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As if Jaraiya did not know the meaning of the word: self-preservation, -like someone else he knew- he put a hand on Sasuke's shoulder -which he glared at, hoping he suddenly acquired lazer beams in his eyes- and an almost proud smile broke out on his face.

"Congratulations, you are now Hyuuga Hinata's personal body guard."

"I'm s-sorry its s-so s-small." Hinata stuttered. She couldn't help it, the man behind her was glaring at everything – her in particular. The glare seemed to be intensified when she spoke.

"Hn." Sasuke had read her file and was annoyed. She was an orphan who had moved out on her own as soon as she turned sixteen. She reminded him far too much of his own experiences. He let his glare run over the apartment and much to his chagrin, deemed it fine.

It wasn't too colorful nor filled with needless decorations, in fact, it highly resembled his own home... it surprised him.

"Are you sure your sixteen?" Sasuke felt complied to ask. From what he knew about girls - which wasn't much - they tended to be... girly.

"Y-yes?" It was a strange question but it helped heal the tension, at least for her. Looking at him she was still amazed by the uncanny resemblance he shared with Itachi. Although not as horrifying as Itachi, Sasuke was still pretty intimidating in his own right.

"E-excuse me, w-would you l-like something t-to e-eat?" Hinata asked, walking over to the kitchen. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. The girl was so overly polite, to a complete stranger no less, but her stutter was agitating.

"No." Hinata stopped midway and turned blushing. Perhaps she was over presumptuous in thinking he wanted food, much less by a stranger.

"What do you usually do in your free time." He needed to know what the girl did to prepare himself.

"I-I d-don't usually h-have free t-time. I'm e-either studying o-or workin- Work!" Hinata paled and started running to her phone. She dialed the familiar number and hoped she wouldn't get fired. Stubborn tears escaped her eyes and her hands couldn't seem to stop shaking.

A hand shot out, and grabbed her wrists. As if his touch burned she pulled her hand back quickly, and stepped back.

The phone had been dropped in her panic and Sasuke calmly picked it up and set it in its place.

"Everything has been taken care of." He said in a monotone.

"O-oh." She wiped her face but the tears were still stubbornly falling. "E-excuse m-me." she all but ran into her bathroom. The door slammed and the shower came on.

Sasuke sighed and set himself on the couch. He didn't know how to deal with overly emotional girls or people in general. When things happened, he didn't freak out, he just put things through in a logical way.

If there was danger, remove it. Somethings hurts you, hurt it back. The self satisfaction in revenge was enough for him and it gave him a goal.

He couldn't blame the girl, however, she looked far too fragile for things like this and she just got caught in the middle.

He gave a sigh.

Why did things always have to be so complicated?

She cried and cried... and cried some more.

Things had finally started feeling normal and she had just started adjusting to her new life and then, she was thrust into a whole other scandal.

One that made her fear for her life.

Was she even allowed to have a normal life? Clearly, fate was out to get her.

But crying about it wasn't going to change anything, no matter how much she wished it did.

So after washing her body one, two, three times-

The blood is still there, I- it-

She scrubbed until it made her skin feel raw.

She stepped out and froze, realizing that she didn't take a change of clothes and she had to go out and get some.

Out: as in out there with him.

It really isn't my day.

She took a few breaths before opening the door about an inch, enough to see if he was nearby. The hallway seemed clear and she opened it wide and- quickly ran into her room...

...only to bump into the very person she was avoiding.

She nearly fell but his hand shot out to steady her. While she was thankful – it could have very well turned into something worse – it was still a very embarrassing situation.

"Be more careful."

"W-w-what a-are y-you doing!" Hinata yelled, rather annoyed by his chastising when he was the one who snooped in her room. She wasn't one to get angry but there was only so much the former heiress could take.

"Possible entry points." Sasuke said, eyeing her, as if she was the strange one.

Sasuke was relieved, thinking her intrusion in nothing but a towel had something to do with seduction – been there, done that – but upon her embarrassment fell back into his indifference.

Although... I do give credit where credit is due.

The girl had a near flawless body. The big sweater gave away nothing and he wondered why the girl was so shy. He wasn't used to modesty – what with his fangirls... there was no such thing as modesty when they practically threw themselves at him – and was rather comfortable despite the state of her undress. Sasuke was no pervert but was no virgin either.

