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Harry's POV.

Harry placed his quill the page with his free hand, using his other one to clutch his head in hopes that it might possible get rid of the massive hangover he'd accumulated that morning.

Have you ever tried to remember something so hard that you can't because your head feels like it's going to explode into the millions of pieces that also seem to be periodically drifting in front of your eyes? No, I guess you haven't, since whoever is reading this isn't out partying, but some pervert reading my thoughts. Right? I am right, aren't I? But that's not what I meant to say in fact… I am so confused that even what I am saying and have said don't even make sense anymore and if it did, would I really have to complain that it didn't just to make the ones who don't understand feel better?

Blinking, he tried to focus on what he had started to ramble about as he wrote, but it was no use. Through the massive head-thumping ache in his psyche, flashes that belonged in a college student's memories went through his brain and laid themselves out before his eyes. All he could remember from last night was that, once he took a sip from that drink, his ecstasy went up and memory coherency went waaaay down. Shaking his head , he tried to rid himself of the flashes of clothes being ripped off and fervent kissing like there would be no tomorrow, because in truth, there would be, neither would remember… correctly at least. He could still hear his moans of pleasure and his partner's. The passion induced by what… alcohol and love potions? He couldn't even remember what his partner looked like, let alone the gender or even how many partners. Hickeys placed in curious spots around his body and the lingering hangover gave him proof that the frenzied lust-craved party was not his dream, but real. Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes, hoping that the world would stop spinning so he could get off.

He took off his glasses and stood up, still tipsy from the after influence, but ready to work a lovely spell given to him as a party favor. It took care of all the nasty side effects, but he wasn't sure he wanted them all to leave. If it took him memories he would forget the passionate-and-not-so-empty-feeling evening that he had. Harry kept along that train of thought, completely forgetting about classes. He had felt something more, he remember that, at least. There was something more… A stray thought struck him, Harry Potter, Boy Wonder, was in love. For the first time, the world seemed a tiny bit brighter, even if he still didn't know who he was in love with. Well, his body knew and that was a good enough answer for him for now anyways, his mind would catch up later.

Realizing, he still hasclasses, Harry pulled out the charm and tried reciting it, hoping to get it on the first try, "VeNasDa EisCosta." His pain was immediately sucked away and he was left with a pleasant tingling feeling and the images of his memories being stored in his brain, in order. Happy with the after effects, the green-eyed wizard ran his hand through his black bed head and put his wand away, it was time for class. ~*

[Disruption, READERS MAY IGNORE: right here I am going to say, no. Just, don't even think it: the answer is no. They do not fall in love at first sight; they do not suddenly realize that they are soul mates. It is the first chapter, not even the end of the first chapter. Somewhere in the middle, sorry to disappoint and interrupt.]

Feeling as though he had been put on muggle anti-depressants, Harry bounced through the hallways and smiled, saying hello to everyone who passed him. A sort of dream state over passed him as he floated in and out of the greenhouse, seeing as how he missed breakfast. Image after image swirled through his mind, some were live and actually happening in reality and some were memories, being modified to fit his needs. ~*

[~* = time elapsed. I may or may not continue to use them]

By the time dinner rolled around, about 100 points had been taken from each house. Harry grinned wickedly, he wasn't the only one affected by the drinks at the party. Turning towards the Great Hall, Harry skipped his way in and sat down at the Gryffindor table, smiling like a fool the spell was making him. He had even said hello to Malfoy and the git had said hello back! Harry quickly wedged himself between Ron and Hermione, before they finished getting themselves into a world void of all other people. Hermione glared at him nastily for a fraction of a second and Ron looked confused… and slightly relieved. He just wasn't the same after talking to Hermione. She baffled and dazzled him. It was only a matter of time before they hook up, Harry thought. Reaching out, he grabbed the first thing in front of him and stuffed it unceremoniously into his mouth.

While he was choking down his mystery meal, a reddish brown owl came with a letter held in it and looked at Harry expectantly. Gasping for breath, Harry managed to swallow the rest of it whole before wiping his hands on the nearest napkin and taking the letter with emerald ink. The owl bowed and Harry thought it was the effects of the spell, but he could already feel the charm from this morning wearing off. Blinking, he watched as the owl did the same to two other people: Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Prince[ss]and Andy Giases, the Healing Hero of the Hufflepuff house. Assuming that all four house heroes were invited creeped him out. Across the room he saw Draco thinking the same thing. Snapping his eyes back to the letter, he pulled out the delicate card from the envelope. Around him Hermione and Ron looked confused and voiced their doubts about the card.

Hello Harry Potter

Before I continue I would just like to say this letter is for you eyes only, this ink has an ingenious spell on it that makes the words available to your eyes only.

Anyways, you are invited to the meeting of the Four Houses. A Traditional Party that has been passed down from the four most powerful wizards, one from each house, to the next; today marks the completion of the seven year cycle.

Please pack your wand and your wear the hottest thing you can find because we're going to modernize it and go to a club. Show up tonight at the room behind the mirror. You'll just know what I'm talking about because it's our heritage… and another spell. Well, hopefully I'll see you tonight.

A Ravenclaw's Representative

Harry flipped the card over and over between his pointer and index finger, trying to decided if he should go. It might be a fun chance to party, but with Malfoy? He was having serious doubts here that the guy even knew how to loosen up. Shaking his head, Harry bent over the card and picked up a quill that had materialized as soon as he was done reading. Green sparks flew from the tip as he signed in cursive, Wouldn't miss it! –A Gryffindor's Representative. The ink slowly faded into the paper and disappeared, along with the card. Disturbed, Harry stared blankly at the spot before him, blinked several times and concluded that he might be going crazy.

Harry turned towards Hermione to ask if she happened to know anything, but the brown haired wonder had started to walk off, pulling a befuddled Ron with her. Dull green eyes watched as they disappeared through the grand wooden doors and off to who-knows-where to do everybody-knows-what. "Don't let it get ya down 'Arry…" a red-headed twin called to him from across the table, the other one added, as if to continue his brother's sentence, but mumbled darkly, "It was bound to happen soon." Harry laughed at George's dismay and smiled, feeling a bit lighter than when he had come down.

"It's okay, I've got a party I have to get ready for anyways." Fred and George's eyes simultaneously snap towards Harry's face in interest. "No, you cannot come crash it." Identical sighs emit from the other side of the food ocean as Harry gets up and walks out of the great hall towards the Gryffindor tower common room.


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