of pleasure up her legs, arms, and head.

Her breath hitched and she moaned loudly. Then he flexed against her and just when she thought that she had already taken all that he had to give, he slid even deeper into her, the tip of his engorged length nudging the entrance of her cervix. The pleasure was so exquisite it bordered on pain. Sakura mewled softly and rolled her hips against his. His answering groan vibrated through her fingers and shot straight down to her very core.

"Ride me." Was his grunted demand.

Sasuke felt the tightness of her, the slick smooth muscles contracting around him, and let out a strangled grunt that was his demand. He wished to see her face, no doubt contorted in pleasure, and removed the cloth without her noticing. She was atop him, breasts bouncing sensuously in rhythm to her pounding. Teeth worrying her lips while her eyes were squeezed tightly, the image was erotic and amplifying the effects she was having on his person. Her hands were in front of her, on his chest, using him as leverage, digging into his flesh to leave subtle markings into his skin that would be gone the next morning.

Sakura was barely able to stifle the raucous moaning when she took him inside her. The jolt of his hips grinding into hers more deeply only acted to intensify that feeling. His long, thick cock provided her to be completely engulfed in ways other men weren't able to fulfill, waves of euphoric pleasure caused her pulse to run faster and more erratically. She had gotten on him at a very opportune time — he was on the brink of his climax while she was getting there vastly as well.

Sasuke felt himself drawn taut, a stretched cord, frayed in the middle and about to snap from the exertion. Suddenly, in an effort to hasten the process to aid her, his hands found her toned stomach and narrow hips, and began pushing her up and lifting her back down. The small breathy sounds she made each time she sheathed him completely was like music to his ears, and he decided to help her along. Long fingers crept to where they were joined and quickly located the little button that gave her so much pleasure. Watching her intently, he rubbed and tweaked her there; dragging louder moans and whimpers from her.

Reshii, this time, couldn't stop the heady moans when Sasuke began to help her pump. Suddenly he was everywhere inside of her and hitting newer, accessively more sensitive spots. Her breath came in short gasps, blackness started congealing her vision as her toes, fingers, clitoris, and core began to tingle before igniting in a smoldering hot flame as her face ruptured into the most erotic mask of pleasure as she finally came — and came hard.

Sasuke saw and felt her climax, the rush of hot liquid sliding down her thighs, the tight clenching as her feminine muscles clamped down on him impossibly hard, and in reciprocation caused his orgasm, too. The build up of pressure within his core burst like water through a flimsy dam. His shoulders spasmed momentarily, searing clouds of white light stood out starkly behind his closed lids, and when he came inside her whom he felt his hot seed spurt out, and then complete bliss fell over him. His nose slightly tingled, his legs jerked spasmodically, before the weight of Sakura tumbled onto his bare, sweat-slicked chest halted him in his movements.

She was breathing harshly, heart beating quickly, pulsating onslaughts of jittery nerves shook her body. Her ear to Sasuke's chest, she could distinctly hear the palpitating of his heart and the deep, uneven breathing as he suffered the aftermath with her. She felt his arms wrap around her back, pressing her to him, hardly leaving any places where their skin wasn't touching. Their heat dying, she was suddenly aware of how cold it was in the room.

Legs entangled with hers, arms around her small frame, the sweat and raunchy smell of sex later, Sasuke couldn't fight the small smile that spread across his lips, gong unnoticed by the woman on him. Sakura was still having trouble fathoming the sheer force of her orgasm to notice anything.

"That...was new..." she said huskily, eyes glassy, cheeks flushed, limbs obsolete. Oddly enough, she looked adorable.

"Indeed," Sasuke agreed. Since when did he think anything was 'adorable'? She was doing weird things to him, and strangely, he didn't know if he liked it or not.

She had such an affect on him he sometimes was scared shitless because of it. He admitted that she really wasn't the kind of person who turned heads immediately, and she sure wasn't anything close to being as beautiful to some of the women he had bedded. Sure she was very pretty, with a kind of hidden inner beauty, but certainly if you were to stick her in with a crowd he would probably lose her. The assumption unsettled him. She was very thin, lithe, and he couldn't help but admit that the fact that her small little stature was capable of almost annihilating him with her fists should she be riled up enough and he defenseless. It was a bit arousing. He threaded his fingers through her fine pink strands absently. 'Why am I so unconsciously attracted to her?' he questioned himself before Sakura roused from a quick sleep.

"Sorry," she garbled, smiling goofily. He was suddenly conscious of the fact that he hadn't bothered to pull out of her yet. Just another way of how deeply their bond was. "I sort of drifted off there. That was mind-blowing." She continued on groggily.

"So mind-blowing you passed out from it?" he retorted lightly. "Man. I must be God or something."

She poked his rib. "Don't get all high and mighty on me," she murmured sleepily. She nestled her head in the crook of his neck and embraced his warmth. "You're no God."