"Put some clothes on." Sasuke mentioned as he went around her and closed the door behind him as he left. Hinata could only gape at where he once stood in the center of her room, no longer able to feel angry or embarrassed- shock reigned before she simply sighed and changed, wishing for not the last time, that Tenten never told her of the alley way shortcut.

"I will technically be living next door, if anybody asks, but I will be sleeping here, keeping watch over you in case anything happens." Sasuke stated to Hinata. The girl nodded and diligently kept her eyes on the food she was making for herself. The blush that seemed to keep a permanent residency on her face gave away her doubling embarrassment. Sasuke promptly ignored it.

"I will be with you at all times- your shadow. If anything seems off to you, tell me, I will see to it that all is safe." Sasuke said in a monotone. Though the words meant to be comforting, they were cold- not at all reassuring.

Sasuke meant to amend his previous coldness. She did not ask to witness a death nor did she ask to be targeted by his psychotic older brother. She was his ticket to revenge... the least he could do was be civil... or something.

"W-what about s-school?" Hinata asked, her eyes betraying her and peeking at Sasuke. His gaze continued to stare at her unblinkingly, giving her the almost irresistible urge to poke her fingers together in his scrutiny.

"I will escort you and pick you up everyday, same goes for your job. Agents will watch from a distance, securing everything." Sasuke told her, watching as she gave a sigh of relief.

It seemed like the girl was glad that she would not be in his presence for at least seven hours of the day.

Directions given and questions answered, they lapsed into a silence, not at all as uncomfortable as Hinata was sure it would be. Sasuke had finally stopped staring at her, in favor of his newly arrived possessions.

Hinata wasn't sure but she heard some obscene things about the detective Jaraiya, possibly something to do with the way his belongings were carelessly packed.

Things passed by quickly after that. She cleaned for lack of anything better to do and it seemed like the right thing with a guest in her house and before she knew it, night fell and sudden exhaustion overwhelmed her. Her roller coaster ride of emotions hit her hard but Hinata was unable to cry more, instead, bitting Sasuke good night, changing into a shirt and pajama pants, and finally curling herself up into a ball, letting darkness take her.

Hinata should have known it wasn't as simple as that. To simply fall asleep without reliving passed events would have been too easy.

And thus she woke up screaming, tears streaming down her face as she dreamed of the poor man that had fallen to his death.

Hinata could do nothing but throw her face into her pillow as her screams escaped her body and hope that she hadn't woken Sasuke.

The latter was proven wrong when she – despite her yells – heard the door burst open and the distinct sound of metal clicking before a heavy sigh followed her muffled shouts.

Her screams of terror finally ceased but the shakes still tormented her body as she struggled to collect herself.

Her bed shifted, signaling that Sasuke had sat on her bed. She couldn't be sure, her eyes were shut tight, willing her tears to stop... apparently all it took was a few hours for her tear ducts to recharge.

"I... know what its like to witness someone die.. horribly." Sasuke said, after a few minutes of silence. Hinata said nothing, neither wanting to interrupt him nor able to.

"I'm going to tell you the truth now- its not going to get any easier." Sasuke said, staring at the far wall, his eyes glazed over. Hinata blinked at the sad face that overcame him, but after a second it was gone and Hinata wondered if she had imagined it. "But you should at least hold on to the positive and cling to it, to help you move on." Sasuke finished, and finally looked at her.

It was an odd stare. Her eyes seemed to glow in the darkness, reflecting nothing and everything at the sametime. Sasuke was daunted for a moment and was tempted to look away.

"Thank you." Hinata said, without stuttering, her voice a bit hoarse from the screaming. A sad smile broke out on her face and it made Sasuke very uncomfortable, not at all used to having to comfort someone.

"Don't mention it." Sasuke said, gruffly and seriously. He looked away for a moment before he got up and silently left the room, and ignored Hinata's eyes that followed him.

Sasuke Uchiha was an unusual person. He was harsh and distant. He seemed to do things clinically, whether it bothered and embarrassed her or not. And yet he comforted her, despite his clear inability to do so and his uneasiness at doing it anyway...

He's a good person.

Hinata fell asleep, her face streaked with tears and a small smile.

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