Disclaimer: Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Susan Kay and Sony
Character: Giles Andre/Richard Firmin
Warning: lime!

Hidden Passion

He shivered turning away from the intense eyes that had been watching him all evening, feeling the strength of their desire burning into his body. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised; he was a handsome man with a rather large fortune as far as the public knew. He was bound to have admirers. However none had ever pursued him so fiercely; he found it delicious.

Leaving his wife in the clutches of High Society, he stole a glance to his interest before slipping up the darkened staircase. For a few disappointing moments he believed the other too coy to continue their game and considered drowning his wounded pride with another glass of spirits; then the first footstep sounded below. He refused to look, hurrying along like Orpheus in the land of the dead, forbidden to glance at his beloved. Finally the small office came into view and he sprung inside awaiting his company.

His breath caught as his admirer rushed him, capturing his lips in a fierce kiss, strong arms holding him close. Moaning he fell into that first kiss, his arms locking around the other's waist, his hands sliding to lower places, closing around a firm bottom as a tongue darted down his throat. Hands slid down his body, ripping at flimsy buttons, seeking a greater treasure hidden in his pants.

He gasped feeling the calloused hands grip him firmly, moving slowly in a primal rhythm. Groaning he fell against the desk as his lover's kisses flowed smoothly down his trembling body, ever closer to his throbbing manhood. Licking his lips in anticipation he watched pale lips wrapped around it, suckling slowly. His fingers clenched the desk, his knuckles white as the rhythm quickened, growing harder, fiercer, more desperate as their passion grew.

Whimpering he jammed himself hard into the other's mouth, barely registering the slight scrape of teeth – need was too great now. Hands suddenly grasped him, holding him tightly as he continued his frantic thrusting, his breaths coming in short gasps and grunts as he peaked; crying out in euphoria overtook him, his seed spilling into the other.

Satisfied he fell back allowing his body to relax as his lover stood, pressing a tender kiss to his lips. They shared a smile, their bodies pressed together as one.

"You were wonderful Giles."

Giles smiled warmly pressing another kiss to Richard's lips, content to lie in his arms a moment longer, music drifting up to them as the people danced below. It promised to be an exciting new year.