Iason an Roual was walking through the pet auction when he noticed something that caught his eye. It was one of the pets that were being sold. He was there with Roual as soon as they say the pet. They both stopped in their tracks and looked at each other. They know that wasn't a pet. She was not supposed to be there in the first place, because she was a Blondie. None other than his own sister Isana Mink that he hasn't seen since they were kids. His father had told him that she was taken. Not to worry about her anymore that she was no longer your sister.

He notes that she had cuts and browses all over her body and face. Iason just could not let this happen. Even thought he all ready had Riki he didn't care. He walks into the auction and places a bid on the pet. No one elites places a bid on the pet, because they know they would never win if Iason Mink really wanted that pet. The pet was taken down from the stage. Then handed over the pet to Iason and Roual. The pet was so weak that she just collapses in Iason arms.

Iason picks her up and takes her back to his penthouse. Where Riki was waiting for him to come home. Iason comes in the penthouse with her in his arms with Roual right behind him. Iason put her on the couch very gently.

"Roual get me the first aid kit we need to clean her up." Iason asked. "Yes of course Iason." Right as Roual left the room Riki came into the living room. He looked at the couch, and stopped in the tracks. He then ran over to the couch. "Isana what happened to you?" Riki yelled. "Riki you know who she is?" "Of course I know who she is she lived next to me and Guy. She is married to the leader of the underground. She was always so nice to us. She would always make us dinner for us. I always found it weird that there was a blond woman living in the slums, but Kyo told us that not to worry about it. Just to take care of her when he wasn't there. We did what we were told."

That is when Roual came back in the room with the first aid kit. He was going over to the couch as she was waking up. She shot up from the couch. She saw Riki and ran over to him, and put her arms around him than started to cry. "Riki take me home. I want to go home. Can you take me home Kyo must be worried about me?" She said between sobs. "I can't that will be up to Iason. Isana tell me how did you get this way?" He walked her back over to the couch.

"Well I was walking home, and these men jupped me. They told me that I was gong to sol as a pet ,I tried to fight them off. They must have given me something because the next thing I know I was chained up and naked. They would bet me when I wouldn't do something I was told. They would have to keep me drugged. The last thing I remember is being pulled into the van I don't remember anything eltes from then on." She turns her head and sees Iason and Roual looking at her. "Iason, Roual what and how did I get here?" "Well Isana you were put up for auction as a pet." Iason told her.

"Ok than do I have to stay as your pet or can I go home. I really want to go home. I don't live in this world anymore. Not since our father sold me to a War Lord on Alfa Zen. I finally get back here to find out than I was no longer your sister. I was in an ally crying and that is how Kyo found me. I have been with him ever since." Isana explained. "What would make you think I wouldn't want to see you?" Iason asked.

"Well if you must know brother, because father told me that he didn't want to girl. He had you so he had to get reed of me. Also he told me that you said you didn't want to sister. To be honest I would have never thought that you would say a think like that, but father played a tap with you saying that something he was telling me. When I was taking in the middle of the night and put in chains, and taking from the house and to a ship I just thought. I was dreaming, but when I was beaten and raped I know that my life was over. And I know it was because of you. Now answer something for me did you ever ask father where I was?"

"Yes, I did. When you were taken he told me that he would do everything to find you. He looked for you for years. Then he just gave up after a while." Iason said a little sad.

"Let me he never looked on Alfa Zen did he. If he would have he would have found me." Isana stated.

"Yes, you are right he never looked there. He told me that they would never have taken you there. I should have looked harder. Will you ever forgive me Isana? Iason was on his knees begging her.

"Yes, Iason I forgive you. I have forgiven you a long time ago. Kyo had me understand that it wasn't you. That the one I should be mad at should be our father and not you. Do I have to stay here?"

"Yes just for a while until you are all healed first."

"Fine if I have to stay will you find Kyo and bring him here so I can be with him. He is might be worried sick be now. If you need help to find him just ask Riki he should now where he is."

"All right we will go right now to find him for you."

"Thank you Iason. You are an angel. Just don't take too long."

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