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Ring, Ring, Ri-

The alarm clock had been ringing and she finally stopped it and her eyes slowly opened. The clock read seven fifteen.

I'm going to be late!

She jumped out of bed and ran to her bathroom to take a quick shower.

She quickly went through her bath, brushed her teeth and her hair all at the same time. She then changed and ran to the small kitchen that was connected to the small living room. From there was a little hallway were her room and bathroom were and a little closet was.

Hinata put rice and eggs and other ingredients ready and started making her bento for work. While cooking and making onigiri, she put her hair hair in a braid.

She was getting really tired of her part time job. Most people didn't know about it, -thank kami- if people found out she would never live it down. She worked as a waitress, a cos-play waitress. As in she wore a frilly little maid outfit with cat ears and tail, and said 'master' to anybody who walked in the shop. And though it was very humiliating, the pay was good and her co-workers were very nice.

It was a pretty busy day and she was heading home. It took her about an hour to get there, it was far from where she lived, just some extra precaution.

Hinata Hyuuga was a 16 year old high school student. She lived on her own, and had no immediate family... at least that was the story everybody was told. She had lived in a foster home most of her life until she turned 16 a little while ago, then she was finally allowed to live on her own. But the truth was that she was the daughter of the richest man in Japan, Hiashi Hyuuga. A man had recently tried to rape her and as traumatizing as that was, -inability to be near men- her father saw it as if she had been dirtied, a disgrace to the family and she was disowned. She moved to Konoha and started school there.

Her eyes were unique, and were intimidating, it made it hard for her to make friends. She had beautiful long midnight blue hair and had the body that every girl wishes for. Gorgeous curves, flat stomach, and huge breasts. But to her it just made her uncomfortable. She wore somewhat baggy clothes, enough to hide her figure.

But she did have friends, thankfully. So she wasn't some weird loner girl and they were the only ones that knew about her job.

All the same, it didn't change how long it took her to get to her house after work. Ten-ten -one of her close friends- had told her of a short cut, perhaps it was time to try it.

Hmm, there should be an alley... ah there it is!

She turned on the street, and she could here the buzz of the street were she took the bus from where she went through.

But the alley was surprisingly quiet, compared to the loudness of the night life. It creeped her out a bit, the alley was isolated, the only thing was there was a huge garbage can that smelled really bad, it was so dark and... ominous. She was getting a bad feeling.

"Some one please help me!" Some one suddenly screamed. Hinata literally jumped and hid behind garbage can, that she was bad mouthing earlier. She pushed herself against the wall, the shadow it was casting was enough to hide her. Sometimes it came in handy to be short.

Wait? Why am I hiding?

Hinata shaking her head at her silliness, started getting up but fell back against the wall as the man frantically ran past her position. She breathed in and decided to calm down. She took a peek and saw that the man only got a few feet past her before tripping.

She turned to a sudden voice.

"It is futile to run." She couldn't really see the man, not behind that gaudy black outfit. It was a huge black coat with red clouds. He was also wearing a huge strawed hat, with a bell hanging from the side. It gave her no news of his arrival though.

She could only watch helplessly as the man shook violently in fear.

"I beg you please! Spare my life!" The man cried. He looked like he was in his early forties. Didn't seem like nothing more but a business man.

His life?

"...." the man said nothing instead he took off his straw hat and looked at the cowering man with merciless eyes. Before the man could scream more, his throat was slit. The blood spilling everywhere. It even manage to get on her face.

The man with the cloak suddenly looked at the trash can she was hiding behind. She made herself into a ball, hoping against all odds that he wouldn't find her.

The gods were against her today.

Steps suddenly came towards her.

Step... Step... Step

Her heart was thumping against her chest. It was the loudest and hardest she had felt her heart beat. She closed her eyes as hard she could and waited.

She had stopped listening to the steps a while ago and already knew her fate.

She was going to die.

Did she really want to die? She had so much to live for! There was so much she still had to do! There-

The trashcan was suddenly kicked away. She was so scared. A cold hand suddenly grabbed her neck, choking her. It rose her head, bringing her body along with her. She couldn't resist opening her eyes.

Blood red eyes stared back into innocent lavander eyes.

His lip slightly quirked up into a sadistic smirk. He suddenly let go of her and started walking away from her.

Hinata suddenly remembered to breath.

I'm... alive?

She looked at the retreating back of the man that just let her live.

"Itachi Uchiha."

Did he just give her his name?

"I'll be back for you."

She stood there, shaking. He... was coming back for her.

She didn't think about it. She had to see if the man was really dead.

But one look at his body assured her worries. It was also enough to take her to the limit.

She past out.

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