Remembering the Nightmares

Hermione was 21 years old, and a three year National Hero. She had been one in the small handful to defeat Voldemort, the man who had been terrorizing the world for over twenty years. He had been gathering strength over the last four years before his death, and had been almost impossible to defeat.

His followers, the "Death Eaters" had been his worshipers and dirty-work doer's. They were the ones to do his lesser jobs, and in turn they could wreak havoc all they wanted. Unfortunately, being the only woman on Voldemort's most wanted list was her doom. Death Eaters, even though she was under immense protection, found her. She was kidnapped with Ron, one of the worst and scariest days of her life. She was left pregnant by the handsome blonde one, much to her horror. She had only been seventeen years old, a child herself, and was going to be giving birth to a child.

The Death Eaters gave her no mercy.

The Death Eaters had been smart about keeping Hermione's and Ron's kidnapped location unknown. They returned them to their original spot when they were finished with them. Harry and Ron had comforted her they best they could, and when she spoke again, she told them that she didn't blame them for anything. She knew though, that they blamed themselves entirely for not protecting her better. They had spent some serious money on her, she knew, in trying to make them feel better about the entire thing. However, they didn't feel any one bit better. She was thankful however, that she had made it out alive. When she found herself wandless in a group of Death Eaters, and on the most wanted list, she thought she was a goner.

Hermione sighed, and rolled over in her sleep. Aurora, who was watching a muggle children's movie, made no motion to wake her mother as she normally napped during Aurora's short T.V. time. Hermione dreamed between memory-nightmares, 'most people have bizarre nightmares. I have real nightmares of my past. Huh…However, some good did come out of one.' Hermione slightly smiled, even though asleep.

Aurora Molly Granger was the light in Hermione's lonely life. She loved her little three year old with all her heart, and never once pushed her away for the way she had come into the world. Hermione's mother had pressed her own daughter to have an abortion when she was told of the unwanted pregnancy, but Hermione firmly said 'No Way.' An innocent little baby could not be punished for the way they were conceived was Hermione's view on the subject. So, Aurora Molly Granger was born at 7 months, 3 weeks developed in mid October. She was loved from day one, and every day since then.

Hermione had only been seventeen years old, but she was strong-minded and determined to be a good mother to her baby. She purchased, with unknowing help from her best friend Harry Potter, a tiny muggle cottage in Edinburg, England. Harry had convinced the muggle owner to allow him to pay for half the price of the home, and for the owner to put it on the market this way for only Hermione. She had thankfully chosen the particularly home, and had paid for it with her muggle college savings, the original cost of the home was around 95,000 British pounds. It was only 930 square feet; a kitchen-dining area- living room, one small bath room, and a medium-sized bedroom, divided diagonally with a sheer blue curtain with silver stars. It was very close to her father's home, only a few blocks away. He was always willing to baby-sit Aurora for Hermione, as almost everyone was.

After Hermione had been impregnated, he divorced his wife, as she would not accept a daughter who was a witch, and a seventeen year old unwed mother. Hermione had always loved her mother, but felt it best that she cut ties with her. Mrs. Granger had her memory erased (willingly) by her own daughter, and soon afterwards moved to France with her new husband. She knew nothing of Aurora, or the magical world, or that she had had a daughter and a husband at all. It pained Hermione to receive the occasional letters from her mother as a loose friend, however, she knew that this was best, and left it be.

During the first few months after Aurora's birth, Hermione worked with Luna Lovegood on the main articles for the "Quibbler" from home, where Luna generously overpaid Hermione, saying that as the newspaper was doing better than ever (now that the information was fascinating and actually true) she could afford to pay Hermione twice what she was supposed to be being paid. Still, it was just enough to pay her electricity, phone, water, food, pricy currency exchanges, and clothing for the rapidly growing Aurora, once a month trips to see the European sights with Aurora, and gas for her small muggle car. She had to save up for Aurora's birthdays, as children's most wanted gifts were rarely on sale. Aurora got plenty from her grandparents and many aunts and uncles from Ron's family, but beginning her third birthday things she started to ask for gifts from her mother also.

Hermione sighed in her sleep again, unwanting to think of the next dream shortly after being left pregnant. She and Ron had been dating for close to 4 months at the time, and the relationship had been downhill fast after their kidnapping. He was the only one, besides the Death Eaters and select Weasleys, who knew exactly what happened that awful, terrifying day. He knew how to comfort Hermione in a way no one else possibly could, but it was still too much for Hermione. She broke the relationship off after two or three weeks, when she found out she was pregnant. Ron and she hadn't been friends at all during her pregnancy, but after Aurora was born, they were the best of friends again.

Hermione dreamed, only one more to go… she thought of the day that Draco Malfoy encountered her in Diagon Ally with Aurora at about 2 years old. Her white-blonde hair, blue-slate eyes, and alabaster skin were enough for him to see the truth. He had looked directly at Aurora and known immediately whose child she was, as he was a Death Eater also. His cousin's child. He snickered at Hermione, passing her and whispering a foul word as he walked by. A muggle word, mind you. Then, she encountered him again in Gringotts bank again that afternoon. He had told Aurora that she was a waste of space and the daughter of a -----, and spat on Hermione. Even though his family was all gone, Draco behaved as though he was the king of the world. He had no idea that she would relay this information to Ron, a fellow national hero who could get away with murder charges on his homeland, and Draco would only the next day be dead.

Ron inevitably had to go to court for this, and was let off. Their attorney provided evidence of Ron knowing that Draco was still in the band of Death Eathers, and Ron was let free. Draco's entire family was either in prison or dead or blasted off of his family tree. So, his aunt Tonks (blasted off the family tree), who was full on Hermione's side, was his defendor in court. She did a fairly decent job of defending him, but everyone knew that Ron would win as Draco had still been a worshiping Death Eater even after Voldemorts downfall, and Ron was a national Hero.

Hermione woke at this, as the dream was finished. Her daughter was completely unknowing of her mother's unshed tears, and Hermione kept it that way. It was a Saturday, so she didn't have to work or bring Aurora to her day care provider, Madame Hildebridge, an elderly witch who was Aurora's teacher for 5 hours during the days Hermione worked with Luna.