Bella, meet me in font of your dormitory once you get this message.


Once I've pressed the 'send' button, I quickly got into my car. I can't really explain my relationship with Bella. Is it like? Hate? Awkward? My mind is just spinning. Bella thinks I'm an asshole. Looks like you can cross like off the list. I've never thought a girl would think I'm an asshole! Maybe it's like hearing an eleven-year-old say, "I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!" It's something that you don't hear very often. I took a deep breath, and put my car into 'park' in front of the girls' dormitory. 'God damnit! Why do women take so long!


After opening the heavy entrance door, I felt the cool air hitting against my skin that made me shiver. Ever since Edward brought up the fact that we're stuck in a small boring town, with something more out there, I actually thought about Edward as a real person, not that man-whore. I paused. People never change, so how would I believe that he would change completely? Once I've spotted a sliver Volvo, I knew it was Edward.


"Hello," I greeted as I sat down in the passenger seat in the Volvo. Edward never replied. I looked over to my right, noticing Edward was sleeping. Suddenly, I had a seductive plan in mind. I climbed out of my seat, Facing Edward; I had my legs spread so Edward's lower stomach was between them. I was basically sitting in his lap. Edward was smiling in his sleep, taking his hand on my lower back.

"Edward," I whispered, trying to sound attractive. His hand had gotten lower.


Edward jumped, with wide eyes.


"Now can you start the car?" I asked, going back to my seat next to Edward. He just smirked.


"Will you stop playing around with my radio?" Edward snapped. I stopped, staring at him. "I'm sorry that I'm picky about my music," I replied. Edward took off one of his hand from the wheel, and brought out an IPod from his pocket.

"Here," he shoved the IPod into my hands, "Plug it up to the mp3 cord on you right," I did what he told me to do. After jamming the cord into the IPod, a familiar tone blasted out of the stereo.

Slow down

Things have been a little crazy

Right now

It's time to get away

You can find out

What it is you're really after

Time is on our side

C'mon we're leaving everything behind

"We Can Go Anywhere?" I questioned. The song was one of my favorites a while ago.

"Wow, I forgot I had this song," Edward laughed. I just laughed along.

"It's amazing though."

I guess this 'trip' won't be as bad I thought it would be…

You know that sun is shining

We'll keep driving

Doesn't matter where

'Cause we got that open highway

Leading our way

As long as you are there

We can go anywhere

END OF CHAPTER! I'm so sorry I have been updating. Again short chapter... I have been having these short chapters because I'm losing interests in this story...and I have been watch Code Geass too much!. IT'S AMAZING! I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! Oh, who've seen the season finally of GLEE! I DID! I was so shocked that New Directions didn't place! I STARTED CRYING!T.T

What do you think about Justin Bieber? (I honestly don't like him. I didn't say he isn't talented... I just don't like )

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