A/N: I am aware about Stephenie Meyer's announcement about Edward's reaction toward Bella's time of the month. But what fun is it if he acts like it doesn't bother him? :P I got a little inspired while reading a parody about Bella's period and I thought it would make a cute 7 day long story. This is just a chapter of something I would consider writing if you guys were interested. Tell me what you think! Enjoy! :)

"Bella! We have to go, now! We're running out of time!" A voice called out frantically as I felt someone tug my arm furiously. I recognized the voice at once, Jacob.

"But Edward!" I cried, trying my best to wriggle out of his grasp, turning to look in the direction of something that was too dark to be seen.

"No, Bella! We have to get out of here before he can hurt you!" Jacob pleaded, pulling me away from the shadows that I was so intent on.

"I'm NOT leaving Edward!" I retorted, flailing my arm wildly as I tried to tugged myself back.

"Bella. PLEASE. Before--

And then it happened. I felt a sharp stab to stomach and yet no one had attacked me. My free arm automatically moved to cradle my body as I sank to the floor. I felt Jacob's hold on me loosen, but his hand remained looped around my arm, as he tried his best to support my weight.

"No..." I heard him whisper and as I looked up to scrutinized his face, it was pained. His brown eyes stared panickly at my stomach and when my eyes trailed down to follow, I saw now that my arm was drenched in blood which had nothing to do with Jacob's unbreakable hold. I was bleeding...a lot...and I watched in horror as crimson continued to spew out of my stomach.

That was when he came. My heart fluttered as I watch his beautiful figure emerge from the darkness. He walked silently towards us and for a moment, I would have forgotten that I was losing blood by the gallons. But there was something wrong. His face was as adonis-like as always, his frosty white skin making him glow in contrast to the shadowy background from which he had appeared. But despite that, there was a darkness that occupied his eyes and I noticed now that they were as black as the morbid haze behind him. This was not the Edward that I was used to. The Edward that lulled me to sleep with the sound of his velvety voice. The Edward who made my heart burst out of my skin whenever his cold lips crushed mine...no...as I stared at this unfamilar figure before me, I knew that my Edward had vanished along with the Topaz colored eyes that should have been in the place of these onyx ones.

Another jab broke my trail of thought and I grunted in pain. Would the bleeding never stop? Jacob was well aware of the vampire approaching us to join our company, but even still, his eyes focused on me. Shifting from my face to my wound, his eyes darted quickly like a ping pong ballsacross a table. It was not until Edward had come within a few yards from us that Jacob withdrew his grip on my arm and stood boldy in front of me.

"Stay away from her." He growled, shielding me as wide as his arm span would go.

But Edward ignored him and even though Jacob's enormous body had blocked my ability to see much of anything, I knew that Edward had not slowed his pace. I heard a grumble and to my surprise, saw that it was Jacob's whos chest hummed with disapproval. It suddenly hit me. HE was trying to PROTECT me from Edward! I realized now that he had been right. Here I was, nearly drowning in a puddle of my own blood. If I smelled delicious to any vampire, it could not be as heavenly as I smelled to Edward. I winced and it had nothing to do with the fact that I was in agonizing pain.

"I'm warning you, Bloodsucker." I heard Jacob snap as his body leaned forward to brace itself to attack.

I peeked my head around Jacob to look at Edward. At the moment, his eyes locked onto mine, and his face went grim. He did not smile nor did his expression change to become any more readable. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and released a soft hiss that sent a chill down my spine. Then it all happened to quickly. I saw something blonde flash and Jacob was no longer in front of me. I heard another hiss but this time it did not come from Edward. I whipped my head around to find Jacob and cried out in pain as my body twisted to follow my head. There was Jacob pinned to the floor…and there was Jasper! His sharp set of teeth inches away from Jacob's neck.

"BELLA! YOU HAVE TO RUN!" Jacob yelled, trying with great effort to haul Jasper off of him.

I knew that in my current state, that was nearly impossible but somehow I was trying anyway. Using my free arm, I slide my weight little by little in hopes to flee but my attempts were futile. Edward flew to my side immediately and his black eyes burned through me as they fell to admire the glistening red skin on my abdomen. His mouth opened slightly and I could have sworn that I heard him whisper my name as he sprang to attack, his eyes never leaving mine as I was swallowed into the darkness with my immortal lover…

My eyes flew open and I realized that my hands were clutched tightly around my bed sheets. I inhaled sharply and it was almost too hot to be possible. I felt moisture cling to my body and I knew that I was probably drenched in sweat. I sat up slowly and when I let my eyes wander to the rocking chair, I saw it was not there. I froze. I wasn't in my room. But as I took a few more moments to examine the area, I relaxed. The room seemed familiar and I recognized it as Jacob's. My memory came back to me as I recalled Charlie and I heading to La Push for Billy and Charlie's "big game" night. I must have fallen asleep waiting for them to finish watching. Jacob had been gone for the day on patrol with the pack so I didn't have much to do to but sit around. I got to my feet and began to ruffle the bed sheets to make the bed but I stopped short as I saw crimson on the snow white cloth. I knew what it was immediately and I groaned. Oh no…I thought to myself.

As I flattened the bed sheet out to get a better look, I found that I was right. There on the smooth surface of the cloth, sat a rather large red stain that, no doubt had come from me. In a way, I was glad that I wasn't in Jacksonville. Renee would have freaked submerge into an hour long conversation about puberty. I was a late bloomer, as my mother put it, just like her and did not have to worry about an unwanted guest coming around every month…but I guess that joy was over. I suddenly felt a little queesy thinking about how Charlie would react to this.

"Oh…you're awake." A voice mused from the opposite end of the room, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.