"I know."

A comfortable silence ensued around them, not the kind that left the conversation hanging on a teetering scale, but one of complete contentment, a moment to just enjoy each others company. This, in itself, was a rare occurrence, and Sakura found herself somewhat thinking of his number one rule: don't sleep with the same woman twice. She hadn't thought it was really him, but she knew better. This time it was indefinitely the same passive Sasuke she knew, who had a sense of humor, compassion, and loyalty underneath the cold enigma that was him.

"What are we going to tell the others this time?" Sakura asked amiably. "I mean, it's not like we can exactly escape from their interrogations. Ino will know straight off whether we did or not with one glance. I'm not too sure how she does it, but ignorance isn't an option."

"Perhaps we could say we just got a little...rowdy?"

A smile tugged at her lips, but she repressed it for now. "A little?" she teased. "How's starting off with a full-blown argument then just having some sex sound like 'a little rowdy' to you?"

He paused to consider. "You're right. We did get a bit carried away..."

She laughed, and once again settled all her weight against him, inhaling his spicy sent and just being happy that she was with him right now. This was such a scarce moment of tranquility in their regular and the move lifestyle that any opportunity to just lounge around and relax was pounced upon. She didn't know whether the infringement upon his personal space ever became unbearing around her, but he never said anything. She knew her friends would attack her later on, to digest in the juicy details Sakura would expertly avoid, but she also knew that their happiness that she had found something worth while to strive upon was greater than their perverted, interested minds.

At least, she hoped so.

She gave Sasuke's neck an affectionate kiss, got comfortable in his arms, and let her mind shut off and drifted. Sasuke, waiting a few moments to take in their situation fully and reassure himself that it wasn't a dream, fell into a light slumber also.

The next morning, Sakura felt as though she had dreamt the entire thing up. Concocted from the indignation from last night and maybe because of some of the sake she'd drank before-hand, but she was almost positive she had made everything up.

She tried to rise from the bed, shivering slightly when her naked skin hit the cold air that the open window allowed in. Wait. Open window...

She felt something hard pinning her to the bed, an arm, now that she glanced down, and found it attached to a man. Sasuke, she realized, was holding her to the bed, in a light slumber, for it was hard for him to ever achieve a deep sense of sleep nowadays. His face was softened, his face unmarred by anger, confusion, and anguish, purely tranquil and smooth that it made her heart slightly ache. The sun's buttery raise leaked through the window and basked the room in a tawny glow, that seemed quite consoling, and looked even more peaceful when it shown on his face. She leaned down, placed a hand lightly on his forehead, and kissed his cheek tenderly.

'Now,' she thought somewhat unsurely, 'how do I get up without him knowing?'

Chancing it, she silently slipped her legs from the tangle of blankets, noticed that his own legs retaliated by trapping hers. "Shit," she cursed softly, then tried to wriggle out her arm from his grasp. She succeeded in prying three fingers, and when she assumed that she was home-free, his arm flexed and pressed him against his flat chest, and she felt him stir.

"Mhm-hey," he mumbled incoherently, turning her around so that his onyx eyes were focused on hers. "Where do you think you're going?" he said sleepily, and pulled her flush against him again, using her shoulder as a pillow.

The feel of his hot breath against her cold skin rose goose bumps, and she had to come into realization that no, it hadn't been a dream. Yes, she really did do him last night when they had began to argue. 'Damn alcohol,' she growled in her head, but when his face composed and he drifted back off to sleep her flustered state extinguished. 'Too bad he doesn't always look like this. He looks so beautiful right now...' Absently, her fingers threaded through his bangs and shifted them out of his eyes.

He grunted, nuzzled her neck, and gave a sloppy little lick. "Mine," he murmured. Her face heated.

"Sasuke?" she said quietly, again trying to get up. As much as she loved being in this position with him (really, who didn't like cuddling after a long night?), she had to pee really badly, and his reluctance to allow her up was only forcing her to make drastic measures. "Sasuke," she said again, a bit more firmly. The corners of his lips twitched in response. "I need to get up. Let me go!"

When he didn't move -- she could have sworn she saw him become more comfortable — she peeled off his hands and made a hasty exit, managing to dodge his searching hands and fleeing to the bathroom. When she returned, face washed with cold water, effectively waking her up, he lay on the bed with his arms crossed over his chest, a look of impatience adding to his barely visible pout.

'Aww. Look at this. I bet he missed me.' She snickered eternally, and then made her way to the bed. As soon as she sat down, however, she was pinned underneath him, their bare chests brushing against each other sensuously, his hands capturing her wrists at her sides, while his mouth just barely kissed the side of her mouth. He slightly nipped her bottom lip, then trailed hot opened mouthed kisses down her jawline and her throat, before giving her a gentle love bite.

"You left me." If she had to confess, he sounded sort of...immaturely sad. Like when a boy is distraught because his favorite toy was run over by a big truck.

