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Chapter 7: He Loves Her

Legacy-verse: Fits in with Chapter 40: I Love You

Charlie POV

Location: The Swan house during Renee and Phil's visit with Bella.

I didn't like the scene before me one bit. Phil was leering at Bella and Renee was being her usual tactless self. She couldn't even see from the look on Bella's face how much she was hurting her own daughter. Renee never understood how badly her words affected Bella.

Most of the time I found Edward to be completely useless. I knew he treated Bella well and she was… infatuated with the boy. I never understood why. He had a smart mouth. Although I had to admit that at times the pain in the ass made me laugh.

Edward still made my head hurt though. I loved to make him think that I didn't like him. I figured it kept him on his toes.

The phone rang and I dreaded having to leave the room. I glanced at Edward and he nodded at me. He knew that I expected him to watch things while I was gone. Knowing that Edward had learned about Bella's past with Phil, he seemed to be wary of the creep, which I was very thankful for. I didn't like the way Phil had been staring at Bella lately and from the glares Edward had been giving Phil, he didn't like it very much either. The scrawny kid looked like he was ready to pound Phil into the ground.

Honestly, I would have watched with pride swelling in my chest if Edward had went after Phil. I would have gladly turned my head in the other direction and hoped Edward got in some good shots against the creep. Unless he needed help, I would have stood off in the shadows, watching until he needed help.

I went to answer the phone, dreading leaving Bella alone for any length of time. When I answered, it was the station and I wanted to hang up. It seemed as if I was never completely off duty. If they called, I had to answer. I filled the Sergeant in on the information he needed as quickly as possible, but it seemed to take forever.

I stood at the edge of the kitchen and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation in the living room while the Sergeant on the other end of the line yapped on about something.

"Oh, well then, Edward, you should really keep an eye on what Bella is eating." Renee sighed. "She's looking a little round in the stomach."

No, she didn't just go there with Bella. Her self-esteem was already so fragile. "George, George…" I tried to get the attention of the officer on the other end of the line. "George!" He wasn't answering and I needed to be sure that we were finished before we hung up.

"I like Bella just the way she is," Edward said. "There's nothing wrong with her."

Score two points for Edward for standing up for Bella. George had chosen that time to come back to the phone.

"Okay, Chief, one more question," he said from the other end of the phone line. "Sorry to bother you at home on your day off."

I was half paying attention to George as I tried to overhear the conversation from the living room. When George decided to remember why he had called me in the first place. I was still only half listening, waiting for the inevitable to happen in the other room. I heard a movement and then footsteps heading away from the living room. I tried to inconspicuously look out to see what was going on and caught sight of the basement door closing behind Bella.

"George, I don't have the time for this." I growled into the phone. "My daughter needs me."

"Just one second, Chief."

One second, my ass. I strained to overhear any ongoing conversation from the other room.

"Excuse me." There was a moment of silence before Edward spoke again. "You don't deserve her."

I watched as Edward left the living room, a look of sheer determination on his face. He followed Bella down into the basement. I stood there waiting to see if Renee or Phil would trail behind them, but neither of them moved out of the living room. I couldn't believe Renee was that dense toward her own flesh and blood's feelings.

George was blabbering over something on the phone which made no sense to me. "Oh, hold on, Chief. I have to go and get that other file."

I put the phone down on the counter and went to the basement door. Cracking it slightly, I listened for Bella and Edward's voices.

"Why don't you go back home? You don't need to see this." Bella sniffed, and I knew she had been crying.

"Oh, no, Love. I'm not going anywhere right now."

Even though Edward's nickname for Bella grated on my last nerve, I had to give him two more points for insisting on not leaving her. Being alone was the last thing she needed at a time like this.

"Why not? Spare yourself from her stupidity."

"I'm not leaving because I love you and I want to help you like you've helped me."

My gut clenched. He stood up for her. He followed her down to the basement. He. Loves. Her.

Oh, God, he loves her. I felt like I was going to throw up.

In the distance I heard George's voice coming from the phone. "Chief? Chief?" I went back into the kitchen and picked up the receiver.

"George, I have something important I have to deal with here," I explained. "I'll call you back. In the meantime, figure out what it is you want to talk to me about."

