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I. Colbie Caillat : Tailor Made

"He likes you, Lils," Anya Sloper giggled to her friend. "I've never seen Cedric act that way before."

Lily Potter blushed, but couldn't help but smile, glancing over her shoulder to peek at Cedric Burke. "You really think so?"

"I know so."

Lily squeezed Anya's shoulder in thanks, and stepped more towards Cedric discreetly. She had had bad experiences with boys previously, and wasn't ready to be hurt once again. But she always trusted Anya's relationship advice.

She found herself at his side and bravely tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, Ced."

He turned around to smile at her. "Hello, Lily."

And she grins back, because his face tells it all.

II. Sara Bareilles : Love Song

"The twit is actually asking me to give him another chance?" Eleanor Longbottom stared in disbelief at the letter she had unhooked from her owl's talon. "After what he did?"

Across the breakfast table, Alice glanced up at her little sister amusingly. "Who is this from? Max?"

Eleanor grimaced, but nodded. "Yes. He's insisting that Natalie Corner came onto him."

"You have to learn that boys will always be clueless, Ellie," Alice responded expertly. "They'll always be searching for more entertainment, which in their case are girls."

"How can they be so idiotic?"

"It's how their minds function," her sister simply said. "The only male a girl should trust is her father."

Eleanor looked over into the next room, where her parents were conversing animatedly with old school friends. Her father was smiling bigly as he kept his hand entwined with her mother's.

Eleanor turned back to Alice confidently. "That I can do."

III. Natasha Bedingfield : I Bruise Easily

"Damn it, Jessa!" Hugo Weasley tossed a shoe in his girlfriend's retreating path, half-hoping that it would hit her, while also praying it didn't. It landed several feet behind her. "How many times can you go back to that Davies fellow?"

Jessa Boot whirled around to face him, face fiery and confused. "No, the question is that how can you lack off on our relationship again, Hugo? I'm sick and tired of you doing it!"

She bounded back down the hall, to disappear down the stairs in a loud stomp. Hugo threw himself upon his bed, running his fingers helplessly through his hair. How much of him did she want? Was she that willing to be hurt by Kevin Davies over and over again?

…Or was he the one hurting her?

IV. Journey : Send Her My Love

"Has the post come yet, Daddy?" Rose rushed down the stairs to interrogate her father. "I'm expecting a letter from Scorpius in France."

Ron grimaced a bit at the mention of his daughter's boyfriend, but held up a letter addressed to Rose anyways. "Right on schedule, apparently."

Rose ripped the envelope right of her father's grasp and tore it open. She scanned Scorp's words fondly, smiling at the sentences sometimes. When she finished, she began walking up the stairs in a daze.

"What did he say?" Ron pressed on questioningly.

"He sends all his love, Daddy…all of his love."

V. Billy Joel : New York State of Mind

"America, Teddy?" Victoire repeated once more. "Is it really necessary?"

Teddy nodded reluctantly. "I need to go there for Auror training. But it won't be so bad. Yeah, I'll be away from you, but have you heard anything about New York City?"

"No, not really."

"Well, the buildings are hundreds of stories tall. It's the city that never sleeps…there are theaters and museums and basically anything imaginable."

"Even parks?"

"The biggest you've ever seen. There's the most variety of restaurants you could ever find, all kinds of cuisines."

Victoire faintly smiled. "I'd like to go there someday with you."

Teddy shrugged playfully. "You know, in New York, anything's possible."

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