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"Shit!" cursed Tenten. She was late for her first day of school. She was looking through her closet rapidly to see what she would wear.

"Dammit!, I can't find ANYTHING to wear!!" She kept looking although her closet, full of clothes.

"Tenten-chan, its time to get going." Hinata warned while she was standing at the door.

She then came into the room. "Is this ok?" asked Tenten. "Uhh, yeah. Its fine , Tenten, but we really need to get going or we'll be late." Replied Hinata. Tenten was wearing a red tight shirt with two kunai crossing eachother, some jeans and red converse, she had her hair in her usual two bun but they were kinda messy which made it look more cool. Hinata was wearing a sorta loose black shirt with some jeans and white adidas.

"Let's go!" Tenten yelled as she ran out of the room and out through the door. Shit. She thought. It was raining and she was soaking wet. Then she walked backed to her house and Hinata was at the door holding a jacket for her. "Thanks." They both smiled at each other and realized that they had 10 minutes to get to school. They ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and (well you get the idea).

They didn't realize that Konoha High was so far away. When they got there everyone stared since they were panthing for their lives. "Huff….. Damn….Huff….. I didn't know….. huff… that school….huff… was that….huff…..far!...huff" Tenten said while she was trying to get her breathing rate back to normal.

They entered the school and saw Ino and Sakura talking to each other until they noticed that Tenten and Hinata were walking towards them.

"Hi Ino! Hi Sakur-" Tenten was cut off by the sound of the bell. They all had to go get their schedule. They went to the front desk of the school and they found a woman with short black hair with a name tag that said "Hi! I'm Shizune!" and she was on the computer. She noticed them walk and gave them their schedules. They walked quickly to their homeroom and noticed that they all had homeroom together. They walked inside and saw a guy with a black mask on and grey hair that was sticking up that goes over to the left. Tenten noticed that he was holding this book in his hand. They found only four seats and they were next to the most hottest guys in all of Konoha High.

She didn't realize that her friends sat down with the ones they liked and leaving her stuck with Neji Hyuuga. Great, just what I need my all time crush and his jerky attitude. I think I am going to die! Did he just glance at me? Oh my god! I hope im not blushing. That always shows someone you like them. Dammit! But seriously, could he not be more of a cold heartless bastard, either way I like him. Gah! Sad thing is, he doesn't even know I exist! Tenten thought as she sat down and sneaked a peek at Neji and noticed that he looked at her. She quickly turned around blushing trying to hide her face.

The bell rang and she jumped out of her seat and ran to the door. Then she opened her locker getting her things. She quickly walked to the next class and she bumped into someone.

"Gah! " She yelled. Her books on the floor and her butt too. "Watch where your going!" She said while gathering her books. What she didn't realize was that Neji Hyuuga, the Neji Hyuuga crouched down to help her with her books. "Sorry about that" he said. "n-no don't be sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going, s-so I'm sorry." Tenten responded. Then he helped her up. He looked her straight in the eye and she ran away. Blushing.

"Was it my breath?" Neji asked himself. He quickly examined his breath. "no… then was it something I said?" He shook his head and walked off to his next class.


Tenten, Ino, Sakura, and Hinata sat together at a table and Neji, Shikamaru, Sasuke and Naruto sat at a table across.

Tenten's POV.

My stomach was in a knot, my face was 3 different shades of red, and I was staring at Neji Hyuuga. I couldn't believe this was happening AGAIN! He glanced over at our table and I shook my head to the other way. "Tenten, you know, you can't keep hiding from him forever. " Ino said. "but I can for a while" I mumbled under my breath. I wasn't even hungry. I threw my plate away totally wasting food but I didn't care. I walked back and tripped on a banana peel. Then I was about to fall headfirst when a certain someone caught me. I opened my tightly closed eyes and saw that I was in two strong arms.

I slowly got out of them and blushed. "uuh-uhh. Umm. Th-thank y-" I started but then I looked into his eyes. Something about his eyes were different. He then smirked. I ran away. Just like that. I ran away.

I felt so bad by the end of the day. I had a headache and the room would spin sometimes. My buns were almost undone and I was sitting in my desk ignoring the teacher since I was so focused on what had happened today. But then I remembered that his eyes. They were different. Not by the color but by the way he looked at me. I tried to figure it out but I couldn't. Those eyes were so familiar. The bell rang and it was time to go home. I told my friends that I'll be walking home alone and more slowly since I didn't feel well. They nodded but with worried looks on their face.

I started to walk home but then I got dizzy. The whole earth was spinning. I fainted. But I didn't land on the ground. I suddenly found myself in someone's arms. I looked up to see.


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