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I ruffled the sheets behind me with my hands frantically as I turned to face him, my eyes two times wider than usual. I wasn't sure if the same supersonic hearing applied to werewolves as it did with vampires. But I was desperately hoping that it didn't--that he could not hear the pit-pattering of my now accelerated heart beat.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Jacob said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head with his hand.

"Uhh..." Was all I managed to say. I felt my cheeks starting to burn.

"Well, er...Charlie and my dad already left earlier to go fishing, said he wanted you to sleep in, so its just you and me today." He blurted and I could tell he was trying his best not to make things awkward.

"Oh...that's c-cool." I stuttered, fiddling the sheets behind me with my fingers.

I saw his eyebrows furrow together and his eyes scanned the floor for something I couldn't see. He had misunderstood my unsteadyness.

"I'll drop you off home if you want...but it's still early, so..."

My words came out a lot quicker than I had intended when I pulled out the first question off the top of my head.
"How long have you been up?" I babbled.

He seemed a bit taken aback by my sudden burst of quirkyness, but nevertheless answered. "Not too long...a few minutes before you did, actually." Jacob confessed.

"Oh..." I responded. Maybe if I hid the sheets in his closet he won't...

"Are you hungry? I'll whip us up something to eat." I suddenly asked, though not quite remembering when I had allowed myself to.

His eyes lit up and the infamous Jacob smile flashed across his face. "Yeah, that'd be great!" He beamed.

"Okay. Let me just...make the bed first. I'll be there in a minute." I said casually, turning my body around slowly to face the bed so that my mess wouldn't be revealed to the poor boy. I waited to hear the sound of an "ok" or a clicking of a door, but it did not come. My life could not been gotten any worse when I heard him usher:

"Oh, here, let me help."

"No, Jacob, it's ok-

But I was too late. He was already prying the sheets out of my grasp and as I tugged it back, the cloth gave out and then he saw it. At first, he said nothing. His eyes were glued on the red stain that now looked a lot like the red circles on a twister mat. A wave of dread rushed over me as I watched his eyes suddenly fill with comprehension.

"Bella, are you bleeding?" He blurted as he inspected my body for the source of my blood lose. If it were ever possible for someone to die from would have been me.

"No! Well, maybe. Yes...but...I'm sorry, Jake." I fumed, my words running quicker than a motor boat.

He stopped scrutinizing my body as soon as he had heard the word and met my gaze. "Sorry? What do you have to be sorry for?" He asked in disbelief.

"...I ruined your bed sheets." I answered, dropping my head. It took me by surprise when I heard his throaty chuckle.

"Bella, you're excessively bleeding somewhere on your body and you're worried about my bed sheets?"

"I'm fine. It's...normal." I said uneasily as I tried to convince myself as well.

"Normal for you to be spewing blood all over the place?" He paused, scanning my mortified face.

Another misunderstanding.

"Yeah, I'm getting a towel." He added, turning his back to leave.

"No! Jake! I'm not bleeding! I...I have my period." I finally admitted, my eyes shut tight, afraid to see his reaction.

Seconds ticks by before I braced myself enough to open my eyes. When I did, I saw that he was still in the same position, hand on the door knob...frozen like a sculpture. Could a hole just appear between us right now so I could fall in it? I heard him exhale sharply.

"I should've seen that coming...I mean, seriously, HOW many sisters do I have?" He murmured, and I wasn't sure whether he was talking to me anymore.

I traced the outline of the carpeting beneath me with my toes, keeping my lips pursed, in fear that any sound would cause my face to burn more red than it already was...if that were possible.

"Come on." He said suddenly, his mouth curving into a slight smile as his dark eyes locked onto mine before he turned away to exit the room. "And bring mother nature with you." Jacob added, his voice muffled as he disappeared behind the door.

Not wanting to spend another second in the room where I had experienced my first "accident", I quickly hauled the sheets into my arms and waddled out of the room, an uncomfortable wetness sticking to the back of my sweats.


