A Short Friendship.

A/N: In this story Christopher Robin is only 4 years old, and he hasn't met Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, or owl yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own the cartoon/book Winnie the Pooh

A young Christopher Robin was huddled up in front of a tree sobbing quietly.

His mother had yelled at him for breaking her crystal vase, and he had gotten upset and ran outside to hide, and, at least in his mind, run away from home for awhile.

His plan had been to act strong, like he didn't care at all, and then come back home and not apologize since she'd been so mean to him, but all he could do was cry and feel sorry for himself.

He sniffled, and then heard a pair of small feet walking up to him.

The always polite boy lifted his head and stared at the person who had interrupted his alone time.

And found himself staring into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen.

The girl smiled at him sympathetically.

"Hello there, why are you crying?"

The boy wiped his eyes, and didn't respond.

"I understand, you don't want to talk about it, right?"

He nodded, and she sat down beside him.

"Think you could at least use some company right now?"

He spoke at last, his voice a small croak.


The girl smiled again, and this time it was brighter.

"Well, I suppose I should tell you my name then. It's Danielle. What's yours?"

This time, when he spoke, his voice was stronger.

"Christopher Robin."

"That's a nice name. Well, since there's nothing else to talk about, and you don't want to speak of whatever's got you down, let's talk about how our day has gone. You first."

And so he told her about everything that he'd done that day, minus the breaking of the vase, and she listened intently to him, paying attention to every word he said.

When he finished, she told him about what she did that day, and he listened to her as closely as she had to him

Soon, he forgot why he had been sad, or even that he had been sad at all, and he found himself asking the girl if she would like to play with him.

They soon found themselves playing ring-around-the-rosies, and then Simon Says.

After awhile, Danielle said that she had to go home, and they both said their goodbyes.

After that first meeting, they played together every day for two weeks, and then Christopher Robin got the terrible news that she had moved away with her family.

He never saw her again after that, but he never forgot her.

To this day he hopes and prays that he'll see her again one day.