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I. The Beatles : Here Comes the Sun

"Daddy!" Rose rushes to her father, face aglow and eyes beaming along with her mouth. "The snow has melted! And it's so…warm. Can we please go out to play?"

Ron hasn't seen Rose this excited since the first snowfall of the season. When the second blizzard came along, though, the six-year-old's wonder of the cold quickly faded. The sunshine has arrived, along with Rose's smile – the smile that crinkles her nose and makes her just like a plump, cheery doll.

He takes her by the hand and leads her out the door.

II. Sugababes : Too Lost in You

Victoire should be studying for finals, but Teddy is here, and when he is near, schoolwork is unconsciously forgotten.

He smiles and her heart flutters.

He laughs and her worries vanish.

"Will you help me, Teddy?" Words spill out of her mouth like butter. She pushes forward her textbook. "Potions is being a bit of a bugger for me."

That's not what she needs help with. She needs help in being emerged from his blue eyes and currently sandy brown hair. He is a mixed pool of color, and she needs to escape from it before she's too deep.

III. Elton John : Blessed

James Sirius Potter arrives in early August of 2005, wailing to his heart's contents as he slips into the world.

Harry holds his son later, fantasizing about his boy's future already.

He will be the perfect big brother who is worshipped by his siblings, and loved by them no matter what he does.

He will meet a girl in his first year at Hogwarts, and somehow just know that she is the one for him (Harry wants him to marry a redhead, but he will see).

He'll be in Gryffindor, and be the Quidditch team's Seeker like his dad and grandfather before him.

James will be safe, loved, and adored. Every decision will be made with him in mind, and he will be lucky to have this life. Harry will not let him down. James Sirius will be blessed.

IV. The Beach Boys : Caroline, No

"I'll never kiss a boy, Daddy," seven-year-old Alice says firmly to Neville. "Boys are icky and have cooties. Who wants boy germs?"

Neville grins and envelopes his daughter in his arms, plastering her forehead with kisses. "I'm a boy, love. Do I have cooties?"

Alice giggles in response. "No. Daddies never have cooties."

Ten years later, Neville watches somewhat reluctantly from behind the counter at the Leaky Cauldron as Alice sits nearby, holding James Potter's hand and laughing with him.

She leans forward and kisses him on the lips.

The cootie-conscious girl is gone.

V. Carrie Underwood : Crazy Dreams

Hugo approaches the Quidditch field that morning determinedly, his secondhand broomstick clenched in his hand. The Hufflepuff captain looks him over somewhat amusingly, but Hugo ignores him. He gives the sixth-year his name and age and sits to wait for his turn.

He can remember Dad taking him to a Chudley Cannons' game long ago, and can still feel the amazement and awe he received when seeing the players fly like birds. Hugo wanted to be a bird and fly above others like a hero.

He flies with a dream in mind.

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