26 Things Fuji Syuusuke is Not Allowed to Do

by: Dandelion Cat

Fuji Syuusuke is not allowed:

1. To write on Ryoma's face while he is sleeping.

2. Tell Oishi that a pregnant woman needs his help 80 miles away, and that he needs to run all the way there to help her.

3. Come to practice dressed in woman's clothing. . .

4. Then say that Inui's juice had transformed him into a girl.

5. Run around screaming, 'Help! Somebody put out the fire!' whenever Taka uses his Burning Attack.

6. Repeat everything Tezuka says.

7. Repeat everything Tezuka says while wearing a clown costume.

8. Repeat everything Tezuka says in a feminine voice.

9. Turn everything Tezuka says into a song. . .

10. Then sing it to Atobe.

11. Say 'nya' every time Kikumaru tries to say something.

12. Put wasabi on Momo's burgers when he's not looking.

13. Tell Tezuka that Ryoma needs to know about 'the birds and the bees' before he makes a horrible mistake.

14. Tell Kaidou that his racquet is haunted. . .

15. And that the only one that will be safe to use is the most expensive one in the store.

16. Tell Ryuuzaki-sensai that he was quitting tennis to become a pole dancer.

17. Convince the opposing team that Ryoma is actually 6'5" on a day that he's running late.

18. Put Inui Juice in Kikumaru's favorite toothpaste.

19. Lock Tezuka in a closet. . .

20. Then, tell Oishi that he had been sent to the hospital the day before. . .

21. And, when he doesn't find him there, tell him that Tezuka had died. . .

22. And that the funeral would be the next day.

23. Write 'BOOBS' in big bold letters on all of Inui's notebooks.

24. Sign Momo up for interpretive dance classes. . .

25. And insist that wearing a pink tutu was a requirement.

"Did you seriously wear it?" Kikumaru asked, struggling to hold back his laughter.

"Yes," Momo admitted, "Fuji-senpai told me that I would be fined if I didn't."

"And, what happened?"

"I got kicked out."

Kikumaru burst out laughing as Kaidou shook his head, embarrassed by his rival. Oishi coughed as he tried to hide his laughter, and Inui scribbled into his abused notebook; the white-out doing little to disguise the letters on the pages. Tezuka ignored them and looked over the list.

"I suppose this should do for now," he said, sliding the list into a frame so that they could hang it on the wall.

Suddenly, Taka came running towards them.

"Buchou! Fuji-san is auctioning Ryoma off to his fangirls! The bidding is already in the upper hundreds!" he exclaimed, beckoning him to follow. Tezuka quickly dropped the list onto the table and rushed after him. Startled, the rest of the group followed after their captain.

"Hang on, Ochibi!"

"Wait for us, Echizen!"

"Somebody needs to stop Fuji before Echizen gets hurt!"


As the others ran off, Inui stayed behind. He swiftly slipped the list back out of its frame and grabbed a pen. Writing quickly, Inui rushed to gather data on the most recent Fuji-crisis.

26. Fuji Syuusuke is not allowed to sell his teammates, even if he can make a very large profit by doing so.

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