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A/N: I'm absolutely in love with Rimahiko; it's such a cute pairing. Here's a little drabble:

A petite, slender girl, who appeared to be fairly fragile remained barely hidden behind Seiyo Academy's building. Butterscotch curls draped her shoulders, cascading down her back. Her round, caramel-brown orbs gleamed a sense of aggravation as she furrowed her brow. Although her cheeks were caressed with a faint blush, she denied the slightest hint of affection that crossed her heart.

Rima Mashiro never expected to find herself stalking someone else. In fact, she didn't believe it was stalking; it was more of following him without him knowing. It's only because she was curious, not because she cared about him.

She would've been called a stalker according to the way how she constantly followed him, whether sneaking a gaze or physically following. She wasn't stalking; just observing.

She watched Nagihiko Fujisaki; taking his time while he walked with his extensive, silky violet locks drifting along with light breeze. He seemed so feminine to her, and she wondered if a male could be so beautiful-

Wait, just a minute.

Rima was supposed to despise Nagihiko, wasn't she? With him popping up out of nowhere, and getting closer to Amu, it seemed he was trying to steal her away from Rima. How ridiculous that he of all people, with no guardian character replaced Kairi Sanjou as the new Jack's Chair. Sure, she accepted the fact that he was useful, but she envied him. Hanging out with Amu as if they've been extremely close friends, and always interrupting her and the pink-haired girl.

She has been suspicious about this handsome boy ever since he transferred. She knew Nagihiko was hiding something from the others, and his reaction when Amu mentioned his "twin sister, Nadeshiko," stuck out like a sore thumb.

Yet something about Rima did not want her to despise him. Her heart sometimes beat rapidly, and refused to slow down. But another part of her wanted to curse him with her entire being.

She wanted to curse him for his smile that contradicted the words that parted from his lips.

She wanted to curse him for his eyes that always seemed to be fixed on her.

She wanted to curse him for his personality that irritated her to no end.

She wanted to despise him for how he smiled.

She wanted to despise him for how his eyes met hers.

She wanted to despise him for how he acted towards her.

Rima blinked a few times, confirming what she had just thought.

Her thoughts were pierced when she just had to trip over an unnoticeable rock and cause a thud to ripple in the air, obvious enough for the unsuspecting Nagihiko to hear.

"Rima-chan?" a voice pierced her thoughts, "What're you doing here?"

He walked over to her side, and offered a hand.

She flinched, and was hesitant at first. But she decided to accept his offer, and placed her palm upon his.

"…Thank you, Jack-" she muttered, but corrected herself, "Actually no, thank you, Nagihiko."

He wondered what was on her mind, but shrugged it off. "Shall we walk together?"

She immediately turned away, but her words came with short pauses in between, "Yes…fine…don't think I owe you anything just because you helped me up!" She had exclaimed with a flustered expression.

Nagihiko replied by flashing her way a gentle smile.

But most of all, Rima wanted to curse Nagihiko for causing her to fall in love with him.