'In this case, I'm the toy and the truck is the bathroom,' Sakura thought, amused.

"Yeah, 'cause I had to pee," she said simply, and kissed his mouth fervently. "Sorry," she said. A small smile softened his expression.

"Are we asking for more punishment?" he jeered, fingers sliding up her flat stomach roughly, the feel of his warm palm rousing butterflies in her tummy.

She gave a sleazy smile. "No. More like demanding it." She thought she heard him purr, thought better of it, and kissed him again with renewed vigor. His lips skimmed the seam of hers, and she opened her mouth for him, finding that it made the kiss deeper and even more enthralling. Her tongue flicked the pointy tips of his enlarged incisors and canines, earning a grumble of appraisal from him, and her tongue fought with his for dominance. She was so sure that the heat within her would implode if he continued to kiss her that feverishly, that ravishing her body with his skilled, calloused hands would be the undoing of her.

Sasuke, himself, felt the heat build within his core, begging to be released. Emptiness wasn't major from the night prior, barely even recognizable should he take the time to remember that he was lacking in substance. He knew they were going to end up doing it again, there was no denying the simple fact. Surreptitiously, he glanced at his alarm clock, and knew it'd have to be a quickie: the time was 12:30 PM. Within a half an hour they needed to split and meet with the others.

He canted his head, and bit the lobe of her ear, and growled softly. He felt her shiver underneath him, the vibration of her sigh stirring him into a frenzy. He gently nibbled on it, continued to allow growls to escape his mouth, and bit the shell of her ear, and then hissed. He could see from the periphery of his vision the contorted expression of pleasure on her face, and knew that chills were making its way through her body. He didn't understand why she was so turned on by his growling, or the fact that he was biting her ear, but the sight of her pleasure was enough to get him to comply to almost anything.

He left a hickey on the delicate flesh of her neck, couldn't control the hardness that was compelling him to venture further. Her pants of approval only served to coax him more. He met her kiss again, toe-curling as it was, and felt himself loose his sensibility and was driven by animalistic need. He knew she was aroused, too, from the certain squirming of her lower body; the way she rubbed her knees together signaled that she wanted to be impaled by him. Sasuke would grant her her request, and almost forgetting that they were already prepared for this, he separated her legs and pounded into her without warning.

A hiss escaped her parted lips, completion on her face, as she felt the entirety of him slam hard into her sensitive core. Her legs twitched momentarily, and he gave her the silent look to see if she was ready. She nodded, and he began to thrust with deep, powerful movements, with slow and excruciatingly pleasurable rhythm she enjoyed immensely. The feeling of her tight muscles around him was all that occurred to him as he continued to piston inside of her, realizing that she legs were on either side of his body, and without much considering he hoisted them around his waist and told her to lock them together. He gave another experimental thrust, found that the angle suited much better; the gasp and drug out moan served him correct.

He jammed into her, not sparing to go any faster, wanting this one to count so that surviving the day would seem even more feasible than before. The pace only grew slightly faster when he felt the hot quell of an upcoming orgasm, and when he came into her, the same time she did, muscles contracted against his member tightly and when he emptied the little amount of him he had within her, he slumped onto her firm stomach and listened to their ragged breathing. He felt her quiver underneath him, not from the cold but from the extreme orgasm. Tenderly, he kissed her navel.

"If that was a quickie," she panted, "then that was a pretty damn slow quickie."

"Yes," he complied, "it was. But we had plenty of time."

"Plenty?" he felt the sarcasm in her voice, coupled by exhaustion. "There's barely fifteen minutes to get ready. We took our sweet time. Now I'll be dragging my half-dead body to Ino while you're going to have to find some way to stand without me."

"I can get up perfectly fine without casualty," he informed, but didn't believe it.

"Uh-huh," she muttered, and stroked his hair, feeling the soft texture within her fingers. She rather enjoyed patting him, and assumed he thought she was treating him like an affectionate, pompous, moody kitty. Unbeknownist to her, he rather enjoyed it, too. "Anyways, we need to get up and resurrect our limbs. And we need to shower." She gave a subtle sniff. "We smell like sex."

"Mhmm, favorite smell in the world." He paused a moment. "Except, for maybe tea."

"Get off me," she grumbled half-heartedly.

He did as bade somewhat reluctantly and started searching for their clothes. He didn't have a damned clue as to where he tossed them last night.

"Can't find them, can you?" Sakura asked, snorting ineloquently. She aided him in searching. "I think you tossed them somewhere over here..."

'She has much of a clue as I do,' Sasuke thought before sifting through clothes. He saw her migrate to the right, but thought nothing of it.

"Oh, Sasuke?"

He turned his head lethargically toward her, and saw that she aimed a pair of black panties in her fingers. A devilish grin curled her lips.

"Ready!" she hollered. "Aim! Fire!"