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They spent the day strolling through the wooded paths of Discovery Park and kicking through the sand on the water's edge. Cristina was amused to discover that Owen had brought a thin, pencil torch, but it did mean they were able to poke around in the darkness of some of the crumbling remains of the fortifications for the first time. Despite the low ceilings and dank corners which Cristina wrinkled her nose at, she didn't protest when Owen pushed her up against the thick, concrete walls and kissed her and kissed her in the darkness.

They had spent more time in the open air, the breeze blowing the cobwebs of the previous week away but although the morning had started brightly, they had come dressed for the weather.

As the sky turned leaden and a fine drizzle swept in across Puget Sound, Cristina wrapped her waterproof coat tighter around her and put up her hood . She smiled as Owen pulled out a familiar, battered beanie hat and pulled it down over his ears. She knew that the hat had some significance from before, so she ignored its tatty, fraying edges and focused instead on the blue eyes framed underneath it and on drawing him into her arms in the rain.

Their meandering walk continued even though the rain kept falling, with puddles forming on the paths and the trees glistening with moisture.

It had been a tough week at the hospital, Owen had lost two patients that he had fought for hours to save. He couldn't think of anything else that he could have done that would have made a difference, but the feeling of somehow having failed again was hard to shake off. Cristina knew that being outdoors in the peace and quiet of the park would help and she gently rebuffed his questions about her getting too cold or wet.

She took his hand in hers and led the way towards the sea. They stood side by side watching the misty shapes of giant container ships, rugged lobster boats and white-sailed yachts weave across the busy waterway.

The stately progress of the shipping and the gentle swell of the sea, wove its own quiet spell reminding them both of the infinite strength of the sea putting their trials into some kind of perspective.

Owen glanced at the woman at his side, fronds of hair sticking damply to her face and her brown eyes luminous, raindrops studding her lashes. He almost swayed with the strength of the feelings that stirred in his chest as she met his eyes questioningly.

He'd felt something the first time he'd seen her, an instantaneous and surprisingly intense attraction. The combination of her direct gaze, her unconscious beauty and her hardcore doctoring skills had called out to him - and when the opportunity had arisen, he'd taken it.

The kiss with his icicle doctor was a memory he'd replayed more than he wanted to admit in the dusty heat of the desert.

And he hadn't forgotten her even after. Even now he still hadn't dared analyse how much her presence had influenced his decision to come to Seattle Grace after his discharge. He already had the job offer of course but with his experience and reputation he could have had his pick of trauma centres. He hadn't even looked at anywhere else.

It might not have been obvious in those early days, where each morning he had to sit himself down and remind himself that he had to function in a normal society before leaving his home, but it was knowing that he was going to see her that got him through the day.

Owen smiled slowly, shaking off the memories and pulling Cristina into his arms, nestling her head under his chin. He could feel her body pressing against his as her arms snaked around his waist.

They'd both come a long way.

Walking slowly back to the parking lot, her arm still around his waist and his resting across her shoulders, Cristina kept stealing little glances at Owen's face. He'd been quiet since the beach but the occasional smile he'd turned towards her as they walked had sent a rush of warmth to her face and let loose the butterflies in her stomach.

The car was parked in the shadows of the lighthouse.

If either of them had been much for symbolism the choice of this building as their place might have given them pause. Instead it had simply become an unacknowledged touchstone for them - like the vent. It had been the culmination of both their first planned and first actual date and was where they came to when they needed the quiet of the sea in the heart of the city.

As he looked up at the glass lantern and thought about previous mornings spent strolling in the rain, Owen gave into the urge that had been plaguing him since the had stood watching the ships. He pushed Cristina's hood back revealing her dark locks to his hungry hands and the elements. One hand cupped her face, his fingers stroking her cheek while the other looped a curl around his finger marvelling at the texture.

Then her cold palms were framing his face and pulling his lips towards hers.

Cristina's eyes closed as his tongue brushed lightly against hers and her fingers rasped in his beard. She could feel herself being pressed up against the side of the car and she was conscious of making a breathy exclamation as Owen's fingers trailed from her cheek, along her neck and traced her collarbone just below the protection of her zipped up jacket.

After long moments of feeling nothing but each other, they slowly pulled back and Cristina was a little surprised to find her fingers looped, white-knuckled around Owen's belt.

He looked down.

"Not here," he said and quirked an eyebrow.

"I'm done with waiting." Cristina replied with a challenging smile.

Owen nodded slowly, "My place. You need a shower, you're soaked."

They held each other's eyes for long moments and before breaking out into wide smiles and rushing for the car doors.