Title: The Story Ends

Author: Melissa.

Characters: Mary Connell, Danny McCoy

Notes: A small drabble that came into mind. I know it's short but I hope you'll enjoy.

Part one: happily never after

She stands in a sea of people unaware of her existence, except for one man.

He's her anchor in the tempest of her life, the light in the dark of the night.

It's not healthy, this feeling of living more for that one person than for yourself.

* * *

She's drowning.

It's like she can't breathe anymore but she turns and walks away, waiting for him to run to her and say that she's wrong.

He doesn't.

* * *

She's read fairytales when she was a little girl but didn't believe them. After all, the father of the princess wasn't like hers.

But then, a knight in shining armor disguised as her best friend came in and swept her away from the monster.

* * *

It should have been like a fairytale and for some time, it was.

She realized a long time ago, though, that there won't be any happily ever after at the end of her story.

* * *

Part two: we missed our moment and never came back from it

There was a time when it didn't seen so complicated. Not simple, but simpler.

There were all these girls, and then there was her.

She wasn't just a girl. Or maybe she was the girl.

* * *

It's changed (or they've changed) and he doesn't like it.

He doesn't try anything, just look at her and him. He knows when he's lost a battle.

* * *

He says he doesn't recognize her anymore (or maybe he really doesn't recognize the man he's become) so he turns to a familiar face and fun-loving spirit so she can fill the void.

And before he knows it, he has all the things he denied Mary in this elevator years ago.

* * *

It was a matter of moments, and missed opportunities.

And mistakes they should have never done because of the stupidity that is thinking that pride matters most than love.