"You know, for a guy, you sure know a lot matters." I joked, watching in awe as he soaked the sheets carefully into a bucket of soapy water.

"I guess you can say that." His eyebrows furrowed together once more but he laughed anyway. I was curious now. I didn't remember Jacob saying anything about having any sisters.

"How do you-

He didn't let me finish.

"I know what you're going to ask and yes, believe it or not, I do have sisters."

My eyes narrowed as I met his gaze again. "You never told me that you had siblings." I smiled.

"You never asked." Jacob teased, the sheets making a squishing sound in the water as his hands scrubbed them rhythmically. I rolled my eyes.

"You can't tell anyone about what I'm about to tell you, alright?" He reasoned suddenly.

I pretended to think about it.

"Oh, why, oh why, would I even consider doing such a thing?" I responded, giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

It was his turn to roll his eyes now. "Bella." He breathed, shaking his head slightly at the thought.

I smiled at the sound of my name off his tongue. It was fun to tease the ever-so-mirror masked-Jacob Black.

"A few years ago, Rachel happened to get gift. She didn't want Billy to find out and she sure as hell didn't want to ask Becca for help. I mean, they weren't exactly the best of friends..." He said, his voice careful.

"So she asked you?" I asked, meaning to finish his story, but instead my words came out as more of a question.

"Yep." He replied, popping his lips together at the P.

"Who knew you could be such a sweet little brother." I cooed.

He seemed to grimace at this.

"Yeah, not like I had much of a choice, anyway. She would"ve found a way to get back at me later if I didn't..."

I couldn't help but laugh upon hearing this and just as Jacob opened his mouth, we were interrupted by the sound of a clock somewhere in the house ringing its hourly alarm.

"What time is it anyway?" I asked him lazily.

"Probably noon." He answered nonchalantly.

"Oh." I mused, showing little interest as I thought about how much more time we had until Charlie and Billy would probably get back...and then it hit me.

"OH! OH! Oh no, oh no no no..." I cried, springing up from my post next to Jacob as I started pacing towards the stairs.

Jake abandoned the sheets immediately, causing them to splash back into the water with a wet plop.

"Bella? Bella, w-what's wrong?" He stuttered.

"I was supposed to meet Edward at noon and he's probably wondering where I am and since Alice can't see me cause I'm here with you, he's probably going to be worried sick and its all my-

But I was cut off as Jacob put both of his hands over my shoulders, good thing too! I was surprised I could go on so long without taking a breath...maybe this vampire thing would be a piece of cake.

"Bella, relax. If you need to see the bloodsu--him, then I...can drive you." He sighed.

I looked up at him gratefully, it hurt my neck just to be able to see eye to eye with him but I didn't care. "Would you really, Jacob?"

I waited for him to take back his offer but he merely nodded.

"You're the best, you know that?" I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around him as best as I could and gave him a tight squeeze for lack of a better word.

"Yeah, I know." He huffed, standing stiffly as I embraced him until he finally gave in.


When we finally pulled up in front of my house, I felt a little strange not seeing my senior chevy truck there, but I had to keep in mind that it was in the hands of its original owner at the moment. "Here we are." He said coldy, not meeting my eyes as he gripped the steering wheel of the rabbit tightly.

"Thanks again, Jake. I owe you one." I breathed, as I went to get out of the car.

"Bella, wait!" Jacob beckoned, suddenly aware of something he just had to tell me.

"Yeah? What is it?" I asked curiously, my hand still positioned over the handle of the door.

"I, uh, thought you might need this later." He choked, eyes still on the wheel as he handed me a small black bag.

"Um...thanks." I replied, scrutinizing the bag, which happened to be tied up tightly, for my eyes only apparently.

He didn't say anything this time as I got out of the rabbit and headed for the front door. I heard the engine restart as the wheels of the car slid smoothly agaisnt the gravel before driving off and I wondered how long it would take Alice to see me in her visions now. I untied the tightly knotted bag and peeked inside. There lay a colorful array of pads and tampons. I smiled to myself, turning the key inside the front door lock and ran up to my room.