Hanging up the phone, I made my way up to Bella's room. I picked up her bag, unzipped it, and opened her top drawer. Wincing, I grabbed some undergarments and threw them inside. I was uncomfortable touching her things and had no idea if I had gotten the right items. I decided that if she needed something while at the Cullens, Esme could get it for her. I wasn't going to go through her dresser any more. Hurrying down the steps, I held her bag in one hand and grabbed their jackets off the hooks in the hallway. I paused for a moment before opening the basement door, sure that I was doing the right thing. As I made my way down the steps, I viewed Bella and Edward watching me as I descended the stairs. I noted that their hands were clasped together as they stood next to one another.

I asked Edward if he had his keys and he dug them out of his pocket to show me. Handing them their jackets and I explained that I had thrown some more items into Bella's bag as I handed it to her.

Not knowing how to express the sadness over the situation Bella had to go through, I rambled on longer than I needed to. I was starting to sound like Edward. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that."

Turning, I started walking to the back of the basement with them following behind. I walked up the back stairs and after a bit of work, opened the doors to the outside.

"Edward, I want you to get her out of here. Take her back to your place for now, okay?" I spoke firmly.

He picked up her bag. "She'll be safe there."

"I know," I said. "I'll be over later to check in on you and visit with Frank and Irene, okay?"

Bella hugged me and I regretted every moment of having to put Bella through Renee's visit. "Go on and get out of here." I released her. "I've got some trash to take out."

I waited a moment and then rounded the corner of the house. Edward had opened the door to his car and was putting her bag in the back seat. Bella stood there next to him and then turned in my direction. I wasn't sure if it was me that she was staring at or the house in general, waiting to see if Renee and Phil would come running out the front door after her. Edward cupped her face in his hands and turned her gaze away toward him.

Part of me wondered what he was saying to her. I prayed that smart mouth of his was coming up with something good, he could convince her not to listen to her mother because he loved her.

He loved her.

I was never the most important thing in her world, but I had been a big part of it. Through the years, she always had the Cullens. I would've never been able to raise her on my own otherwise. There was a knot in my stomach. My little girl was growing up. I was no longer the most important man in her life. Was that why I resisted liking Edward? Was he taking my little girl away from me, and in the process positioning himself in her life and taking over my role as her protector? In a few years, would she even need me?

He loved her.

I was being selfish. This is what was supposed to happen… life evolved… things changed. But I didn't like too much change and this ordeal was hard for me.

Christ Charlie. Buck up. I had to go find my balls since it had seemed as if they'd fallen off somewhere. This situation wasn't about me. It was about Bella.

I was so proud of her. Whatever her mother had said to her, she knew she didn't have to sit there and take it. I hoped that I had gotten her out of there soon enough before any more harm could be done to her fragile self-esteem.

Walking back through the basement, I wondered if Bella loved Edward. I assumed so. Had she told him? As much as Edward could get on my nerves, he actually wasn't a bad kid. He had a smart mouth which made my head hurt. I mentioned that earlier, but it beared repeating.

Bella wanted him in her life. She saw something in him that I didn't. He was important to her… for some damn reason that I couldn't figure out. And now, I knew he loved her. Edward took care of her today, getting her away from the house when she needed to flee. Whatever it was he did, he seemed to make her happy.

He loved her.

Though I hadn't heard her say the words, she probably loved him too. I hoped he'd be wise and not hurt Bella because then I'd have to break one of Edward's legs. Or maybe pop him in the jaw. Nah, as tempting as that'd be, I wouldn't be able to touch the kid. Not because of the fact that I'd end up in jail, but because something told me that Bella felt deeply for him and if I hurt him I'd also hurt her. I'd have to play nice. Unfortunately. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She saw something in Edward. Maybe one day, I'd see it too.

You know, before I died. That would certainly help this entire situation.

I flicked off the lights in the basement and headed up the steps. When I reached the top set, I banged my head on the door. Nope, the memory of Edward's words to Bella was still there.

He loved her.

Once again my stomach felt queasy. I could handle viewing a dead body, but I was ready to hurl from overhearing my daughter's boyfriend confess his love for her.

He loved her.

Bella wasn't going to need me anymore. She was all grown up and she loved another man. I remembered the look on his face when Phil was leering at her. I needed to stop worrying. Edward would be there for her. He'd take care of her, of that I was sure.

Because he loved her.

I opened the door and headed to the living room. Renee and Phil were sitting on the couch, talking in hushed whispers. They raised their heads and stared at me when I walked in the doorway.

I had some trash to take out.