Sasori sat on the roof of his school, watching as birds ahead flew by. It was currently class time, but Sasori decided to ditch. He always did at this time. He went into his backpack searching for a certain item. An evil smirk graced his face when he felt the item he had been searching for.

He pulled out the small pack and opened it. He gazed down at the paper sticks like they where sent down from heaven. He pulled a stick out and placed it between his two slender fingers. Sasori took his other hand and started searching in his pocket. Soon a lighter with a black scorpion engraved on it emerged from the tight cloth.

Sasori flicked open the lighter, as a small flame started. He brought his stick between his fingers down and set the end on fire. As soon as the flame hit the end, Sasori brought the stick up to his lips, setting it in his mouth.



Sasori repeated his motion many times. He hated life. The world was cruel to the poor boy. Between being teased by not only students but teachers also and the death of his parents, he had never been able to feel without remorse; that was until he found these little sticks of paradise.

Yes this is what living was for.

Deidara looked over at Sasori's empty seat. Where could he have been? The blonde became very worried about his red-headed friend. Sasori was never at this class on time. There had to be a reason. Deidara asked to be excused to the bathroom and went looking for his red-headed friend.

Deidara looked all over the school in search for his red headed friend. He was becoming nervous when he thought of one last place to look, the roof.

Sasori looked down lazily at his cigarette; it was already almost all burned up. Such a shame. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and was about to throw it away when something startled him.

"Danna…?" Sasori turned around, cigarette still in his hand.

"What do you want brat?" Sasori asked the blonde boy that had interrupted his peaceful world.

"I was worried about you Danna hmm. Your never in class and was wondering where you where, I was looking for you everywhere hmm, but I knew you would be here hmm." Deidara said as his blue eyes met Sasori's. "Danna are you smoking?"

"What is it to you? I'm not hurting anyone…" Sasori said sharply. Deidara frowned and walked close to his Danna.

"Is that suppose to be some fucking joke hmm?!" Deidara grabbed Sasori wrist that had the cigarette resting in his palm forcefully forward. Sasori bite down on his lip from the sudden contact. Deidara snatched the cigarette from Sasori's hand. "THESE THINGS KILL YOU DANNA!"

"SINCE WHEN THE FUCK DO YOU CARE?!" Sasori shouted angrily at the blonde. Those words cut deep for the blonde. Deidara let go of Sasori's wrist slowly and looked at Sasori with a softened expression. Sasori kept his bitter and stern expression.

In an instant, Deidara placed his soft delicate lips onto Sasori's cold smoke flavored ones. Sasori was shocked at first, but then gave in and kissed back, closing his eyes. After a minute; Deidara pulled away, his face blush stained.

"I care about you more than you know Danna hmm." Sasori let the words process for a moment, then smiled slightly. Sasori snatched the cigarette from Deidara and chucked it out of sight.

Cigarettes maybe heaven, but knowing some cares about you is paradise.

I haven't wrote a one-shot for a long time, so I decided to give it a shot and since I love Sasodei what about better thing to write it on eh? Well I got this idea from Darker Than Black kind of, it inspired me and I grew on the idea…so yeah let me know what you think. I don't smoke and know no one who does…