~Chapter 1:Leaving~

"Bella, hurry up!" Bella's mom, Renée yelled.

"I coming mom," She answered. This is Bella Swan. She's a normal 18 year old Phoenix girl, who's soon to be living in Forks. Bella is also a dancer. She danced since she was 4 years old and still dancing. Bella was walking slowly down the stairs remembering this place where she spent most of her life.

"Okay. I am ready to go," Bella said feeling a bit disappointed.

"I'll miss you Bella," Renee said sadly, starting to have tears in her eyes. Bella is going to stay with her dad and go to a boarding school called Dance Academy High. Where Bella have dreamed about going since she was a little girl.

"Mom, you said you weren't going to cry," Bella laughed, "I'll miss you too."

"Okay, I love you. Say hi to Charlie for me please," Renee said wiping away her last tears.

"I will. Bye," Bella said, giving her mom one last hug and left.

"Saw you the distance,

saw from the stage.

Something about the look in your eyes

Something about your beautiful face"

Bella's POV

I sang along to Touch My Hands by David Archuleta while waiting for Charlie to pick me up from an airport down a town called Port Angeles. When I was up on the airplane, I looked down from the window and..... This city is so green. Trees everywhere! I think I'm going to be crazy if I see another tree!

"Hey Bells," Charlie greeted me.

"Hey! Char-dad," I said. It's weird that he doesn't like when I call him Charlie. It's like when you parents yells at you when you use their full name.

" I am so happy to see you again," Charlie said

The last time I was here in Forks was three years ago.

"So, let's go home and you should get ready for school tomorrow," Charlie said. I just nodded looking glum, but really I have excitement inside of me.

Once I came inside the house, it was quite..... until a voice boomed from upstairs.

"Bella!" a voice yelled, which echoed through out the whole house. Yes, it was my big teddy bear brother Emmett.

"Bella! I am glad to see you again," Emmett said while giving me a bear hug.

"Em-me-tt can't- brea-th" I yelled, with less oxygen than normal.

"Oh sorry. Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for school tomorrow," Emmett said and me a grin.

"Okay.... see you later," I said and went upstairs.

Once I got ready for school for tomorrow, I lie down on my bed and listened to my IPod. I hope tomorrow, my first day going to Dance Academy High, goes well.

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Song: Touch My Hands-David Archuleta