Hermione and Viktor had a short and wonderful engagement together. Aurora's birthday party was also an engagement announcement, something that the little toddler of 4 years had been secretly hoping would happen. She sure did get her birthday candles wish, that's for sure.

The Wedding- 3 months later

Hermione and Viktor settled on a wedding in Bulgaria, in her and Aurora's favorite place on Earth; their meadow, on Christmas Day. Viktor did his part in the wedding as making the little meadow about 2 times larger, and adding flowering, vine benches for the ceremony. Hermione wasn't allowed to see it until the wedding day, as Viktor wasn't allowed to see her dress till that day.

Ginny, Hermione, and Aurora went shopping about a month before the wedding, buying gowns. Aurora's was going to be a flower girl dress, one to match Ginny's. They settled on a pretty, pink silk design.

The hard part was Hermione's dress; Ginny tried to talk her into the flashy looking ones, but Hermione wouldn't go for it. In the end, she chose a simple, very light pink gown from a muggle shop. With a wizard's, gauzy over-robe it was perfect. The only jewelry she wore was her engagement ring, and a diamond, Celtic cross that Viktor had made for her.

The ceremony was perfect; the only attendees were Hermione's parents (her mother still just a friend), the Weasley family, Madame Hildebridge, Harry, Viktor's parents, Aurora's long lost half sister, about half of Viktor's team, his and Coach. The property was, very expensively, warmed for the occasion. Only one camera was present, and no little beetles with strange markings were allowed. Bill and Fleur's son was present also, whom Aurora danced with at the after-party. It was probably the best day of Viktor's and Hermione's lives, with many more to come.

Only a few short years later, Aurora found out that she would be having a brother or sister. At this, Viktor retired from Quiddich. He became a coach to his former team, gladly accepting his senior's old job. His teammates asked him profusely why, as Viktor was only approaching 29. He said that the job was too dangerous for a man expecting a baby. What if something happened to him?

The new baby would be a boy, named Sitka. The boy would grow into his father's steps, and be the next great seeker of his generation.

They would grow old together, and would have had three other children; Alexi, Tatiana, and Valentinova. Surprisingly, the three girls wound up a wonderful mixture of their parents; Viktor's coloring and hair, and Hermione's graceful looks to match.

Hermione and Viktor lived on into old age, and after Hermione passed on from bone cancer, Viktor lived with his step-daughter for several years before dying himself.

The two had a wonderful life together; I wonder what happened to their children next?

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