"A Finale, Of Sorts"
"A Fanfic of Highlander: The Series"
by Shaule Sachs

This is a work of fiction. This work is not meant to infringe
on the Highlander copyrights and other things. It is written solely
for the therapeutic release of the author and enjoyment of others.
Any similarities between this and real life is pure coincidence.


--- Part 4 ---

Saturday, Morning
Location: Unknown

The darkness that surrounding him felt very comfortable. He
did not have to know who he was or any other problems like that. He
could feel from the pain throughout his body that he was live and
some part of him told him that he was on Holy Ground as well. As
the a light grew within him images of the past began to form in his
mind. Some of the image were pleasant while others were painful to
watch. Some images were fuzzy like an old photograph while some
were clear. Yet these images seemed to come from other sources than
himself. These other sources disturbed him for some reason. Soon
the images grew to encompass him. His mind became a whirlwind that
seemed as if it was trying to drown him in his own mind. At least
he hoped he was in his own mind.

When he tried to think up his own name out of the maelstrom
several names arose out of it. /But which one is *mine*,/ came the
thought out of the darkness. AS the maelstrom continue to grow more
images came into his mind's eye to see. They seemed to belong to
other person and another time. Finally, one image arose to dominate
the others. He could see out of both person's eyes giving it the
unrealness of other two strangers. He saw the larger man attacking
the smaller man back. He did not which man he was. He saw through
the smaller man's eyes the madness in the larger man's eyes. He
felt the madness of the larger man as if its him own while at the
same time feeling the desperation in the smaller man. He saw as the
larger man moved the smaller back in a corner. He saw the smaller
man strike out with the strength born on desperation hit the sword
of the larger man near the base of the blade and saw the larger
man's sword break. He felt the wonder as the larger man saw his
sword break and the wide look in the smaller man's eyes. The shock
of his sword breaking had paralyzed him long enough for the smaller
man to pull his sword back and kill the larger man. He was more
felt the lightning that had come from the larger man's decapitated
body and the chaos as it entered his body. In the confusion he
thought he saw a monk cleaning up the mess of the battle. HE now
knew that his name was Richard Ryan and that he won his battle with
Kalas because he was lucky. Lucky that Kalas's sword broke as it
did. Richie knew that it was Kalas's hatred of Duncan that now
fogged his mind. The idea of killing Duncan seemed to fluxuation in
his mind but he knew that Duncan was his friend not his enemy.

The idea that he saw a monk while he was fighting Kalas
intrigued him especial since he was now on Holy Ground. How he knew
he was on Holy Ground Richie did not know nor did the memories of
the others now in him could tell how. They all had asked the
question at some point but they never founded an answer. Very
carefully Richie sat up after discovering that he was lying down on
some kind of cot. As he sat up he noticed that he was not wearing
any clothes which he remembered were both strained with blood and
tore from the fight. While examining the room he was in he noticed
it was a small room like the type you see in the Movies were Monks
live. He saw that there was a bottle of some liquid, a bowl of
water and some cheese on a table by the cot. Next to the table was
a chair with his clothes on it. The clothes looked cleaned and
mended. Feeling conscious of the fact that he was nude on Holy
Ground Richie got out of the cot and dressed as fast as his aching
body could. After finishing, he poured himself some of the liquid
from the bottle, which turned out to be a sweet tasting water, and
ate some of the cheese. As he ate, he realized that he had not
hallucinated about the Monk and apparently the Monk had brought him
to Holy Ground. After eating a good portion of the cheese and
drinking the water Richie sat down on the floor and let the Peace
of the Holy Ground relax him. Every time he thought of Duncan, he
felt hatred for him instead of the friendship he had known. He knew
from taking Mako's Quickening that he was being influenced by
Kalas's Quickening. It was simply the desire to remain himself that
had prevented Kalas's Quickening from taking over. He knew that he
would have to stay on Holy Ground until he could put Kalas's
Quickening into its proper place within himself before he could

Richie was so lost in his thoughts that he did not hear the
Monk the first time he had cough to get Richie's attention. On the
third attempt Richie heard him and looked at the Monk. The Monk had
a look of Peace about him, /like Darius did/ thought Richie and he
looked slightly familiar to him. "I'm Brother Tunha. Since you
handled your opponent's Quickening so poorly I'd assume that you
are not much older than what you appear to be, am I correct?" asked
the Monk. Brother Tunha's german accent had it hard for Richie to
understand him at first but some part of Richie figured it out.
"Richie... Richard Ryan. And yes, I'm only twenty-one," Richie
said. "Why did you bring me here?" asked Richie.

"As I said, you took your opponent's Quickening rather poorly
so you need rest," replied Brother Tunha. "Besides after taking the
Quickening of someone as bad as Kalas you will need the Peace of
Holy Ground for awhile, I think," Tunha continued. "How do you know
Kalas?" asked Richie with some curiosity. "Everyone in the Order
has heard what Kalas has done," answered Tunha with a sadness in
his voice. As he was about to ask what Order was, a memory from
Kalas came to him. The memory told him that a bunch of Immortals
had decided that they were here to dedicate their immortal lives to
the serve of G*d. These immortals make priest of the religions that
existed in their time and they had banded together to help each
other and to help any who needed sanctuary be they Immortal or
Mortal. Paul, the Immortal monk that Kalas had killed before he
tried for Duncan, and Darius were members of this Order. The Order
began over three thousand years ago when a Mortal Priest ordained
the first Immortal Priest, To, who Darius had killed and took his
place afterwards.

Richie just said, "Right." The sarcasm in his voice did not
bother Brother Tunha, in fact he just smiled as Richie laid back

=== End of Part 4 ===